Felicity Feline 30 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Felicity is a well-known multi-platform performer and entertainer who hails from Los Angeles. Felicity began her career in adult industry entertainment, but many of us are unaware of her diverse abilities. She is a drummer, musician, aspiring DJ, as well as a writer, photographer, biker, dancer, event presenter and promoter, and nutritional adviser. Felicity claims to have worked as a consultant, sales representative, and freelance artist for several nutritional firms, publications, and websites.

Felicity tattoos

Felicity in conversation with Gurnoor Saini!

1. At what age did you get your first body tattoo?

I was 16 and used my cousin’s ID… It was a Yin Yang on my forearm.

2. How many tattoos do you have currently? I am so excited to know the number!

It’s really hard to say how many I have… I have full sleeves, most of my legs tattooed, my stomach, my hip bones, my under boobs, and my upper back.

3. Why are you so attracted to tattoos and the tattoo industry?

I was always an artist and appreciated artwork on people’s bodies. When I was a kid, I wanted tattoos because I liked the idea of their individuality of them. When I got older and started getting tattooed… I also liked working at the expos because I could network and meet other people in the industry.

4. Which is your favorite body tattoo and why?

It’s hard to say… I probably like my right leg the most right now because it is the newest, and my artist took some of my old work and made it into something new.

5. Would you like to tell me the worst and the best tattoo experience?

My best experience was being on the show ink master, and I got four tattoos done at the same time (on each limb) by four different artists who are the season winners going head to head against each other. That was a pretty magical experience, and I got a lot of amazing free art. I’d say my worst experience was probably getting my stomach done. As around the belly button was by far the most painful tattoo I got

6. Is there any special story you would like to reveal that is yet unknown to your fans? (You can share all the stories that you mentioned to me on Instagram for those specific body tattoos)

Well as I said before my experience on the show ink master was pretty amazing… Imagine four talented Tattoo Artists tattooing each of your limbs at the same time… To this day I don’t really understand how I sat through it because it was very painful, but my endorphins were so high!

7. The tattoo that is closest to your heart?

Probably the biomechanical sleeve on my right arm… As it was one of my ex-boyfriends who did it and he passed away.

8. Any tattoo that you wish to remove?

I kind of wish that I did in my upper back differently… I would remove it if I could because it is just not aesthetic looking… But my artist and I are going to tattoo over it with something new

Unlike other stars, Feline has a private Instagram handle and we totally respect her for that. But, if you get a chance to be one of her lucky followers, you will be awestruck by her healthy, and amazing lifestyle.
What thrills us is her tremendous desire to continue experimenting and learning new things. Her beautifully tattooed body is something that is un-ignorable.

This article includes our deep discussion with Feline and her story related to her multiple body inks.

Felicity Feline tattoos

“I started around 17-18, started dancing, then webcams, and officially around 19 into porn.

I always wanted tattoos, when I was just 8, I used to look at people with full arms, and I figured why not my body. Nd wanted to fill my body with adventures of life. I get them when I feel it’s the right time.”

Felicity’s Body Tattoos with Meanings!

1. Cancer Symbol Tattoo

Felicity 69 tattoo

Tattoo: Near her right hand’s wrist, Feline has got the symbol of the Cancer sign.

Felicity Feline was born on 21 July 1992, and the tattoo is the representation of her birth sign.

2. All-seeing Eye Tattoo

Felicity all seeing eye tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of her left upper arm, Felicity has got a tiny tattoo of the all-seeing eye.

Meaning: The Eye of Providence, also known as the All-seeing Eye, is often enclosed in the form of a triangle and surrounded by some rays of light that are meant to represent the divine spirit and the supreme power, i.e., God.

The eye represents that God is above us all, and he is keenly watching all of our actions.

Do you know? The symbol is often linked by the mysterious group-Illuminati, a covert group of privileged individuals who work to control to influence global affairs allegedly.

