25+ Best Gold Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

Gold tattoos are the most elegant and unique types of tattoos that exist. However, before we dive into the ideas, there are a few things to consider. These fall into a category of semi-permanent tattoos instead of permanent ones as they fade out much faster as compared to permanent ones. So what are those glamorous golden tattoos made of if not the permanent tattoo ink? They use gold foil that is very thin and pushed into the skin to make a tattoo. That is why they appear so shiny since they are placed on the superficial layer of the skin and not permanently into the skin. They last on your skin depending upon the design and area you choose to get one. For instance, if you choose to get the tattoo on a smooth, hair-free, and less friction area, it is more likely to last longer.

But, there’s more! Let’s not lose hope yet since there is a way to get a permanent gold tattoo. It is by playing with the shades of yellow and gold and highlighting the shining areas in a permanent tattoo to make it look like a metallic tattoo. The shine won’t be the same but the elegance of the tattoo is definitely achieved and it gives almost the same appearance.

Meaning of Gold Tattoo Designs

The color gold has a very high aesthetic value. The metal gold is one of the rarest metals and therefore is very costly. That is the reason that even gold tattoos are associated with abundance, prosperity, and love for the bling. It is not necessary to have tons of gold in your lockers already before you get a gold tattoo to represent prosperity, anyone who seeks abundance can also get one. A lot of people also get it just for the aesthetic value or to represent their spiritual journey. Lastly, these tattoos also project elegance and classy nature. So if you find your personality corresponds to any of these traits or just want a gold tattoo because they look so good, these handpicked designs are for you!

Ideas For Gold Tattoo Designs

Gold tattoos have a lot of variations. You could go for a floral gold tattoo with just the outlines in gold. Another really amazing combination is gold and white. There are a lot of people who get Mandalas tattooed in gold or even a simple text in gold for the minimalists.

Where Should You Get Gold Tattoo Designs

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger Spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder Blades
  • Behind the Ears

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of Gold Tattoo Designs & Meanings

  • Gold Tattoo Design on the Shoulder

Gold Tattoo 6

The first one here is this royal-looking cat design in gold. If you notice carefully, this is a permanent tattoo with the color placement of yellow, brown, and white, in a way that it looks metallic. The cat is adorned with jewelry and clothes which gives it a look of an Egyptian cat. They are symbolic of good luck, mystery, and grace.

  • Gold Tattoo Design on the Bicep

Gold Tattoo 8

This gothic yet alluring tattoo shows a gold layer melting in a way that the skull is revealed underneath. The metallic blue shine on the skull is complementing the gold above. It could mean overcoming a sorrow, loss, or a major change in a person’s life. This tattoo can be worn by both men and women and is ideal to be worn on the back or waist.

  • Gold Tattoo Design with Text

Gold Tattoo 21

The gold text tattoos highlight your text like no other ink color. You can experiment with different fonts depending on what text you choose. The wearer here has chosen just a word to be tattooed on the wrist but you can also go for a quote.

  • Tattoo Design on the Hand

Gold Tattoo 1

Hands are one of the most exposed areas of the body, so it makes sense to get a semi-permanent gold tattoo here so that you can change or get rid of it after some time. Here the wearer has a leaf twig of gold going around the wrist, making it look like a bracelet. The dots on the fingers add to the beauty of the tattoo.

  • Golden Snitch Tattoo Design

Gold Tattoo 3

This one is for our Potterheads who see themselves as ‘the seeker’. The golden snitch represents speed and determination in the harry potter series and is quite famous among the fans because it means so much more than quidditch. It could also mean seeking a goal in life in general or being driven to achieve something.

  • Tattoo Design on Back of the Shoulder

Gold Tattoo 2

Next up is this majestic gold ornamental lamp, very similar to the lamp in the movie Aladin. These lamps symbolize life, divinity, and also a portal. The wearer here has chosen purple to go with the gold which gives the lamp a very royal look. The intricate details of the gold on the lamp are what makes it stand apart.

  • Devilish Gold Tattoo Design

Gold Tattoo 26

This is rather an uncommon one. Not a lot of people prefer to get the devil’s tattoo but contrary to the stereotypes, it could mean plenty of things. The devil tattoo is symbolic of rebellion and not all rebellious behavior is bad. It could also depict extreme power and strength. The wearer here has depicted the devil as a woman but it really depends on your perspective and what your depiction of Lucifer is.

  • Tattoo Design on

Gold Tattoo 25

This beautiful tattoo is a combination of a lot of elements. The wearer has got some flowers, the sun and the moon in gold. The sun signifies growth and knowledge but the most interesting part of this tattoo is the placement of an open third eye. The sun has both the eyes shut but the opening of the third eye indicates spiritual awakening and intuition.

  • Gold Filling Tattoo Design

Gold Tattoo 24

The next tattoo here brings to light, a very interesting concept that is quite famous in japan. It is to fix the broken glass or pottery with lacquer mixed with gold. The wearer here has shown broken cracks of the glass bulb, filled with gold. This signifies embracing the flaws, accepting them, and being a better version by also being proud of your flaws.

