Finn Balor’s 4 Tattoos and their Meanings

Fergal Devitt, popularly known as Finn Balor, is an Irish professional wrestler who is widely known for his time in the WWE. His passion, athleticism, and distinct in-ring persona have earned him recognition. In addition, Balor is well-known for his large collection of tattoos, many of which are symbolic of his love of body art and have personal meaning. Read below to delve into the meaning of his body art.
Finn Balor picture

1. Arm Tattoo

Finn Balor Arm tattoo

The tattoo extends through his arm. In the beginning, the distinctive pattern appears to be just a couple of bumpy lines; however, if looked closely, it reveals itself to be a collection of human faces. He has not discussed the significance of the tattoo, yet the layout is interesting as well as its deep definition.

 2. Hand Tattoo

Finn Balor Hand tattoo

Finn has another tattoo on the top of his left hand; it shows a man staring at the moon while he clutches a space helmet. This tattoo symbolizes the pursuit of his aspirations and wishes with determination and focus.

3. T-Rex Tattoo

Finn Balor T-Rex tattoo

After his comeback to NXT, Finn engraved a humorous tattoo with a cartoon-style T-Rex. Although he plays gloomy characters on TV, he’s a happy person who values his family in real life.

4. Dinosaur Dandelion Cactus Seagull Tattoo

Finn Balor Dinosaur Dandelion Cactus Seagull Tattoo

He recently revealed some additions to his earlier T-Rex tattoo on his social media. He revealed it by posting it on his social media, and he captioned it, “Dinosaur Dandelion Cactus Seagull,” and it has bits of a dandelion, a cactus, and a seagull that is close to the dinosaur.

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