3. Back Tattoos

Felicity back piece

Felicity back tattoo post Felicity back tattoos

Tattoo: Feline’s upper back is beautifully designed with multipole tattoos that include Gonzo rider’s face, skulls, skull with horns, skull with headphones, and Opeth Logo on the bottom.

Lead vocalist David Isberg launched Opeth as a death metal band in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1989. The band’s name is inspired by the word “Opet,” which appears in Wilbur Smith’s novel The Sunbird.

The skull is the symbol of love for spooky things; it stands for evil, dead, death, mortality, and sometimes also reflects the outgoing personality of the person to deal with all the fears and struggles of life with ease.

“I got gonzo the rider’s face on my back. I thought of getting his tattoo as his life parrels with my life.”

4. Logo of Band on Left Thigh

Felicity band ring tattoo

Tattoo: On her right upper thigh, Feline initially had got the Logo of the Wrath band. The wrath tour was a concert tour organized by the American heavy band Lamb of God. It was done in favor of their group’s sixth studio album, named Wrath. Feline’s tattoo is a bit of personalized ink with three feathers hanging from the bottom of the Wrath Logo.

Now, that Logo is surrounded by a beautiful and intricate design that covers her right leg from the bikini line to her ankle.

5. Cat Eyes Tattoo

Felicity cat eyes tattoo

Tattoo: Enhancing her bikini line is the pair of Cat eyes tattoos.

The tattoo was designed by Feline herself.

6. Chain and Motor Wheel Tattoo

Felicity chain and bike wheel tattoo

Tattoo: On her right forearm, there is a wheel and the bike chain inked, almost forming the part of her mechanical tattoo design.

Meaning: Feline claims to have got this tattoo to showcase her keen love for bike riding. She loves to drive bikes, and it actually forms the essence of her life.

“There is a motor tire and chain because I like Rides”

7. Chameleon Tattoo

Felicity chameleon tattoo

Tattoo: Sitting on her right shoulder is the green-colored chameleon tattoo.

Meaning: Chameleon has the ability to change its color as per its environment, thus, reflecting a strong ability to adapt to changes easily by changing its color itself. Feline got this chameleon inked to reflect her trait of quickly adapting to changes in life. She expresses she is way too expert in that.

Chameleon denotes inventiveness, multiplicity, fluidity, and flexibility.

“Chameleon represents my personality as I am able to adapt easily.”

8. Arm Tattoo

Felicity cancer symbol tattoo

9. Chest Tattoo-Moth

Felicity chest tattoo

Felicity chest tattoo

Tattoo: There is a moth tattooed on her cleavage, which is an icon of modification and growth. It is often regarded as a precursor of the evolution of rejuvenation. Most of the tattoo lovers get a moth tattooed to represent themselves working hard to get over some hard phase of their life.

10. Dark Eye of Moon Tattoo

Felicity dark eyes of moon tattoo

“The dark side of the moon on the stomach because pink Floyd was a very powerful album. The album was really powerful for me, it helped me cover dark times of my young times, and deal with my emotional turmoils. I got to represent core me because music is soul for me.”

11. Eye Tattoo

Felicity eye tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of her left bicep, there’s an elaborate tattoo of an eye. Feline has got the eye inked to represent her birthplace, New York City.

“Eye with city scrapper. It represents big apple, New York City as I am from New York. It is a symbol of growth in my timeline of life., I learned a lot about humanity during childhood.”

12. Flowers on Arm

Felicity flowers on arm tattoo

Tattoo: Her right arm is covered with multiple colorful flower tattoos.

Flowers are the symbol of love between two people, freshness, hope, transition, happiness, and friendship.

13. Flowers on Leg

Felicity flowers on leg tattoo

Tattoo: There are some more flowers tattooed on her right leg’s calf area.

This was also the piece that she received on the Ink Masters.

14. Flowers on Arm

Felicity flowers with chameleon tattoo

15. Fox Tattoo

Felicity shoulder tattoo

Felicity fox tattoo

Fox, Forest, River

Felicity fox trees and river tattoo

Tattoo: On her left shoulder, Feline has got the tattoo of a fox, some trees/forest in the background, and a river inked.

