Kelly Oubre Jr. 25 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Kelly Paul Oubre Jr. is an American professional basketball player for the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Oubre is also known by the name of Tsunami Papi which he claims to be his alter ego. Even his twitter and Instagram accounts are up with this name. Besides his outstanding professional career, Kelly has always been famous among the team players because of his hugely tattooed body. Let us see the inks that he wears on his skin and the relevance they hold for him.

Kelly-Oubre Jr

1. ‘PAPI’ Tattoo

Kelly Surname PAPI Tattoo

Tattoo: On the center of his left arm, kelly wears a tattoo of his own name which can be read as, ‘PAPI’.

According to Oubre, though, it’s his way of paying tribute to the other version of who he is. And, by the sound of it, Wave Papi is just one chill, mellow dude. “That’s my alter ego,” Oubre said before Washington’s matchup with New Orleans on Tuesday, in which he scored eight points in nine minutes in the Wizards’ 109-89 victory. “Wave Papi is all about good vibes. He’s about staying cool, calm and collected.”

2. Falcon on Arm

Kelly Falcon Tattoo

Tattoo: On his right forearm, there is a falcon bird tattooed with its feathers all spread up in the air and soaring high.

Meaning: Falcon bird soaring high is the representation of the fact that the person is proud of his confidence and wishes to fly high overcoming difficulties of life with his freedom.

3. All-seeing Eye Tattoo

Kelly Gods Eye Tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the inner side of his left upper arm there is an All-seeing eye tattooed. All-seeing eye represents multiple purposes. It has a spiritual relevance followed by its connection to the Christian faith. More specifically, a person gets an eye tattooed to show his strong focus on his future and life.

4. City Tattoo

Kelly Inner Right Bicep City Tattoo

Kelly City Tattoo

Tattoo: Kelly’s left inner arm is tattooed with the various scenes from his home city, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.

Meaning: Kelly has multiple times claimed his deep love for his birthplace and to pay his tribute he has got full upper inner arm inked with the buildings, streetcars, jazz cars of his home city, i.e Louisiana. Kelly had to leave his town with his father when he was just nine years old and they drove off in the car while the hurricane KATRINA approached. Later, he had to settle in Houston with his father. He got this tattoo inked on himself to commemorate his hometown, where his siblings and mother live.

“The one on my right arm is my tribute to my city, Louisiana, It has streetcars, Jazz Players, state birds, a falcon, a Religious India God, an ALLIGATOR, a Super Dome, and has lots of pains in it. It is very close to my heart and nobody can ever understand its importance.”

5. Jesus Christ Portrait on Left Arm 

Kelly Jesus Christ on Arm Tattoo

Tattoo: Kelly’s left upper arm is inked with a huge portrait of Jesus Christ. The tattoo shows Jesus with his arms open and the rays of his blessings falling from all around his sides in both the directions.

Meaning: Getting a tattoo of Jesus Christ is the clear symbol of the person’s connection with Christian beliefs and so is all about Kelly Oubre. He shares a strong belief and faith for his religious beliefs i.e for Christianity.

6. Left Leg Portraits

Kelly left Leg

Kelly Left Right Tattoo

Kelly Tattoo on Left Leg

Tattoo: On his left leg, there are portraits of Prince Rogers Nelson (June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016) who was an American singer, songwriter, inked on the top of his leg and of Micheal Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) who was an American singer, songwriter, and dancer), inked on the lower leg.

7. Ferocious Beast Tattoo

Kelly Devils Face

Kelly Lion Face Tattoo

Tattoo: Kelly has got a ferocious beast’s face tattooed on the inner side of his left forearm.

Meaning: Getting a beast or Dracula’s face inked symbolizes the nature of the person that can be ferocious, ruthless, devilish, and selfish.

8. City Map Tattoo

Kelly Map Tattoo

Tattoo: Just below the city scene which lies on the inner side of his right upper arm, Kelly has also got the map of his home city tattooed. Kelly was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. The map on his arm shows the outline of Louisiana state with the marking of his birthplace, New Orleans.

Meaning: This tattoo is another representation of Kelly’s strong connection with his home town.

9. ’till infinity’ Tattoo

Kelly till infinity Tattoo

Tattoo: Kelly’s left inner upper arm carries a tattoo of some god-like figure sitting and wearing a cloak followed by the words that are tattooed alongside and can be read as, ’till infinity’. Though any direct revelation has not been made by kelly about this tattoo as we can see, it means that he relies a lot on God and his blessings in his life.

