Chael Sonnen Tattoo and It’s Meaning

Chael Sonnen is a retired American combined martial artist and a previous UFC competitor who is popular for his amusing trash-talking, candid nature as well as fumbling nature. Throughout his profession, he joined various weight courses together with confronted a few of the leading boxers in combined fighting styles, such as Jon Jones plus Anderson Silva. Sonnen got into the globe of sporting activities commentary and analysis after finishing his sporting career. He does not have any type of permanent inklings on him, although he had a phony one which he later on made clear was a promotion trick. Read below to learn more.
Chael Sonnen's picture

1. Fake Tattoo

Chael Sonnen's fake tattoo

He uploaded a picture of himself having a tattoo of Anderson Silva, his former opponent, on his right arm. It turns out, though, that Sonnen’s arm no longer bears the false tattoo, which vanished. Sonnen and Silva had made a deal. Sonnen would get a tattoo of Silva’s face on his arm if he was touched by the way Silva was portrayed. Sonnen kept his word and carried out the arrangement. Under the tattoo, Sonnen also placed the notorious phrase, “You s**k!”. Therefore, he got a sticker rather than a permanent tattoo.

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