50 Amazing H Letter Tattoo Designs and Ideas

If you are thinking of getting a Letter “H” tattoo and wanting to get some inspiration then you will find the subsequent set of letter “H” tattoo ideas and templates very convenient to create your very own letter H tattoo all by yourself.

Letter “H” tattoo is viewed as an initial tattoo. Initial tattoos can display strong sensations and intense love and that is why several pairs and lovers get their spouses’ initials etched on themselves alternately of making an analogous tattoo. This tattoo is going to stay on your body for a long time, and so it better be worth it!

Initial tattoos are apparently one of the best tattoos in the small tattoo section. They are normally tiny and detailed but have an immense ability to communicate a lot of meanings. An initial tattoo is also a constant reminder of someone and something very valuable to you or someone close to your heart.

As for the placement area, the most common spot for Letter “H” tattoo is the wrist and can be composed in a mixture of various ways like consolidating with other figures like a love heart, skull, lotus, an infinity sign to express eternal love, flowers, angel wings, crowns, etc. or even can be paired with another letter.

Initial tattoos can be harnessed by both men and women. Usually, gender also plays a role in guessing what kind of tattoo do you actually want. For example, women adorn the letter with more feminine figures like flowers, butterflies, etc. and the guys on the other hand go for more masculine symbols like a crown, wings, etc. Cross and Lotus figures are more gender-neutral figures that are usually consolidated with characters.

Meaning of Letter H Tattoos

Some letters have implications besides their own phonetical realm. These combined definitions can vary over time or continue to have several suggestions for diverse people. For example, the letter A could stand for someone who is an academically thriving person, as an A grade, or it can also refer to an adulterous person, like The Scarlet Letter. An A could even imply political things like anarchy, a political belief, and social evolution.

The letter C could symbolize the leader of an athletic team or a mediocre pupil. These complex applications are determined by the kind of society they exist in and, as so, are completely conditional to that sociological perception to communicate their indicated meaning. The alphabet section of inks comprises an immense amount of quite diverse patterns.

At its most simplistic, an individual letter may be the complete tattoo. This could persist for someone’s last name, symbolizing their family name or even their ancestry. Seldom, this letter is elaborately executed and intricately drawn. This derives from a long idea of embellishment, discovered in northern European practices. Illuminated documents were recorded, usually religious in essence, that were enhanced to become exquisite works of art. The first letter of the section was authoritative and could be as big as an entire page.

Letter Tattoo or other alphabet tattoos may signify a particular person by applying the letters of their name, more specifically, their initials. This is normally more special and more distinct than a family name alphabet. Tattooing someone else’s initials can be a kind of celebration or recognition. It is a style to perpetually have that person with you even if it is in your mind.

These initials can be made in a variation of fonts or typefaces, which is the technique in which the characters of the alphabet are illustrated. This characteristic makes the letters seem distinctive but does not alter their original meaning. And finally, a person can even etch the whole alphabet as their tattoo design.

People who are literarily bent, like English majors, writers, reporters, and printers might hold a unique love of the English alphabet. Professors might also get a mark of the alphabet. Mastering the English alphabet, learning to write, and getting to read are all foundational to literacy and fundamental scholastic attainment.

Though several personalities know the characters and may even be intimate with its advancement and chronicle, others have a profound love for it and the English vocabulary. Because of this passion, an alphabet tattoo can be profoundly passionate and deeply corporeal body modification. The English, or Roman, the rudiments is only one of several applications throughout the world.

Ideas For Letter H Tattoo

The most common placement option for letter H tattoo is the wrist or arm. The letter H tattoo can be combined with different designs and elements to look unique. These elements can be unique to you or can be common like love, heart, a crown, a lotus, an infinity sign, some flowers, or even angel wings is a popular option. You can also combine two letters together. It can be worn by both men and women and is not gender-specific.

Although girls decorate their tattoos with more girly symbols, the boys keep it more bold and simple or simply combine it with other alphabets. However, you can customize it the way you want. There are more gender-neutral symbols that you can search out for like a cross or lotus. Letter H with the crown also looks pretty fantastic.

