33 Great Gun Tattoos With Meanings and Celebrities

Guns are mainly used for personal protection and for defense and it is guaranteed with a gun in your holster. There are many different kinds of guns and guns enthusiasts. It can vary from a simple revolver to AK47 (We all know that from PubG!) and some vintage ones. Guns were basically used for hunting down the animals for food which then turned into a recreation event and a sport, and it worsened with the advent of wars and battles. Looking at the metaphorical meaning of the gun, we can easily associate it with freedom and autonomy along with a self-sufficient nature. However, in many places, guns are mostly associated with terror and evil. It is something that brings disaster. But it is an outdated conception of guns, nevertheless, it is justified considering the utilization of guns in the previous eras. Anyhow, guns have served a practical purpose for us for centuries.

This is the main reason why people develop an affection and interest towards guns and other firearms for it represents courage and strength. It can also be a representation of a foe. Someone who has served in the military or navy can get this tattoo too as a commemoration of his services in defense. The meaning of a gun tattoo does not always have to be something negative. Rather it is something that provides us with courage in the time of adversity and serves as a reminder to live life to its fullest by not being afraid of anyone.


What do the various gun tattoos represent?  Well, the gun tattoo represents different things for different people. Below are the most common gun tattoo meanings:

  • Outlaws or badass: Guns are mostly associated with outlaws and criminals who shatter all the barriers of society. But it can also represent if you prefer living on the wilder side of life.
  • Rebels: Do you think you are rebelling by nature? what is a more perfect way to showcase your rebellion that a cool gun tattoo then? Gun tattoo can symbolize your authoritative nature.
  • Gun lovers: Gun tattoos are apparently the primary choice for gun enthusiasts. So if you love guns, don’t even think twice before getting one done.
  • Fighting spirit: Guns are an expression for a fight and self-defense and so a gun tattoo would rather symbolize the fighting spirit for you. For girls too, this is a great tattoo design to represent their inner strength.
  • Strength: Gun tattoos are perfect if you search for a constant reminder of strength whether it is inner or physical strength. It is a popular choice among people who are into defense services like the army or the navy.
  • Action lovers: Well well, needless to say for all the action lovers that they love guns, all sorts of it ranging from pistols to big machine guns.

Even if you’re not super enthusiastic about guns, you can still be really into the fine artwork and patterns because guns do really look badass. We have compiled a list of various varieties of guns with numerous designs to pick from especially for you. Have a look!

  • Tribal Gun Tattoo


A gun tattoo does not have to be super realistic all the time. It can be a bit creative all the same. Tattoo art is a form of art and there’s no harm in getting a bit illustrative. This tribal tattoo art denotes just the same- it is super creative and does not look realistic at all. Many people get inked with ammunitions because of its realistic appeal, but it is not really necessary. Even if the realistic designs are worthy of appreciation, there’s no doubt about the fact that the aesthetic aspect can’t be ignored either. So, decide for yourself.

  • Gun Waist Tattoo


This tattoo represents other ammo along with the gun. For someone into firearms a lot, this is a great design. The wearer has selected only the outline of the objects without any fillings for them. You can get a more realistic touch by adding color to it. It might seem that the person is quite aggressive in nature but it might not be true. Gun tattoos have different implications for different people. It can be used to symbolize honor and protection.

  • Gun With Snake on the Side


Like a gun, snakes are not to be messed up with too. Both of them possess the same qualities about them somehow. The wearer has incorporated a little note for the viewers which says “don’t tread on me”. The meanings are pretty apparent. With this fierce-looking tattoo on the body, I don’t really think anyone would like to mess with the wearer. Maintaining a distance would be a smart choice. So if you want to show your take on something too, a tattoo like this can be your inspiration.

  • A Gun With Skull on the Leg


This skull holding a gun looks quite fierce. In the design, the bullet jas already been shot at someone. This is a pattern for someone who is looking at the more creative side of the gun tattoo designs. It can be portrayed as an amazing message for the haters to not mess with the wearer. The skull makes it look kind of non-realistic. The monotone color looks great but some colors can be added to make the tattoo look vibrant. This combination of the skull with the gun is a great idea to try.

  • Thigh Gun Tattoo


The thigh is one of the most sensuous parts of the body to get tattoo on. Thigh, just like any gun, symbolizes strength too. Many women get it tattooed along with a garter to show the feminine side. But of course, it is not really necessary. A gun is a gun if in the strap or without. It resonates with some profound meanings and that remains the same. The choice ultimately is up to you. Hence, get it transformed whatever way you like.

  • It’s Smokin’ Hot


Guns are symbolic of dynamism and strength and a smoking gun is a true representation of that. Apart from the normal gun, a smoking gun has a more profound effect since it shows that the bullet has left for the aim. There is no going back now. This gun tattoo is a very fine-looking tattoo design. The floral inscriptions on it look quite amazing.

  • Guns ‘n Roses


Guns and roses are a great combination since we have heard about the band and its popularity has increased many folds. Guns with roses are special designs and are quite personal too. The banner in this tattoo design says “stay true”, which is obviously a personal reminder for the person to stay true to himself, or towards his loved ones or his profession and work. You can add something else on your banner of whatever you feel will represent your thought process.

