Maya Jama’s 3 Tattoos and their Meanings

Maya Jama is a British radio DJ and television personality. Her lively and captivating presenting style has helped her establish a reputation for herself in the entertainment sector. She has a few inks on her that carry significant meaning to her. Let’s delve into her body art journey.Maya Jama picture-compressed

1. Matching Tattoos with Friends

Maya Jama matching Tattoo with friends

Maya Jama recently decided to get matching tattoos with two of her closest friends. She revealed her newly acquired ink on her Instagram Stories, showing off tiny, cartoonish faces inked on crossed wrists. A tongue that peeks out of the sides of the lips is another amusing detail in the design. It says, “For life gang,” in the caption.

2. Wrist Tattoo

Maya Jama wrist tattoo

She got a lion tattooed on her wrist. Although she mentioned that she got the tattoo after she got drunk, it was an impulsive decision. Although she also mentioned that the tattoo of a lion represents her star sign ‘Leo’, she doesn’t regret it. She also said that it would remind her of her time spent on Love Island in South Africa.

3. Initial Tattoo

Maya Jama Initial tattoo

She got her late boyfriend’s initials inked, which can be seen as cursive text under her ribcage. It was a tribute to her late boyfriend, Rico Gordon, who lost his life in a shooting incident in July 2011.  He was trapped in the middle of a crossfire between two Bristol gangs right after he had contacted Maya to ask for directions to her home.

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