MVP’s 7 Tattoos & amp; Their Meanings

Hassan Hamin Assad is a well-known American professional wrestler and manager who is presently contracted to WWE and fights under the ring pseudonym MVP (Montel Vontavious Porter). MVP is known to have got some amazing body tattoos that include a portrait of Malcolm X on his left pec, the sarcophagus/coffin of King Tut, some awe-inspiring pyramids on his left upper biceps, the words “Monte Cristo” with the phrase “the best revenge is living well” in script on his right forearm and few more. He also has a number of gang-related tattoos from the times when he was a teenager. In this article, you’ll be able to find answers to all the questions that you might have related to your favorite wrestler’s body inks.


1. Forearm Tattoo

MVP left forearm tattoo

Tattoo: On his left forearm, MVP has got the casket of King Tut inked.

King Tut/Tutankhamun, a famous Egyptian pharaoh who ruled during Egypt’s New Kingdom period at the end of the 18th Dynasty, was the last of his Dynasty to lead. Tutankhamun’s coffin (a box-like stone container), the famous casket, was not one, but the integration of three caskets that were put to contain King Tut’s body. The outer two coffins were made of wood and coated with gold and some semiprecious stones, including the famous ones like lapis lazuli and turquoise.

Owing to the popular belief of King Tut being the ultimate symbol of power and strength, there is another belief that people who are bound to face death like experiences on a daily basis or their jobs are like that often choose King’s Casket to protect themselves.

2. Left Bicep Tattoo- Portrait of King Tut

MVP mummy tattoo

Tattoo: On MVP’s left shoulder, there is a tattoo of the portrait of King Tut.

Meaning: Many people who have a King Tut tattoo consider themselves to be natural leaders.
It is often said that a tattoo wearer or a person who has always felt destined for success gets the portrait of King Tut. Additionally, a King Tut tattoo is a profound reminder to the person about his polytheistic (when you believe and worship more than one god) beliefs in Egyptian Gods.

Do you have any idea who King Tut was?
King Tut succeeded to the throne when he was nine years old, but he only reigned for ten years before dying at the age of nineteen in the year 1324 B.C. Tutankhamun inherited the throne at a young age and married Ankhesenamun, his paternal half-sister.

Also, The King Tut tattoo is thought to represent aristocratic nobility, pleasure-seeking behavior, and strength. Many people who come from a royal family or have a royal heritage think it’s a unique approach to showing monarchy.

3. Portrait of Malcolm X Tattoo-Left Pec

MVP portrait on chest tattoo

Tattoo: On his left pec, MVP has got the portrait of Malcolm X tattooed.

Meaning: Malcolm X was a notable African-American Muslim human rights activist during the civil rights struggle. He was an outspoken advocate for black liberation, empowerment, and the promotion of Islam among the black community until 1964 and thus, was a spokesman for the Nation of Islam. He is known as a supporter of Black Nationalism. Many stars, wrestlers, and athletes have got Malcolm X’s portrait tattooed on their bodies, and so if our MVP, a known fan of the late activist.

4. ‘Pyramids’ Tattoo

MVP pyramids tattoo

Tattoo: Under the portrait tattoo, MVP has got the tattoo of some pyramids inked.

Meaning: The pyramid can be seen as a representation of cooperation and perseverance, two characteristics that contributed to its formation. Pyramids stand for harmony, determination, and conservancy and are known to be typically used to bury Egyptian Pharaohs. The tattoo quite relates to the Eygptian tattoos on his body, i.e., King Tut’s portrait and his coffin.

5. Script on Arm-‘Monte Cristo: The best revenge is living well.’

MVP the best revenge is living well

MVP right arm writing tattoo

Tattoo: On MVP’s right forearm, there is a writing that says, Monte Cristo: The best revenge is living well.”

Meaning: This quote on MVP’s arm is inspired by George Herbert, a 16th-century poet, who said, “Living well is the finest revenge.”

It stands for the fact that whatever life throws at us, we should take it as a challenge and life at its best and try to keep making it better for ourselves.

On the other hand, the Count of Monte Cristo is a historical adventure novel that took place between 1815 and 1838. It was a portrayal of the story of a man seeking revenge after escaping from prison and shows how he addresses the major themes of retribution, righteousness, forgiveness, and compassion.

6. Right Arm Tattoo-Fighting Samurai

MVP right bicep tattoo

Tattoo: On MVP’s right bicep, we can see the tattoo of a fighting samurai tattooed.

Meaning: Nobility can be shown with samurai tattoos. A Warrior and warrior spirit are said to be awakened by a FIGHTING SAMURAI. Wrestlers and fighters use samurai designs to remind themselves and the rest of the world of their strength, wisdom, and power and therefore be able to overcome problems/hard phases in their professional and personal life.

7. Palm Trees

MVP tress on bicep tattoo

Tattoo: On his left upper arm, some green-colored palm trees are inked.

Meaning: Palm tree tattoos represent Eternity and life. It is popularly regarded as the Tree of Life and also a sign of peace. Still, sometimes they are associated with travel, love for traveling, and idyllic beach holiday destinations.

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