If you are thinking to get a Letter “H” tattoo and are on a search for some inspiration for your ink, then you must check out this collection of letter H tattoo designs that might be very helpful for you to have an idea of how you own tattoo could look like!

What are the best places to get a Letter H tattoo on your body?

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder blade
  • Behind the ear

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of Letter H Tattoo Designs

  • Fortunate Letter H Tattoo Design

Letter H Tattoos

This letter H tattoo deisgn is quite unique because it resembles a shamrock leaf with four little hearts coming together to form what looks like a letter H tattoo deisgn. Shamrock has a lot of significance and especially if you are Irish and religious. It is often associated with Irish culture.

While striving to transform the Irish into Christians, St. Patrick used the shamrock to teach the holy trilogy with each leaf symbolizing the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. The three blades of a shamrock are also supposed to stand for trust, support, and respect. A fourth leaf is where we get good luck and faith.
  • 3D Effect Letter H Tattoo Design

Letter H Tattoos

This bold letter H tattoo design is very strong in its vibe. It would surely be a more suitable option for a guy rather than for a girl. The wearer has made it on his wrists which is a good and diverse selection as opposed to the initial letter tattoos on wrist. However, with some more girly stuff, this tattoo can also be suited to the girl. I especially like the amazing 3D effect of this tattoo deisgn.

  • Royal Letter H Tattoo Design

Letter H Tattoos

This letter is pretty royal in its looks. It has a great font with a lot of strokes. It looks like something you might pick from an ancient book. You will have to have your research game strong when finding a letter H tattoo design because the font is everything here.

  • Royalty Letter H Tattoo Design

Letter H Tattoos

This deisgn is very beautiful and gives a very Greek vibe. It is also very royal because of the crown. The wearer has combined two kinds of alphabets here, the letter H and letter M which form the tattoo deisgn. The letters are surrounded by olive leaves which is a huge part of some religions and cultures.

The olive branch is a representation of love or achievement supposedly arising from the traditions of classical Greece, especially concerning prayer to both the gods and persons in power and is observed in most societies of the Mediterranean basin.
  • Letter H Tattoo Design on Wrist

Letter H Tattoos

A little bit of curve and designing is all you need in a letter H tattoo design. It is a great symbol to represent your love for someone. Many individuals also like to get their own name tattooed and this is a small and tiny representation of their names. So if you do not want a big tattoo, going with a small H letter tattoo deisgn is an awesome choice.

  • Letter H Tattoo Design with Flowers and Hearts

Letter H Tattoos

This H letter tattoo deisgn is surrounded by hearts and flowers. To be honest, in the first look, I actually thought that it is pretty Christmas-y because it is decorated in such a different way. However, the H letter tattoo deisgn is pretty simple here but the addition of these hearts and flowers has made all the difference.

  • Letter H Tattoo Design with Purple Heart on Foot

Letter H Tattoos

Many individuals also like to add a little heart with their H letter tattoo deisgn. It is one of the most common elements that has been added after the crown symbol. Some people also combine both the crown and the heart symbol. It is a great choice, nonetheless, to get a tattoo like this.

  • Letter H Tattoo Design on Ankle

  Letter H Tattoos        

This H letter tattoo deisgn is very feminine because not only does it have curves and lines, it is also a made at a place which is considered girly and is chosen by many girls as their tattoo placement ideas. Ankles are a great place to get a small tattoo deisgn which would represent their sense of being.

  • Henna Letter H Tattoo Design

Letter H Tattoos

While henna and tattoos are two completely different things, like, henna is less painful and temporary and tattoos are painful and permanent, they both serve as a great idea giver for each other. You can always take some inspiration from your henna design if you have any and use it for your tattoo design and vice versa.

  • Letter H and S Tattoo Design

Letter H Tattoos

Coupled alphabets are often one of the most popular choices when it comes to getting an alphabet tattoo designed for yourself. This H letter tattoo deisgn is pretty unique because it is clubbed with an alphabet S in a very unique way. It is a great idea if you are getting this kind of tattoo for someone you love and admire.

