Chad Mendes’ 3 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Chad Mendes is a retired American Mixed Martial Artist. Mendes has won the Fight of the Night award for his fight against Alexander Volkanovski on December 29, 2018, at UFC 232. He had lost this fight otherwise due to technical lockout in the second round and decided to take retirement from the sport. Chad Mendes bears few known tattoos on his body. Let us take a close look at all of them and try to understand their meanings.

Chad Mendes

1. ‘Tribal Design’ Tattoo

Chand Mendes Left Shoulder Tattoo

Tattoo: The left bicep and shoulder of Chad Mendes are covered in tribal ink showing floral designs.

2. ‘3 Leaf Clover Badge’ Tattoo

Chand Mendes Right Arm Bicep Tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of Chad Mendes’s right bicep contains a tattoo of a badge that contains a three-leaf flower in it which is considered as the flower of clover.

Meaning: The three-leaf clover represents The three leaves of a shamrock which are considered to be the symbol of faith, hope, and love. This three-leaf clover was also used by St. Patrick while converting the Irish into Christians where the holy trinity with each leaf represents the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

3. Star Tattoo

Chand Mendes Back Tattoo

Tattoo: The right side of Chad Mendes back contains a tattoo of a star that is inked in black and red color on it.

Meaning: The stars are used to illustrate the fight against darkness. Mendes explained: Star tattoo on his back is the symbolism of truth and spirituality which represents the divine relationship between him and God.

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