10 Amazing Vape Tattoos Designs with Meanings and Ideas

Vaping is the electronic smoking method of inhaling and exhaling flavored vapors. It comprises an atomizer, a power source such as the battery, and a container to store the liquid known as a cartridge or tank. Here, instead of smoke, the user inhales and exhales the vapors. It is also called an electronic cigarette or E-cigarette. The atomizer is the heating element that heats the liquid solution to produce the flavored vapor. It gets activated by taking a puff or by pressing a button. The vapors typically contain propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine, and traces of nitrosamines.

It is less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Also, it contains fewer toxins, in lower amounts than cigarette smoke. Although, it’s not clear whether vaping has health benefits. Even World Health Organisation (WHO) is not clear about its health benefits. It can be an excellent alternative for people who are trying to quit smoking. Vaping has a higher quit rate than normal nicotine replacement therapy.

Vaping Tattoo

Meaning of Vaping Tattoo

Vaping is something that modern-day youths enjoy having. Unlike traditional cigarettes, where smoking takes place after the burning of the chemicals. Here, instead of smoking, a person inhales and exhales the vapor, which makes it the modern way of smoking. Its popularity can be estimated from the fact that people often ink vaping tattoos on the visible part of the body. To show their immense love and passion for vaping, they got the vape tattoos inked, holding different meanings.


The traditional way of smoking, where a paper with a chemical powder is burnt, is considered harmful to our bodies. In modern-day, where people are more health-conscious, they have switched to e-cigarettes, which can be termed as a substitute for cigarette smoking. It is considered safer than the traditional way of smoking. In ancient times, hookah was widely popular. But now, it’s been replaced with e-cigarettes. This can also be its substitute. Smoking is an addiction that is very difficult to quit. So, the young generation has switched to vape smoking, which poses fewer health issues comparatively.


As time evolved, people found new ways to satisfy their minds and souls. In other words, they have found new ways to enjoy themselves. Some find enjoyment in playing outdoor and indoor games like cricket and chess. On the other hand, some find enjoyment in fulfilling their addiction, like alcohol consumption, drugs inhalation, and smoking, which are not considered good for our health. So, for this, people have started switching to better alternatives that may not harm our bodies as a means of enjoyment. Hence, getting inked the vaping tattoos on our bodies can also relate to enjoyment.


To show their various skills, such as forming smoke rings and other smoke tricks, people tend to smoke. Smoking is an excellent way to show off their unique styles.


Vaping is used more or likely consumed by the modern generation. According to their perception, vaping seems trendier and more stylish compared to the traditional ways of smoking, such as weed smoking.

Where Should You Get Vape Tattoo Designs?

For Women

  • Back
  • Biceps
  • Shoulder Blades
  • Thighs
  • Stomach

For Men

  • Arms
  • Chest
  • Neck
  • Legs
  • Ribs

List of Vape Tattoo Designs and Meanings

  • Old-school Vaping Tattoo on the Thighs

Old-school Vaping Tattoo

This colorful old-school tattoo on the thighs looks pleasant to the eyes. There is a cloud of smoke all around the vape. It means that the wearer loves smoking from a vape. They are desperate to show their love for vaping.

  • Vaping ‘That Life’ Tattoo

Vaping That Life Tattoo

This tattoo looks pretty realistic and outstanding. In this tattoo, the vapor is coming out from the vape in a form of a cloud. The wearer wants to denote his/her immense love for vaping. He/She is comparing vaping with life. They want to say that life is all about vaping.

  • Vaping Vapor Cloud Tattoo on the Biceps

Vaping Vapor Cloud Tattoo

This skull with the vape has a distinct look. It is a black and grey tattoo which goes well with your dress. In the tattoo, a skull is shown inside a vape. The skull is a representation of the fear of death. This tattoo means the wearer loves vaping but still fears death.

  • Black and Grey Vape Tattoo

Black and Grey Vape Tattoo

The number 2k16 inked near this tattoo denotes that he might have got this tattoo inked in 2016. The wearer has inked this tattoo in black and grey to show the smoke coming out from the vape. Overall, the tattoo looks pretty adorable and catchy.

  • Tattoo on the Fingers

'Do you Vape' Tattoo

In the early years, when vaping became mainstream, there were no age restrictions on its usage, therefore, it was heavily used by young people, especially teenagers. This saying “Do you vape bro?” was often heard by vape users to people who didn’t smoke or smoked cigarette. This tattoo embodies that carefree and energetic vibe. Moreover, it is likely that the wearer got this tattoo when they were young, however, they are still young in their heart.

  • Angry Vape Tattoo on the Leg

Angry Vape Tattoo

In this tattoo, the vape is shown with an angry look. This denotes that the wearer is short-tempered and often gets angry about small things in life. He/She loves vaping but, on the other hand, knows its limitations as well. You can complement this tattoo with a nice pair of shorts.

  • Skull with a Vape Tattoo on the Right Abdomen

Skull with a Vape Tattoo

The skull is the representation of death. It means that the wearer is afraid of death. He/She is also fearful of God. In this tattoo, a skull with a vape is inked on his right abdomen. This means that the wearer loves vaping but, on the other hand, knows its limitations.

  • Vape Cartridge Tattoo

Vape Cartridge Tattoo

A cartridge is a case or container used to store liquid, which is replaceable or difficult to handle. Vape also has a cartridge in a form of a small bottle. has got the vape tattoo inked cartridge on their left wrist to showcase their love for the vape.

  • Vape Tattoo with an Omega Sign

Vape Tattoo with Omega Sign

This tattoo is a representation of four things,i.e., vape, omega sign, cloud, and thunder. The whole tattoo is covered with a cross. The vape here means that the wearer does not like to vape. While omega means the end of anything. It can be of life or death. Cloud denotes anything related to peace. On the other hand, thunder shows your inner desire to achieve something. The entire tattoo means that the wearer is desperate to quit vaping, as he/she is fearful of death. But cannot quit as he has a desire to smoke.

  • Vape with a Banner Tattoo

Vape with a Banner Tattoo

This tattoo is a simple design of a vape surrounded by a vapor banner. It looks unique and appealing to the eyes. The wearer wants to tell the second person how much they enjoy vaping instead of the traditional way of smoking.

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