Mariah Carey’s Tattoo & Its Meaning

Mariah Carey is an American Singer, Songsmith and an Actress. She got famous in 1990 after singing to Colombia records and releasing her eponymous debut album which topped the US billboard for eleven successive weeks. Mariah Carey has a single tattoo on her body. Let us explore its meaning here.

Maria Carey

1. ‘Butterfly’ Tattoo

Maria Carey Butterfly Tattoo

Maria Carey Tattoo

Tattoo: Mariah has a Butterfly inked on her lower back.

Meaning: Mariah Carey, during the heights of her career got married to America’s Got Talent’s host Nick Cannon. This ink on her lower back is the dedication of her love to her partner. The butterfly was inked in orange earlier with a small heart and Mrs. Cannon written inside the butterfly. However, after her split from her husband, she got it altered, thus getting it colored again and the black strings now covering the inner part (Mrs. Cannon).

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