30 Amazing Ferrari Tattoos Designs with Meanings and Ideas

Ferrari is an Italian car brand that manufactures luxury sports cars. Its headquarter is in Maranello, Italy, and was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939. The first car built by the company was in 1940 and it was in 1947 when its first Ferrari-badged car was produced. It is a regular member of the racing club, especially in Formula One where it has established itself as the most successful racing team.

The early Ferrari cars was designed and customized by coachbuilders like Pininfarina, Scaglietti, Zagato, Vignale, and Bertone. In 1973, it manufactured its first 12-cylinder engine. The Testarossa is the most popular Ferrari road car of all time. Some of its other popular road cars models are F8 Tributo, Portofino M, 812 GTS, SF90 Stradale, Omologata, and BR20. The symbol of Ferrari contains a black prancing stallion on a yellow shield usually with the letter AJ. The three strips of colors at the top denote the three national colors of Italy. It has a rectangle badge on the hood and the optional shield-shaped race logo on the sides of both front wings, close to the door. Ferrari Tattoo

Meaning of Ferrari Tattoo

Ferrari itself is the epitome of reward. It means that you have been rewarded for the efforts which you have put in to accomplish a goal. The meaning of the Ferrari tattoo is related to your struggle to secure a privileged life. The other meanings of Ferrari tattoos are fame, wealth, luxury, money, and victory. Moreover, if you are interested in getting this tattoo means that you are drawn towards these luxury sports cars and possess good taste when it comes to cars.


Fame is the state of being recognized for your achievements, skills, and awards. It is a widespread reputation, especially of a public eminence. As Ferrari cars are worldwide famous so the wearer of this tattoo symbolizes fame in his/her profession.


Money is a standard unit that is socially accepted as the medium of payment for transaction purposes in an economy. In other words, it is a currency in a form of paper or a stamped metal. Since a person who has a Ferrari car is known to be the person who has a lot of money. So, the wearer of this tattoo denotes the money which he/she has.


The state of having a lot of money or the state of being rich is called wealth. It includes the value of assets owned by the individuals. The person with these tattoos signifies that he/she possesses immense wealth.


Luxury is something that provides you with immense pleasure both socially and mentally or a condition of ease and wealth. Owning a Ferrari car is a luxury that only a few people can afford. The wearer of this tattoo shows that he/she lives a luxurious and ravishing life. It is not necessary that the holder of a Ferrari tattoo has a Ferrari car. It only means that he/she has a serenity within itself.


The achievement of winning or accomplishment in a struggle against difficulties is called a victory. In other words, it is a triumph over other individuals or groups in a competition or a battle. The Ferrari tattoo symbolizes the victory of the wearer against all odds and his/her growth in their respective professions.

Meaning of Ferrari Tattoo Colors


They are one of the most common types of tattoo color which is universal in nature. Black tattoos are generally inked to hide the bad tattoo work. It can also be used as an amazing negative space design. It symbolizes sophistication, elegance, power, and mystery. This color is also related to anger and sadness. It denotes eternal struggle between day and night, and right and wrong.


It denotes the message of vibrance, radiance, and pleasure and is generally linked with negative emotions. It also symbolizes the life experience of the tattoo wearer and is considered an emotionally intense color. Its dark shade burgundy denotes strength, anger, and leadership. The person owning this color tattoo wants to stand out from the crowd. Also, they react quickly and emotionally. They are courageous, ambitious, generous, and possess high energy.


Brown is the base color of the earth. It gives out the impression of stability and support. It is considered a practical and dependable color. People with this tattoo are considered down-to-earth, helpful, and orderly. Their honesty is emphasized.


Yellow is one of the most popular colors when it comes to owning tattoos. This color brings out positive vibes from the tattoo wearer. It is associated with many emotions such as laughter, fun, relaxation, and joy. The person wearing this color tattoo has a deep connection with his/her friends and family members. Yellow has a wide meaning in different religions. In Hindu culture, it is related to wisdom, knowledge, and science.

Where Should You Get Ferrari Tattoo Designs?

For Women

  • Back
  • Biceps
  • Shoulder Blade
  • Thighs
  • Stomach

For Men

  • Arm
  • Chest
  • Neck
  • Legs
  • Ribs

List of Ferrari Tattoo Designs and Meanings

  • Burning Ferrari Tattoo on the Stomach

Burning Ferrari Tattoo

Burning takes place when the object catches the fire. Fire gives humans warmth in the winters and offers protection from other deadly animals. It also provides light in the dark. This tattoo symbolizes the burning of arrogance inside a person due to immense wealth.

  • Enzo Ferrari Photo Tattoo on the Leg

Enzo Ferrari photo Tattoo

Enzo Ferrari is known as the founder of the Ferrari company. The wearer of this tattoo has a true passion for Ferrari racing cars. He wants to showcase his love for the Ferrari brand by putting the tattoo of the photo of the founder.

  • Enzo Ferrari Signature Tattoo on the Arm

Enzo Ferrari Signature Tattoo

To showcase his profound love for the Ferrari cars in a more unique way, the person puts the Enzo Ferrari signature on his arms. This signature acts like an autograph of the Ferrari founder and inhibits more closeness with the brand.