  • Letter H Tattoo Design With Crown

Letter H Tattoos

Crowns are always very royal and many people choose to get it etched wit their letter tattoo design. This H letter tattoo deisgn probably looks too royal and attractive because of the addition of the beautiful and intricate crown that has been added to this deisgn. It is a great tattoo deisgn for anyone and especially individuals who are seeking to get their own initial tattooed.

  • Letter H Tattoo Design with Heart

Letter H Tattoos

A simple H letter tattoo deisgn with a little heart, in the end, goes a long way. Some people love to get a simple tattoo and this H letter tattoo deisgn is pretty darn simple but at the same time looks very chic and attractive. The mix of bold and thin curves looks very cute together and make a great combination.

  • Letter H Tattoo Design with Red Heart

Letter H Tattoos

Similarly, this one is a pretty cute deisgn. Such small and subtle designs are mostly preferred by girls. Guys like a tougher look on themselves so they will most probably go for something which is much bolder and has other manly elements like a crown or probably anything related to nature.

  • Letter H Tattoo Design Inside Brain

Letter H Tattoos

This deisgn is pretty unique and you might not have seen it anywhere else. The point is, it totally depends on you how you want to deisgn your alphabet letter tattoo deisgn. You can find any quirks and can even make tattoos which makes no sense as long as you like them. This tattoo might not make sense for us right now, but it might for the person who is wearing it.

  • Letter H Tattoo Design with Colors

Letter H Tattoos

I really love the addition of little red ink inside this tattoo design. I think adding a splash of color always pays off especially when it is hot red like this one. If you want a black tattoo deisgn primarily, you can keep 95 percent of your tattoo in black ink but that 5 percent of color will definitely make a whole lot of difference.

  • Cute Couple Letter H Tattoo Design

Letter H Tattoos

This tattoo deisgn has a lot going on. Here, the H letter tattoo deisgn is coupled with another letter, which is I. Here I can have a lot of meaning which depends on individual to individual. I also like how a heart with little text has also been added. One can also not help but admire the cute little couple which stands there holding hands and a little pink heart amidst them. It is pretty cute.

  • Sober Letter H Tattoo Design

Letter H Tattoos

Some people do not like to color their hearts but some love to add colors and not just the traditional red one. They like to add any and every color. Some even add multiple colors and have a gradient effect in their design. It is a pretty cool way to add some fun to your tattoo because alphabet letter tattoos can be pretty monotonous sometimes.

  • Butterfly Letter H Tattoo Design

Letter H Tattoos

A butterfly, besides being beautiful and a very feminine symbol, can also have some more qualities to it. It can have a deeper meaning.

Butterflies are profound and compelling illustrations of life. Many societies connect the butterfly with our souls. The Christian faith sees the butterfly as a representation of renewal. Around the world, people observe the butterfly as symbolizing strength, innovation, optimism, and knowledge.
Thus it is not necessary that you have to keep your butterfly for decorative purposes. Now that you know the meaning of butterflies, you can very well tell it to people who ask you about your design!
  • Letter H Tattoo Design with Wings

Letter H Tattoos

Most people like to get a wing tattoo on their back so that it can give an effect of themselves have wings. Similarly, this wearer has also added a winged H letter tattoo deisgn on their back. I love the idea that a single wing is not all. He or she has also added a beautiful princess crown and a pretty little heart encompassing the H letter tattoo deisgn.

  • Letter H Tattoo Design on Back

Letter H Tattoos

This pretty little deisgn is very cute and is made on the back of the wearer. It is a great deisgn for someone who does not want anything too fancy but wants to keep it rather simple and chic. It is a cute deisgn overall.

  • Letter H Tattoo Design on Palm

Letter H Tattoos

Getting a henna pattern on the palm is pretty easy and very common, but getting a tattoo on your palm, not quite so. However, many people do get their palms tattooed too. So if you are looking for some unique placement ideas, this one is a great place to get yourself tattooed.

  • Letter H and K Tattoo Design

Letter H Tattoos

I love this concept of getting this beautifully shaded winged tattoo with the letters H and K. It is a great tattoo and is made on the wrist. The wrist is the most appropriate placement option for the tattoo deisgn because the tattoo is elongated. This H letter tattoo deisgn is coupled with another letter, K.

  • Letter H Tattoo Design With Star in Background

Letter H Tattoos

It is pretty necessary to have a great background or some elements to yoru tattoo deisgn when you think of keeping the primary symbol pretty simple. Here, the H letter tattoo deisgn is pretty simple. It is filled in with black ink without any kind of fancy font. Thus, the background having an outline of a star is pretty awesome.

  • Letter H Tattoo Design on Upper Chest

Letter H Tattoos

The upper part of the chest is quite a great placement option. Not only is it attractive but you can also show it off or cover it up at your own will. Covering the tattoo would totally depend on what kind of clothes you wear. So if you are thinking of going strapless, this H letter tattoo deisgn would surely add some glamor to yoru style.

  • Letter H Tattoo Design in a Cross

Letter H Tattoos

This cross tattoo deisgn is a great way to show your religious side combine with your personal style. Many people are extremely religious and are proud to show it. This beautiful cross across the back is a great idea to combine your H letter tattoo deisgn with. Cross is the main representative of the Christian religion, reviving the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the redeeming privileges of his Passion and death. The cross is, therefore, a symbol both of Christ himself and of the doctrine of Christians who follow this religion.

  • Letter H Tattoo Design with Crown

Letter H Tattoos

You do not need some twinkling jewels to adorn your H letter tattoo deisgn. A simple cross would look pretty amazing with this deisgn. You might or might not want to add some colors to it but the truth is told, it would look awesome with both kinds of designs.

  • Infinity Symbol Letter H Tattoo Design

Letter H Tattoos

Here, the H letter tattoo deisgn is very beautifully crafted and instead of being aligned with some other alphabet, it is connected with an infinity symbol. Although an infinity symbol is very friendly, it also has other connotations too. It has a lot of significance when it comes to having a great love life.

The infinity symbol, a number eight on its side, unpredictably implies the notion of limitlessness or eternity, particularly as used notationally in science and metaphorically with regard to love relationships.
  • Tiny Letter H Tattoo Design on Finger

Letter H Tattoos

Tiny tattoo symbols are very much in trend and by this tattoo example, you would know exactly why. Not only are they easier to hide but they also look very pretty and chic. Many celebs are also going the tiny way and are ditching big and huge tattoos to get smaller ones.

  • Infinity Letter H Tattoo Design on Neck

Letter H Tattoos

The nape of the neck is a great placement option for both girls and guys. However, guys would go for a much bolder pattern while the girls would love to have a subtle one. This deisgn is pretty subtle and more appropriate for girls but guys can surely pull it off too.

  • Letter H Tattoo Design on Neck

Letter H Tattoos

The deisgn of the tattoo means a lot but it is not the only thing that might be considered when searching for a tattoo deisgn. The right placement option must also be considered and so there should be a sense of uniformity between the kind of deisgn that you are selecting and the placement option you are going in for.

  • Triple Alphabets Letter H Tattoo Design

Letter H Tattoos

Isn’t going with two letters too mainstream? Definitely, this wearer has made herself clear that one does not have to go with what maximum people are doing and rather go with the flow. The wearer has added a third letter with her H letter tattoo design. The addition of M and L are quite great and they form a great coherence.

  • Letter H Tattoo Design with Star

Letter H Tattoos

Just like we above, this deisgn is pretty similar to a star background. However, the coloring patterns have been reversed in this one. The background is dark while the H letter only exists in outline. It is quite a great combination and a perfect idea if you want to keep it simple yet stylish.

  • Letter H Tattoo Design on Middle Finger

Letter H Tattoos

This is quite a beautiful deisgn because it does not only represents letter H tattoo design. In fact, this H letter tattoo deisgn looks like two fishes that are connected by a line in between them. It is a great couple tattoo to show your love to someone.

  • Letter H Tattoo Design on Ring Finger

Letter H Tattoos

Getting the initial on the finger is a great idea because not only does it makes everything look distinctive from others but such small tattoos have prominent perceptibility too when located on the finger. The wearer has chosen to place the letter H on the ring finger so apparently, it is for someone he or she adores.

