Joey Badass’ 3 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Joey Badass or JoeyBada$$ is the stage name of Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott, the American rapper, Hip-hop record artist and actor, who has started writing poetry and songs at the age of 11. Capital Steez, in collaboration with Joey and other three friends, formed a hip hop group, Progressive Era or Pro Era in Brooklyn, which now has 15 members. Joey is the most known rapper in the squad and is helping every member of the group to show their singular talents to the world. He has got some inks on his skin. Let’s dig into their meanings.

Joey Badass

1. “BADASS” on his Right Forearm

Joey Badass- Badass tattoo

Tattoo: “BADASS”

Meaning: It is the title of Joey’s first studio album, “B4.DA.$$” which has two meanings- “Before the money” and “Be for the money.”

2. “Pro Era Logo” on his Left Ribs

Joey Badass pro era logo

Tattoo: Pro Era logo “47”

Meaning: Joey Badass got a tattoo of the logo of his group, Pro Era; Numeral 47 with its digits joined together, which make it looks like Nazi flag and bears a close resemblance to Swastika. According to their interview with News 12 Brooklyn, Pro Era squad said that it was designed to gain the attention of the people and the symbol represents love, peace, and balance, similar to the Swastika symbol. They said that it is a spiritual symbol and not an offensive one. Moreover, Steez, Founder of Pro Era, had a special infatuation for number 47. He was the great believer of Indian Chakra System and believed that number, 47, has a great spiritual value and is a perfect expression of balance in the world; representing the tension between the heart and brain ( 4th and 7th chakra respectively).

3. “Crown with an Eye” on his Left Elbow

king capital steez logo

Tattoo: Crown with an eye in it

Meaning: Joey Badass has a tattoo of a crown with an open eye in it, inked on the back of his right elbow. It is to pay tribute to his friend, Capital Steez, who died by suicide on December 24, 2012. It is the logo of Steez’s album, King Capital, which is not released yet. After a year of his death, Joey announced on his Twitter account that the album entitled, King Capital, is to be released soon. But the release of the album is delayed due to some business legacies and samples clearances.

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