Frank Grillo’s 5 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Frank Anthony Grillo is a famous American actor who is best known for playing Brock Rumlow. he gained all the popularity from  Marvel Cinematic Universe films Captain America in the series. Frank was born and brought up in New York and is the oldest of three children. Frank has got a few tattoos across his body. Let us explore them.

1. Ghost in a cloak Tattoo

Frank bicep design

Tattoo: There is a flaming skull tattooed on Frank’s right bicep.

2. Bicep Tattoo

Frank bicep tattoo

Tattoo: On his arm, there is an inverse symbol of the Hindi OM.

3. Cross Tattoo

Frank cross tattoo

Tattoo: Cross, the symbol of Christian beliefs and faith, is tattooed on Frank’s left shoulder.

4. Forearm Tattoo

Frank left arm tattoo Frank right arm

5. Bicep Writing

Frank writing on bicep tattoo

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