  • Letter H Tattoo Design Cute

Letter H Tattoos

Ring fingers are great as a coupled tattoo. If you would want to get something like this, the reason ould be pretty apparent and that is because the ring finger is considered the finger of love and marriage. So you might as well surprise yoru spouse by getting his or her me etched on your ring finger.

  • Simple Letter H Tattoo Design

Letter H Tattoos

Ring fingers do have significance but some people also love to get their initial imprinted on other fingers too. Middle fingers, pinky fingers, pointer finger and thumbs, all are quite popular deisgn ideas when choosing a deisgn. It is a great H letter tattoo deisgn placement option for you to try!

  • Cute and Adorable Letter H Tattoo Design

Letter H Tattoos

You can further ditch the new trend of getting your tattoo on your finger and go old school and get it on your wrist. This side wrist tattoo deisgn looks extremely adorable and I love every part of it. This awesome H letter tattoo deisgn is accompanied by a heart design that is perfect.

  • Angel Wings Letter H Tattoo Design

Letter H Tattoos

Many people love to get angel wings as their element of choice when it comes to tattoo deisgn and this one right here looks perfectly cute. It is very subtle and would look rather amazing. You can also add some colors but quite honestly, it looks adorable just as it is. Angel wings are not just decorative but have other symbolic meanings to it.

The angel wing is very unique as it is a representation of angels who express strength, innocence, bravery, passion, harmony, and security. They present us with joy, faith, and confidence. It is thought that archangels dwell in heaven and it is said that everyone has a guardian angel of their own. Thus adding some wings with your H letter tattoo deisgn means that this person is your Guardian angel, or well, in fact, you can be your own guardian angel too.
  • Letter H Tattoo Design with Dove

Letter H Tattoos

Dove and other kinds of birds are also very popular choices when it comes to selecting a tattoo design. Here, the wearer has added their H letter tattoo designs with a beautiful Dove who is seen as knitting a heart which is very adorable. The dove is a representation of the soul’s freedom from its earth-bound duty. On land, they are personally informed of their background and manifest a highly refined sense of appearance. As beings of both the earth and the air, doves serve as relationships between spontaneous thought and collective reality.

  • Letter H Tattoo Design on Arm

Letter H Tattoos

This crown tattoo deisgn is very well placed on the wearer’s arm and looks pretty cute too.

  • Bold Letter H Tattoo Design

Letter H Tattoos

A bold letter is a great choice to be placed at places that have a bigger surface area. The wearer has selected H letter tattoo deisgn to be placed on his arm but you can also place such huge designs on your back, thighs, shoulders, and legs to cover up the bigger space.

  • Letter H Tattoo Design with Feather

Letter H Tattoos

Feathers are often associated with the delicate side of things and although many guys get this kind of design too, it is commonly more popular among girls. It is a great deisgn if you want something delicate and meaningful. It is pretty deisgn for someone who wants to keep things simple.

  • Letter H with K Tattoo Design

Letter H Tattoos

Combining letters is very easy and you can combine different kinds of alphabets with your H letter tattoo design to make it more meaningful. This H and K letter too deisgn has a cute little heart in between them.

  • Letter H and B Tattoo Design

Letter H Tattoos

It is quite a unique design and does not have a lot of curves and stuff. This font is very straightforward. It is a great choice if you have some sort of logo with a similar pattern or in fact, you can even create a very fancy looking logo out of it. Now this one hs really solved two purposes.

  • Letter H Tattoo Design On Side Wrist

Letter H Tattoos

The side of the wrist is one of the most common placement ideas for something as simple as a letter tattoo or a cute quote tattoo. It is a great placement option if you want a simple design as hands and arms are pretty visible placement options for you to select from.

  • Letter H Tattoo Design with Black Heart Outline

Letter H Tattoos

This letter H tattoo is very cute as it is ending with a cute little heart in the end. It is a great option for something small and sweet.

With this, we have come to an end of 50 awesome H letter tattoo designs that you can take inspiration from and create your own perfect tattoo design.

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