  • Antique Revolver


An antique gun has a certain charm about it because of how it must have carried some significance for people who owned it earlier and which has been carried out for generations. The cool-looking gun has some great inscription on it which gives it a more attractive look. The placement idea is also quite attractive and unusual because most people get gun tattoos on their arms or legs. It is perfect for both genders.

  • Girl Thigh Tattoo


This is one of the most preferred designs for the girls which includes a garter and a ribbon that gives it a feminine effect. The combination of gun and ribbon is quite unique and is popular among the young female tattoo enthusiasts. The thigh, besides the garter, is also a great placement idea since the guns are tall than they are wide. Therefore, it is quite better to get it on the limbs. You can even add some floral colors to the design to make it a bit more vibrant and girly.

  • It’ll Give You Wings


This tattoo actually gives a very majestic feeling. It is almost as if it represents harmony over conflict. The wings look quite heavenly and the black and white shading effect gives it a sense of profundity. Guns are mostly associated with violence but this tattoo is definitely a symbol of peace. People who wish to get a similar pattern can also add a halo around it to add to the design.

  • Gun With Ribbons


Like the one above, this one is definitely an exclusive tattoo for females. The thigh is the most appropriate tattoo place for this kind of tattoo. The addition of color on this tattoo gives it a vibrant look. Similarly, you can add the colors as per your liking too. Besides this, you can also add bullets instead of the ribbon for a more masculine touch.

  • Roses, Guns, and Bullets


Guns are typically associated with policemen, bounty hunters, soldiers, hunters, criminals and so on. guns always entail bullets which never fail to lead to bloodshed or destruction. Thus, making a gun with roses and thorns seems like an apt representation of the destructive beauty that a gun possesses.

  • Girly Holster


A few young ladies affection to take their tattoos to the following level. In this way, rather than getting a gun tucked in a strap, they get a genuine-looking gun holster and a gun/weapon. This tattoo looks practical and it is novel. A young lady may look lovable, yet she can demonstrate her strength with a tattoo this way, since firearms are unsafe, as well as in light of the fact that it is difficult to get a tattoo in this specific spot. Ladies like being female.

  • Amazing 3D Gun Tattoo


A 3D tattoo design will really shock the people around you. You can shift to 3D designs if you need to do something out of the box. It’ll definitely make people shudder with fear and would clearly send out the message you want to spread. This particular design consists of a hand aiming at someone. It can be of deep symbolism for the wearer as it can mean his hurt feelings and the intensity of pain by someone who has done him any wrong.

  • Cute Finger Tattoo


We all practiced making guns with our hands by using our fingers when we were just kids. But now, we can actually get a gun inked on our fingers. We will have it literally in our hands, won’t we? This tattoo can definitely be made to commemorate your own childhood when you played spy. It is a very creative concept and will suit best with people who are looking for something that is not too noticeable. Anyway, finger tattoos are very much in vogue these days so go ahead.

  • Gun Chest Tattoo


This full chest tattoo is rather crazy and reminds one of an inmate. The tattoo looks as if it must have taken a long time for the tattoo artist to get it done. It includes bullets, a gun, and a skull with a quote that says, “Born a Warrior and Die a Legend”. You can, of course, get any quote as per your liking. This tattoo suits someone with a strong and powerful image, probably someone who is quite a buff.

Some Supplementary Pointers To Clutch The Elegance Of  Gun Tattoo Designs:

These suggestions can assist you to attain perfection with a gun tattoo, without it dropping the mark:

  • Gun tattoos are usually considered violent symbols and evil nature. Although we know that it is nothing serious, do not forget to cover up the evilness of it by incorporating it with some subtler designs.
  • Don’t be shy of vintage and old school looks for your gun tattoos as they can look equally charming like the big machine guns.
  • Opt for a decent size of the tattoo which is neither too huge nor too small so that the details are quite visible.
  • If you are planning to get a 3D tattoo, make sure that your artist can do the work well because it is something permanent that you are going to get.

We are really rooting for these tattoo patterns that we’ve put up for you. You can see more such tattoo ideas which have taken the internet by storm. This is why there is relevance for the meanings behind these tattoos too. What we want is that you get yourself your perfect design which has some significance for you and placed at a great spot. For getting the gun tattoo embedded on your skin, you need to have the same quality that a gun represents and which is not necessarily negative. Referring to this list, you can almost put an end to your wait. With some minute alterations or personalization, if any, you are ready to hit the tattoo parlor.


  • Tommie Lee


Tommie Lee owns a revolver gun tattoo on her right hip.

  • Asian Doll


Asian Doll got a custom-made gun tattoo on her left hip by Fort Worth Artist Yoki done in Dallas.

  • Alexis Ren


Alexis Ren got this excellent revolver tattoo on her knuckle done by the artist Romeo Lacoste in April 2017.  The small but intricate gun is on her right index finger.

  • Addison Timlin


Addison Timlin has a tattoo with a small gun that shoots a star on her left shoulder.