  • Enzo Ferrari Dotted Tattoo Design on the Upper Arm

Enzo Ferrari Tattoo design

This dotted work Enzo Ferrari’s tattoo is a must-have for Ferrari lovers. Ferrari is one of the most expensive brands in the world and only a very few people can afford it. The dotted design requires intricate work that can be achieved with immense concentration. This tattoo symbolizes the inbuilt desire for Ferrari cars and the pain behind getting this tattoo.

  • Ferrari 250 California Tattoo on the Leg

Ferrari 250 California Tattoo

This car was named after Luigi Chinetti, a US Ferrari importer and also the close friend of Enzo Ferrari. He wanted a car that can be driven in the sunny weather of California, hence the name Ferrari 250 California. It was one of the popular touring cars during the 1960s and 70s. Still, it has its popularity across the globe as a retro car. The wearer of this tattoo is an ardent fan of this car and since this car is expensive, the person can’t afford it so he has engraved the tattoo on his body to showcase his immense love for Ferrari 250 California.

  • Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder Car Tattoo on the Upper Arm

Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder Car Tattoo

Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder car is the most expensive car in the world with a whopping price of $48.4 million (340 Crore INR). The wearer of this tattoo symbolizes immense wealth and signifies that he has a true love for the most expensive car in the world. Also, he loves living a luxurious life.

  • Ferrari 312T Tattoo on the Leg

Ferrari 312T Tattoo

Ferrari 312T car is the most successful car design in Formula One racing history. It has won 27 races, four constructors, and three Drivers Championships. This amazing tattoo on the leg denotes that its wearer is running a competition of life and wants to stay ahead of everybody. He/she is constantly working hard to achieve higher milestones by ascending to a higher ladder of success. It symbolizes an ambitious approach towards life.

  • Ferrari 348 Car Tattoo on the Chest

Ferrari 348 Car Tattoo

The Ferrari 348 is a V8-powered, two-valve per cylinder, two-seater car manufactured by the giant Italian automaker. It replaced the Ferrari 328 in 1989 and remained in production until 1995. It was the final manufactured under the presence of the company’s founder Enzo Ferrari. The tattoo of this car on the rib depicts the potential of the person to achieve higher milestones. Also, this tattoo is worn by a person who likes Formula One racing.

  • Ferrari Black and Grey Tattoo on the Wrist

Ferrari Black and Grey Tattoo

The Ferrari car tattoo in a form of black and grey colors uses multiple shades of black ink to create the work and can be seen in a number of Ferrari tattoo genres. Some in the form of their specific brand while some in a form of its founder. This tattoo shows a flag with the car running a race competition. This tattoo signifies that life is a competition, you need to remain steady with your competitors by doing constant hard work and focusing on your goal.

  • Ferrari Car gear Lever Tattoo on the Leg

Ferrari Car gear Lever Tattoo

This Ferrari gear tattoo is a perfect way to represent your Engineering background. It is an excellent choice when it comes to showcasing your Mechanical or Automobile branch. Also, as multiple gears work simultaneously according to the speed of the car, this tattoo also symbolizes the value of teamwork and cooperation in a person’s life.

  • Ferrari Chrome Tattoo on the Arm

Ferrari Chrome Tattoo

Chrome is an insignia of memories. While you have a chrome tattoo, it simply means that you are into your childhood flashback where you use to play with toy cars and other various sports. It also denotes 90s music videos and choppers from the 60s. The tattoo shown over here has a chrome prancing horse which is the sign of the Ferrari brand. It symbolizes the immense love of its wearer with the Ferrari company. He/she wants to signify that Ferrari is a retro brand that will last forever.

  • Ferrari Cylinder Pistons Tattoo on the Arm

Ferrari Cylinder Pistons Tattoo

One more way to represent your engineering background, this design is a two-cylinder piston placed in a crossed direction. The piston is the actual media that produces power to run an engine. It provides motion to the crankshaft that further runs the flywheel and the wheels of a car. It denotes the inhibit strength of the person to conquer every obstacle in front of him by enhancing his potential to get away with all the odds in life.

  • Ferrari Dotted Work Tattoo on the Chest

Ferrari Dot Work Tattoo

Dot work tattoos are the types of tattoos where tattooing is done by marking numerous dots to give an excellent graphical effect. It uses grey or black ink and requires immense hard work and concentration.

  • Ferrari F1 Theme Tattoo on the Ribs

Ferrari F1 Theme Tattoo

F1 or Formula one is the highest class of racing event where only one-seater racing cars are being used. It is sanctioned by FIA. Ferrari is one of its car manufacturers. The person owning this tattoo has a different meaning to life.

  • Ferrari F1-87 Car Tattoo on the leg

Ferrari F1-87 Car Tattoo

Ferrari F1-87 is a formula one racing car used during the Formula season 1987. This unique black and grey-colored Ferrari F1-87 tattoo on the leg look enthralling to watch and add beauty to your physical appearance.

  • Ferrari F40 Tattoo

Ferrari F40 Tattoo

Ferrari F40 is the rear-wheel-drive sports car manufactured by Ferrari. F40 was a sports car that was one of the strongest sports cars in the market. As this tattoo is inked on the calf of the leg and the calf is the strongest part of the leg, this tattoo symbolizes the strength required to achieve the goal.

  • Ferrari Formula One Tattoo on the Leg

Ferrari Formula One Tattoo

This awesome colorful F1 tattoo looks cool on the legs. It can be owned by any person who is an athlete and likes to run a lot. As F1 is related to racing, similarly, the wearer of this tattoo symbolizes the sprinting ability of the person.

  • Ferrari Italia 458 car Tattoo on the Arm

Ferrari Italia 458 car Tattoo

Ferrari Italia 458 is a mid-engine sports car with a 7-speed transmission that was unveiled in 2009 in a motor show. It is the first mid-engine car by Ferrari to have a direct fuel injection system. The tattoo of this car is a black and grey color that denotes the craze of its wearer with this car. Also, as money is exhausted through the exhaust muffler, it symbolizes that its wearer is wealthy and possesses a lot of money. It also looks stylish and gives a muscular look to the body.

  • Ferrari Oasis Tattoo Design on the Upper Back

Ferrari Oasis Tattoo Design

Oasis itself is a symbol of rest and fertility. Its tattoo on the upper back depicts the enormous opportunities in front of you. Further, it symbolizes that you have got a bulk of chances and offers you a chance to grab them. Ferrari Oasis also signifies relief from the difficulties and problems.

  • Ferrari Open Wheel Racing Tattoo on the Arm

Ferrari Open Wheel Racing Tattoo

“Ferrari Open Wheel Racing” tattoo looks great on the arm. With the contrast of red, black, and grey, this tattoo brings positivity to life and fills your lifestyle with colors. It is meant notably for those who love Formula one racing and want to keep it as a symbol of joy.

  • Ferrari Police Car Tattoo on the Right Torso

Ferrari Police Car Tattoo

This Ferrari police car looks amazing on your abdomen and covers the entire left side. A police car represents laws and control. It means that you have control over your emotions. You love to face harsh situations. Things like anger, greed, and lust don’t bother you much.

  • Ferrari Quotes Tattoo on the Body

Ferrari Quotes Tattoo

A Ferrari car with a quote tattoo is something you should not miss. The red color Ferrari car tattoo looks marvelous on the body. The quote written below means that no matter how worse the situation is, you should never stop dreaming.

  • Ferrari Testarossa Tattoo with Palm Tree design on the Upper Arm

Ferrari Testarossa Tattoo with Palm Tree design

Ferrari Testarossa gained its production during 1984-1996. It was designed by Leonardo Fioravanti, Ian Cameron, Guido Campoli, Emanuele Nicosia, and Diego Ottina at Pininfarina S.P.A. Consisting of 5-speed transmission, its top speed is 180 mph. This Testarossa car is one of the most loved Ferrari cars. Inking a tattoo of Testarossa on the body is something, every car enthusiast wants. Teaming it with a Palm tree tattoo adds grace to the tattoo.

  • Ferrari Testarossa Tattoo on the Leg

Ferrari Testarossa Tattoo

The full Testarossa car tattoo on the leg denotes the immense fan following of this wonderful car. It looks more awesome when a tattoo of shark fish is inked over it. It doesn’t cover the entire body but its realistic look is adored by many tattoo lovers around the world.

  • Martino‘s Ferrari Emblem Tattoo on the Body

Martino‘s Ferrari emblem Tattoo

Ferrari is such a car brand that will never go out of trend. Every sports car lover knows this brand. Getting this tattoo inked on your body symbolizes your passion and love for Ferrari. The prancing horse looks fabulous covering the entire body.

  • Michael Schumacher Black and Grey Tattoo on the Body

Michael Schumacher Black and Grey Tattoo

Michael Schumacher is a former Formula One champion from Germany who competed for Jordan, Benetton, Ferrari, and Mercedes. With several world records under his name, he is one of the most successful Formula One drivers in the history of the Formula one race. He has millions of fans around the world. Some fans are so crazy about him that they have got inked a permanent tattoo of Schumacher on their body to showcase their love for him. This black and grey tattoo on the body with the helmet signifies that he is ready for another race.

  • Michael Schumacher’s Racing Tattoo on the legs

Michael Schumacher Racing Tattoo

Michael Schumacher’s tattoo covering the entire legs looks pretty appealing from the distance. Here, Schumacher is shown with the trophy in his hand. This tattoo is a sign of victory.

  • Ferrari Logo Inked as Under The Skin

Passion Under the Skin Tattoo

This tattoo itself speaks everything. The Ferrari logo inked in form of underneath skin symbolizes the great passion, the tattoo wearer has for the Ferrari brand. The artistic work is giving it a realistic look and adds charm to your personality.

  • Scuderia Ferrari Tattoo on the leg

Scuderia Ferrari Tattoo

This tattoo is the dot work consisting of a Ferrari logo in black and grey form. Dot work is an art that takes years to master and requires immense concentration. The person owning this tattoo is a hard worker and has a focused approach towards life. It looks cooler on athletes and other sportspersons.


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