10. MISFITS Tattoo


Tattoo: On his left thigh Kelly has a tattoo of Misfits logo. The tattoo contains the name ‘MISFITS’ on the top followed by the band logo which is a skull and is popularly known as the iconic Fiend skull.

Meaning: ‘Misfits’ is an American punk rock band who is known to blend punk and other musical influences with horror film themes and imagery.

11. Angel Wings

Kelly Angel Wings Tattoo

Tattoo: The upper backside and his shoulders are tattooed with huge angel wings.

Meaning: Angel and angel wings are the symbol of good luck.

12. Bird Tattoo

Kelly Bird on Left Arm

Tattoo: Towards the inner side of his left bicep there can be seen a small bird tattoo. The tattoo lies just next to the portrait of Jesus Christ. The bird is actually a dove bird that symbolizes love, peace, and new beginnings.

13. Word Tattoo

Kelly City Name Tattoo

 Tattoo: There is a word tattooed on his left underarm, which can be read as ‘VIEINFTNIE’.

14. Mother’s Portrait

Kelly City Portrait Tattoo

Tattoo: On the top left shoulder, Kelly has got his mother’s portrait tattooed. Kelly is known to be too close to his mother (Tonya Coleman Oubre) and this tattoo is his tribute for his love for his mom.

15. Jesus Christ on Cross with Wings Tattoo

Kelly Jesus Crucifixion Tattoo

Tattoo: The whole of Kelly’s chest is covered with a huge tattoo. We can see Jesus Christ on Crucifixion tattoo which is all surrounded by the rays on all four sides. Just behind Jesus’ tattoo, there are big angel wings inked. And to the top of all, there is a pair of eyes inked.

Meaning: Cross and Jesus Christ tattoos are the symbols of Kelly’s strong religious beliefs. Kelly has always mentioned his deep faith in Jesus Christ and thus, the Jesus Crucifixion tattoo is his way of paying respect and tribute to Jesus for the sacrifice he did.  Cross tattoo combined with the angel wings is the depiction of Hope, Life, and faith.

16. Left Arm Tattoo

Kelly Left Arm Tattoo

17. Hands Holding Basketball Tattoo

Kelly Left Bicep Ball in Hands Tattoo

Kelly Left Bicep Tattoo

Tattoo: Kelly’s left bicep is covered with an amazing tattoo that shows us a pair of hands that are holding a basketball inside them. There are words written on the top and bottom of the hands and can be read as, ‘

18. Misfits Band Theme Tattoo

Kelly Left Leg Tattoo

Kelly Left Leg Tattoos

kelly MISFITS Tattoo

Tattoo: The left leg of the basketball player is covered with the Misfits band name and its logo which can be seen inked on his left thigh. Followed by the jazz players and the band members whose portraits have been inked on his lower leg.

19. Praying Hands Tattoo

Kelly Praying Hands Tattoo

Tattoo: Since we have now come to know how much of the strong bond Kelly shares with God, how fearful of God he is and how he believes in his destiny. This tattoo that lies on the top of his left-hand shows us the folded pair of hands which are in praying action. Thus, it shows Kelly’s faith in God and how he seeks God’s blessings in his life.

20. Religious God Tattoo

Kelly Religious God Tattoo

Tattoo: The right bicep of Kelly is inked with a huge portrait of some religious God, as to what Kelly has revealed in his interviews.

21. Guitar Tattoo

Kelly Right Hand Tattoo

Tattoo: Kelly’s right hand is tattooed with a guitar that has checkered skin. On the one side of the guitar are the words written as ‘the soul never dies.

22. Rose Tattoo

Kelly Rose Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a huge rose inked on Kelly’s left bicep.

23. ‘SACRIFICE’ Tattoo

Kelly SACRIFICE Tattoo

Tattoo: His abdomen is inked with a word in capitals that says, ‘SACRIFICE’. Kelly has never directly revealed the importance of this tattoo for him.

24. ‘FEAR GOD’ Tattoo

Kelly FEAR GOD Tattoo

Tattoo: The inner sides of both his biceps are inked with the words, ‘FEAR GOD+‘.

Meaning: Kelly is a very religious person and this is known to be his first tattoo which he got to depict his strong faith in God and his destiny. The wise selection of his words for the tattoo makes us clear that he is fearful of god for his actions.

25. ‘State Symbol’ Tattoo

Kelly State Symbol Tattoo

Tattoo: Kelly has got the tattoo of his state symbol which lies on his left wrist. Kelly was born in Louisiana state. This is not his first state tattoo. We already know of the state map that lies on his right arm.

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