  • Tattoo Design on the Nape of the Neck

Gold Tattoo 23

This pretty tattoo has a few strands of the feather that ate tattooed in gold rather than the whole feather, which makes it quite elegant. Because of the dark green color of the feather, the gold really stands out. This tattoo can be placed on any part of the body since the size of the tattoo is totally customizable. They represent freedom and trust in something.

  • Tattoo Design on the Back

Gold Tattoo 22

This angelic tattoo is best placed on the back because of the larger canvas available to work on. The feathers are arranged in a way that they look like wings. There are a lot of other elements as well like eyes and an om symbol which confirms a rather spiritual meaning of this tattoo.

  • Tattoo Design on Feet

Gold tattoo

The foot is another very unusual place to get a tattoo in general. However, when it comes to gold tattoos, they have been worn on the foot, ankle, wrist, and waist, especially on the beach on a summer holiday. This is because they give an illusion of jewelry, adding that bling element. This wearer has got some gold chains and triangles made and even wore some toe rings to go with it.

  • Gold Tattoo Design on Thigh

Gold Tattoo 19

The gold rose tattoo is the perfect tattoo to represent your love and passion. The interesting take that this wearer took is just outlining the rose with gold and not filling anything inside. This makes the tattoo look very elegant and attractive.

  • Gold Peacock Feather Tattoo Design

Gold Tattoo 18

This tattoo contains both gold and silver metallic elements. The Peacock feather represents pride and nobility. The wearer could be proud of an accomplishment. In some cultures, the peacock feather is associated with divinity. This tattoo can be placed on the wrist, neck, ankle, or behind the ear.

  • Gold Skull Tattoo Design

Gold Tattoo 17

The wearer here has used the shades of black, yellow, and white, to make the skull look like it’s made of gold. It could represent that the person overcame a very difficult challenge. They could also mean protection from death. For anyone seeking to get a bold tattoo, this is the one.

  • Gold Tattoo Design for the Sea Lovers

Gold Tattoo 16

The golden sea shell and the waves, what’s not to love? The tattoo clearly represents that the person is very fond of the sea or is ready for a good long vacation on the beach. The sea-green bracelet adds to the beauty of the tattoo by giving it the color contrast it needed.

  • Gold Crown Tattoo Design

Gold Tattoo 15

This design shows a gold crown, dripping gold on the face of a statue. The statue could be symbolic of that person and could mean detachment from the material world. Crown could also mean dignity, love for royalty, or loyalty.

  • Gold Key Tattoo Design

Gold Tattoo 14

The wearer here has chosen to get the key tattoo in gold symbolizing it as an important key and not just any regular one. The design at the back of the key also gives it an antique look. A key tattoo can represent freedom or in fact desire for it. It could also mean hunger for knowledge and unknown things.

  • Gold Frame Tattoo Design

Gold Tattoo 13

Here, the gold is used in the frame around another picture. The wearer has given it a 3D effect by making the ears of the cat pop out and choosing a black background. It has given an illusion of the cat coming out of the frame. You could put anyone dear to you in the frame or even a picture of a place that you really like.

  • Gold Gun Tattoo Design

Gold Tattoo 12

The wearer here has got a black and gold gun tattoo on the bicep. This tattoo is usually chosen by men but women can get it as well if they prefer. The details of the design on the gun gives it a very vintage look. There is also a cross on the back of the gun which means may be the person is spiritual. The guns are usually symbolic of power and strength.

  • Gold Heena Tattoo Design

Gold Tattoo 10

These tattoos usually do not have a lot of meaning except the celebration of something. People usually get them because of their aesthetic value for an occasion or for holidays. They can be drawn on any part but the most popular places are hands, arms, and feet. The addition of white or black color like in the picture highlights the tattoo even more.

  • Decorative Gold Tattoo Design

Gold Tattoo 7

Looks dreamy, doesn’t it? This one is again a semi-permanent tattoo valued for its aesthetics. The wearer has covered a lot of areas of the shoulder and hands, but it still does not look messy at all. The gemstone attachment on the arm is an interesting addition to the tattoo.

  • Gold Fire Tattoo Design

Gold Tattoo 9

The flame is symbolic of burning passion for something. Here the wearer has very creatively represented fire in gold. The interesting part is that it is made to look like liquid. The flames are also in the form of drops Which could mean hope or a representation of a twin flame tattoo that you got with your partner.

  • Gold hand Tattoo Design

Gold Tattoo 4

The hand tattoos are usually not very descriptive but this tattoo of a hand dripping in gold could mean that the wearer values financial virtues and respects their money source. This tattoo is also symbolic of attracting money.

  • Gold Mandala Tattoo Design

Gold Tattoo 5

Mandala tattoos are really popular designs, especially for their aesthetic value and because it has a lot of importance in some cultures. The wearer here has chosen a full mandala tattoo on her back. It represents balance, peace, and perfection. The back is an ideal place to get such tattoos because it is usually less exposed and hence detailed tattoos like these age very well on the back.

  • Gold Tattoo Design of Compass

Gold tattoo picture

This last one here, is a compass tattoo where the needles and directions are tattooed in gold. The wearer has placed the tattoo onĀ  the wrist and it could depict that they find peace and fulfilment through travel. The black background of the needles highlights the gold even more. So if you are one of those people who have the travel bug, this tattoo is for you.

So you see, there is no such thing as ‘Too much Bling’.

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