Hazel-E’s 12 Tattoos & Their Meanings

The 31 year aged, Hazel-E is an American actress, recording artist, and a television personality. She has acted in various webisodes as well as TV shows including The Marriage Tour, Empire, Strange Bedfellows, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Basketball Wives etc. She has been spotted with tattoos on her body which hold some kind of special status in her life. Read further to know about her body inks.

Hazel E Tattoos

1. