Su’a Cravens’ 23 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Su’a Cravens is famous as a former American football strong safety who is known to have taken the retirement mentioning his concussion issues. He began from the level of college football at USC and then later, was chosen by the Washington Redskins in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft. Cravens has got multiple tattoos inked on his body. Let us see what inks adorn his body.

Sua Cravens-

1. Numbers on forearm

Sua 5 8 Tattoo-

Tattoo: On his forearm, there are a few numbers inked. The relevance of such has not been known but they include, 1, 5, and 8.

2. ’21’ Tattoo

Sua 21 Tattoo-

Tattoo: On Carven’s’ left inner bicep we can see the tattoo of digit 21.

Meaning: 21 is Cravens’ jersey number for Denver Broncos (an American football franchise based in Denver).

3. Wandering Animal Tattoo

Sua cards Tattoo-

Tattoo: On the outer side of his right bicep there is a pathway inked and a tiger can be seen walking on it.

Meaning: Tiger is used to symbolize courage and strength.

4. ‘Clock and Rose’ Tattoo

Sua Clock and Rose Tattoo-

Tattoo: Su’a’s right forearm is inked with a clock and a rose tattoo.

Meaning: Rose is the symbol of love and romance whereas, the clock denotes time. A rose inked with a clock is the symbol used to denote an important and meaningful memory or event of your love life. Altogether, they represent love and life.

5. Clouds, trees, and L.A. Skyline Tattoo

Sua clouds, trees, and cityline Tattoo-

Tattoo: Cravens’ left shoulder and bicep are inked with multiple clouds, palm trees, and the city line. There are multiple buildings that can be seen on his left bicep.

Meaning: Su’a was born in Los Angelis, California. The tattoo on his left bicep represents the Los Angelis skyline tattoo. His love for his birth city and to honor the fact, that his roots are linked to L.A., he decided to get this tattoo done on his body.

6. ‘L.A. Coliseum’ Tattoo

Sua Colesuem Tattoo-

Tattoo: On his left bicep there is a magnificent “L.A. Coliseum” inked.

Meaning: The “L.A. Coliseum” is the American outdoor sports and multiple purpose stadium known as The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles. Cravens’ got its tattoo on his body because of his love for USC Trojans, an American football team. Su’a got it inked at the age of 17 years. To keep his trojan spirits forever, he now claims to be the happiest person after getting this memorial tattoo on him.

“I got the Coliseum on my arm my freshman year, just because I am a die-hard USC fan. Playing in the Coliseum was a lifelong dream of mine, so it was just something I wanted to have on me forever. I got it when I was 17 years old, my true freshman year. I always wanted to get a tattoo and I wanted to get something that meant a lot to me, so I didn’t want to get something that everybody else has. It was either going to be the Coliseum or Tommy Trojan on me, so I got the Coliseum. This took about seven hours.”

7. ‘Cross with snake’ Tattoo

Cravens cross with snake tattoo

Sua Cross Tattoo-

Tattoo: On Su’a’s abdomen there is a cross tattooed. The cross is wrapped around by a snake. Above the cross, there is a small phrase inked that says, ‘Failure Kills’.

Meaning: Cross is the symbol of one’s religious belief and faith and hereby, represents Cravens’ belief in Christianity. A cross is the symbol of the divine relationship with Jesus Christ whereas, the snake represents Satan thus, it is directed a the symbol of healing and growth. Additionally, it is also believed that since Jews put Jesus Christ on crucifixion they considered him evil and bad so, the snake might also represent evil. In order to keep himself motivated always, irrespective of any failure in his life whether in professional or personal life, Su’a got this phrase inked on his abdomen that says, ‘Failure Kills‘.

8. Tribal Tattoo

Sua design on left forearm-

Tattoo: Su’s’ left forearm is covered with a tribal tattoo.

Meaning: Tribal tattoo symbolizes the social status, empowerment, achievements. and the spirituality of an individual.

9. ‘Established 1995’ Tattoo

Sua Established 1995-

Tattoo: Surrounding his right bicep there is a tattoo that says, ‘Established 1995’.

Meaning: The tattoo denotes his birthyear i.e. 1995 since Su’a was born on 7 July 1995

10. Writing on bicep

Sua Family First Tattoo-

Tattoo: On his inner right bicep there is another writing that says, ‘God says Family First’.

Meaning: This is clear symbolism of the fact that Su’a Cravens is a religious and a completely dedicated family person. He believes in giving priority to his family over everything else, no matter what.

11. Clouds and full moon Tattoo

Sua full moon Tattoo-

Tattoo: Dark clouds and full moon tattoo are inked on Cravens’ left bicep.

Meaning:  The dark clouds here represent the past evil or difficult phase which Cravens’ must have faced in his life. Whereas, the moon in the front symbolizes growth and positivity. Thus, this tattoo as a whole is the way of representing that each individual has some difficult times to face in his life however, there is always a bright light in the future to guide us into a good future ahead.

12. ‘Proverbs 1:7’ Tattoo

Sua quote Tattoo-

Sua left bicep writing-

Tattoo: On his inner left bicep there is a quote taken from Proverbs 1:7 which says, ‘The fear of the LORD is the instruction of wisdom, and humility comes before honor”.

Meaning: The main idea behind the lines is that we as humans should fear God and be fearful of our actions. We need to keep our decisions and actions as per God’s guidelines and, live accordingly

13. Neck Tattoo

Sua neck Tattoo- Sua neck Tattoo1-

14. Proverbs 15.33 Tattoo

Sua Proverbs 15-

Tattoo: On his left bicep is a tattoo of Proverbs 15:33.

Meaning: Proverbs 15:33 says, “The fear of the LORD is the instruction of wisdom; and before honor is humility: which means that we should be fearful of God as it will bring us wisdom and thus, we should keep ourselves away from the evil and stay on the path of God’s will and his guidance.

15. Rosary Beads Tattoo

Sua rosary beads Tattoo-

Tattoo: A string of rosary beads is inked on his right forearm.

Meaning: Rosary beads tattoo symbolizes Su’a’s need to be closest to the blessings of Jesus Christ and Mary. Also, this tells us about his religious beliefs i.e. ‘Christianity’.

16. Stars Tattoo

Sua stars Tattoo-

Tattoo: Su’a’s right forearm is covered with multiple tiny stars that are scattered all over.

Meaning: Stars are the way of symbolizing the divine relationship and closeness to God. Interestingly, stars are also considered to be the guiding light in a person’s life.

17. ‘Timelessness’ Tattoo

Sua Timelessness-

Tattoo: On his right forearm there is a tattoo that has been done in italicized font and reads, ‘Timelessness’

18. Wrist Tattoo

Sua wrist Tattoo-

19. Chest Tattoo

Cravens chest tattoo

Tattoo: Su’a’ chest is covered with Lily Flowers along with designs on the top. Towards the center, there are some words inked leading towards his cleavage where another lily flower is tattooed.

Meaning: Lily flower is considered to be the symbol of purity, renewal, and new beginnings. They speak of innocence and harmony.

Back Tattoos

Cravens back tattoo

20. Koi Fish Tattoo

Tattoo: On the left side of his back there is a huge koi fish tattoo.

Meaning: Koi Fish represents Japanese culture. It is the symbol of good luck, determination, and perseverance.

21. ‘MALOSI’ Tattoo

Tattoo: On the top of his back there is a word written that can be read as, ‘MALOSI’.

Meaning: ‘MALOSI’ is the word inked in Samoan language which when translated in English stands for ‘Strength’ and ‘Strong’.

22. ‘Dragon’ Tattoo

Tattoo: On the right side of his back we can see a dragon-like creature that has wings as well as horns.

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