  • Margeret Cho

gun tattoo

Margaret Cho, who has a plenitude of multicolored tattoos on her body, got a fresh tattoo, that is, an old-fashioned garter and gun on her left thigh.

  • Molly Brazy


Molly Brazy has a machine gun tattoo on her right bicep.

  • Jasmine Sanders


Jasmine Sanders has a gun tattooed on the back of her right ankle.

  • Hazel-E


Hazel-E has a huge text tattoo on her left forearm stating “Arica Kane”. What’s fascinating about this pattern is that the alphabet A resembles a pyramid and the alphabet K is the contour of a rifle.

  • Ruby Rose


Ruby Rose paid eulogy to the FX animated comedy television series Archer with this tattoo on the right side of her lower abdomen.  On November 18, 2013, she tweeted about her intentions for the tattoo, tweeting, “I love Lorde and Sterling Archer. Forever and ever. Need to get an Archer tattoo, weird If I got a 16-year-old Lorde tattoo tho.#boundaries” A day later, she took the leap and toured the famed Los Angeles tattoo parlor Shamrock Social Club where tattoo artist Louie Perez put her opinion into ink.  The tattoo represents the series’ title character, Sterling Archer with his arm outstretched, carrying a gun.

  • Vanessa Martinez


Vanessa Martinez got a sniper rifle on her ring finger inked by Romeo Lacoste.

  • Rihanna


Rihanna got a petite handgun inked under her right armpit in March 2009. She asked for her beloved artist, Bang Bang and flew him out to Los Angeles to get a friend tattooed as a birthday gift and chose to get one for herself at the same time. She was contemplating several distinct designs but it on the recommendation that she got a gun tattoo. He gave her a picture of a handgun that he believed would look great and she loved it. He’s not certain why the image resonated with her but he told the reporters, “if I had to say why she got it, it’s because she kicks ass and everybody supports her!”

Rihanna had already wanted a set of guns over both of her armpits, but Bang Bang persuaded her to put rather one gun on her rib cage. He was concerned that having firearms inked in such a notable place would divert from her face and could endanger her advertisement deal with CoverGirl cosmetics. The deal with CoverGirl was previously strained with the concerns her recent getting back to her ex, Chris Brown would have a negative impact on her image. A few days prior to the tattoo sitting, TMZ reported that the opponent brand Revlon was conducting polls to see if customers perceived her to be a suitable spokesperson.

Despite the logic, Rihanna is grateful that she switched her mind about the placement idea for her tattoo. She regularly accepts Bang Bang’s word because she trusts that he understands what’s best. In the introduction to his book, she wrote:

“The thing I value most about Bang Bang is his honesty. He will never tattoo a bad idea—like EVER. That is the best thing about him—he has shut down so many of my crazy ideas. Or he’ll correct them, tweak them, and turn them into something great. Like my gun tattoo—I was sure I wanted two of them on my collarbones, but he talked me out of it and I’m so glad. Bang is invested in his art—it’s not about the money. That’s really rare and very special.”

  • Lights Poxleitner


Lights had a comic book variant of herself named “Captain Lights” composed by the Marvel artist, Tomm Coker for a series of webisodes.  The laser gun is inspired by those comics and she got it inked on her pelvic area.

  • Juliet Simms


Juliet Simms is an enormous supporter of The Beatles and has two tattoos of their songs. About this particular tattoo, she tells: “It says ‘Happiness is a Warm Gun,’ which is one my favorite Beatles songs. I know what it’s about [heroin] and I don’t do that, but it is one my favorite Beatles songs.” Adjoining the lyrics is a tiny shotgun.

  • Eva Marcille


Eva Marcille has a .38 mm gun holster tattoo on her left hip, inspired by the revolver that she owns. She says the gun tattoo is a representation of defending and shielding herself, both in life and later associations.

  • Hailey Baldwin


Hailey Baldwin has a tattoo of a gun on the interior of her right middle finger. “I don’t know why I have this tattoo, just another story to tell lol. It is what it is.”,  she wrote in an Instagram post.

  • Tommie Lee


Tommie Lee has a flowery layout and a machine gun tattoo on the side of her right hip.

  • Tila Tequila


Tila Tequila’s right arm tattoo contains a heart with wings with a music note in the center. Underneath it is two crossed guns.

  • Miranda Lambert


Miranda Lambert has a huge tattoo on her left forearm of two crossing rifles with wings. Miranda states that she got the tattoo to acknowledge her achievement as an artist, but that her dad despises it. “The only reason I regret it is because my dad was pissed,” she reveals. I love it, it’s kind of become my signature, it’s on everything I have, it’s my logo, it’s on all my backdrops–but my dad was upset. He’s kind of old school so he took it personally. But we’ve gotten past it.” She adapted the event into lyrics in her verse “Heart Like Mine,” when she sings, “Daddy cried when he saw my tattoo / Said he loved me anyway.” Of course, she acknowledges that she didn’t consider to ask first: “I got it when I was 22 on tour with George Strait. It’s the first thing I ever did without asking my parents. My dad didn’t speak to me for a week,” she tells.

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