Justin Theroux’s 14 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Justin Paul Theroux is an American Actor, Film Producer, Director, and Screenwriter. He became famous through his lead roles in the movies like Mulholland Drive (2001) and the thriller film Inland Empire (2006). He has also worked as a Screenwriter for action-comedy Tropic Thunder, Iron Man 2, etc. Theroux has got some interesting inks on his body. Let us explore his body tattoos and their meanings.

Justin Paul Theroux 

1. Back Tattoo

Justin Theroux back tattoo

Justin Theroux back tattoo.jpg

Tattoo: Justin Theroux has a gigantic tattoo of a rat and a pigeon covering the whole of his back. The tattoo first came into notice in an episode of his show, The Leftovers.

Meaning: At the 2018 Vulture Festival, The Leftovers star for the first time revealed his back tattoo, that too after an inquiry from one of the audience. The actor then explained it to the audience:

“So I had two dogs, both rescues, pit bulls… and when they died, I dedicated half my back to one and half of my back to the other.”

“So its a picture of a rat, because my dog used to kill rats in Washington Square Park. It was horrible. I mean, they were doing a service to New York. Oh, and then a pigeon. A New York pigeon and a rat.”

2. Portrait of  ‘POCAHONTAS’

Justin Theroux Side Tattoo

Tattoo: The left side of Justin Theroux’s torso contains a portrait of the animated character, along with the name written under it as POCAHONTAS.

Meaning: Pocahontas was a Native American Woman who died at the mere age of 22 years and was known for promoting peace among various native tribes. Many animated and fantasy films have been made on her.

3. ‘Grim Reaper With A Scythe ‘ Tattoo

Justin Theroux Left Leg Skeleton Tattoo

Tattoo: The front shin of Justin Theroux’s left leg is tattooed with an image of a grim reaper who is holding a scythe in his hand along with a banner that reads “Best of Luck”.

Meaning: Justin claims to have received this tattoo in the memory of all his near ones who are no more alive, as Grim Reaper with a scythe is symbolic of this belief where Death is known as the Grim Reaper, shown as wearing a dark hooded cloak and the scythe represents death.

4. ‘Scissors’ Tattoo

Justin Theroux Right Arm Wrist Tattoo

Tattoo: The inside of Justin Theroux’s right arm’s wrist is inked with a tattoo of scissors in blue-black color inked on it.

Meaning: Tattooing scissors indicate persons belonging to a particular profession such as a designer or a hair stylist.

5. ‘Honey Bee’ Tattoo

Justin Theroux Right Bicep Tattoo

Tattoo: The actor really have some deep love for creatures, a tattoo of a tiny honey bee is inked oh his inner side of the right bicep.

Meaning: Honey bees play a crucial role in the environment and agriculture they symbolize hard work, cooperation, and loyalty.

6. ‘Pigpen’ Tattoo

Justin Theroux Left Back tattoo


Tattoo: Justin Theroux has a tattoo of cartoon character ‘Pig-Pen‘ from the comic strip named Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz. He is known because of his unique habit of staying extremely dirty and attracting the cloud of dust and bugs. The tattoo was first revealed on January 11, 2016.

7.  Pair Of Swallows On His Feet

Justin Theroux Left Foot Eagle tattoo

Justin Theroux Right Foot Pigeon Tattoo

Tattoo: The upper side of Justin Theroux’s feet carry the tattoos of swallows inked on each of them.

Meaning: Swallow birds are the symbol of love, loyalty, and respect towards the family and loved ones. People get swallow tattoos to represent the long journeys of life.

8.  ‘X’ Tattoo

Justin Theroux Left Leg Symbol Tattoo

Tattoo: Justin himself inked a small letter “x” on the inner side of his left ankle. He did it at the age of 14 years as the symbol of representation of his being the follower of punk rock (culture followed in the s).

Meaning: X was used to symbolize the participation in the Straight edge which was a subculture of hardcore punk whose followers kept themselves away from tobacco, alcohol and any other drugs such as (marijuana, MDMA, LSD, cocaine, heroin, etc.).

Right Leg Tattoos

9. Portrait Tattoo

Justin Theroux Right Leg Portrait Tattoo

Justin Theroux Right Leg Portrait Tattoo

Tattoo: The upper side of Justin Theroux’s right leg is inked with the image of a man’s face smoking a cigar and it seems to be the animated form of himself.

10. ‘Two-Barred Cross’ Tattoo

Justin Theroux Right Leg Symbol Tattoo

Tattoo: The front shin of Justin Theroux’s right leg is tattooed with a Latin cross in which an extra bar is added on its top.

Meaning: The first crossbar represents the death and the second bar is the resurrection (coming back to life after death) of Jesus Christ. The tattoo is the symbol of Justin’s strong belief in Christianity.

11. ‘Quote And Logo’ Tattoo

Justin Theroux Right Leg Quote Tattoo

Tattoo: The right leg’s knee of Justin is adorned with the quote that reads “The rich will set you free”. The quote also carries four black bars which symbolize the logo of Punk Band i.e a Black Flag.

12. Quote On His Foot

Justin Theroux Right Foot Quote Tattoo

Tattoo: The actor’s right foot contains the quote as ‘Odi et Amo‘ inked on the front side of his right ankle.

Meaning: The quote means, ‘I hate and I Love’ and is taken from the poem Catullus 85 by the Roman poet Catullus.



Tattoo: Actor Justin Theroux gifted himself with a body ink on his 45th birthday. He showed off a new tattoo on his Instagram account that reads, ‘NEVER AGAIN AGAIN‘ . He got it done from his fellow friend scampbell333.

14. Tattoo On the finger of the Right Foot

Justin Theroux Right Foot Finger Tattoo

Tattoo: The index finger of Justin Theroux is inked with a black band around it.

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