“I got fox because it reflects a few aspects of my body and personality like clever, witty, and smart. I also lived on the Fox River in Geneva.”

16. Right Leg Tattoo

Felicity thigh tattoo post

Felicity leg piece tattoo

Tattoo: Feline’s right thigh, which earlier had a Wrath Band logo is now reshaped into the form of a dream catcher with an antler with horns and hanging feathers. Also, the tattoo now extends to her right ankle and includes multiple flowers and skull heads.

Skull heads are the spooky designs that can depict death, evil, and fear, whereas the flowers, on the flipside, represent happiness, positivity, commitment, joys, hopes, and fresh beginnings.

Also, a dream catcher with a skull is a way to ward off evil aspects and bad dreams from your life.

17. Lion Tattoo

Felicity lion tattoo

Tattoo: On her left forearm, there is a magnificent portrait of a lion inked.

“After I did my second porno, I think I was 20/21, I went to Ink Master, and it changed my life. I wasn’t confident, was much low, Joey Hamilton did lion on me. I love cats and I actually love wild cats. My astrology charts include Leo traits and I wanted to have Lion represent the LEO character traits in me.”

18. Paw Prints Tattoo

Felicity lion

Tattoo: Along with the lion tattoo, there are tiger paw prints wrapped around her arm.

19. Bio-Mechanical Design Tattoo

Felicity mechanical tattoo

Tattoo: There is another interesting tattoo wrapping her right arm. The tattoo reflects the Bio-Mechanical.

This tattoo was another one of the pieces done on her body by tattoo artist Scott Marshall on the Ink Masters. Feline calls this to be her favorite tattoo.

20. Moth Tattoo

Felicity moth tattoo

Tattoo: On her left arm, there is a beautiful moth tattooed. It is inked right above a rose.

“Rose with moth representing transformation in my life.”

21. Prism Tattoo

Felicity prism tattoo

“Prism around pink Floyd tattoo because I wanted to keep it in disguise and not let people recognise the tattoo at once. Also, it brought me back to the idea of dying yang, the dark side of the moon, and balance in hard times.”

22. Right Side Tattoo Design

Felicity right leg tattoo Felicity right thigh design

23. Rose Tattoo

Felicity rose on arm

Felicity rose tattoo

Tattoo: There is a big rose inked on the inner left forearm of Felicity.

Rose is the symbol of love, romance, affection.

24. Skull and Roses Tattoo

Felicity skull and flowers tattoo

The skull portrays life and death, while the rose expresses magnificence and love. Jointly, the skull and rose tattoo indicate a battle between the exquisite and the unsightly, and the evil vs. good, two being the opposite aspects of this universe.

25. Flaming Skull Head with Wings Tattoo

Felicity skull on waist tattoo

A skull with wings comes from hundreds of years of art culture and represents the Latin saying “Memento Mori,”

It is a common way to remember the aspect of our own death, which is inevitable. Thus, another way to showcase mortality and also to suggest a sense of character evolution.

26. Demons Tattoo

Felicity skull tattoo

Tattoo: On her right calf, there is a red-eyed demon skull tattooed. This is the fourth tattoo that she got on the Ink Masters.

27. Soundwave Butterfly Tattoo

Felicity soundwave butterfly tattoo

“Soundwave butterfly on right hip. The soundwave is my Granma saying I love you.”

28. Left Thigh Design

Felicity thigh tattoo

Tattoo: On her left thigh, Felicity has got an intricate yet adorable tattoo design that includes a mandala flower surrounded by yellow-colored butterflies.

29. Ying Yang Tattoo

Felicity ying yang tattoo

“My first tattoo was this ying-yang on arm, I got this when I was 16 and yes, I used a fake id for this. My boyfriend said that it was kind of romantic to get this tattoo and it kinda reported two sides of my personality and my constant battle with them.”

30. Psychedelic designs that merge into the Bio-mechanic design

Felicity design on arm Felicity arm design

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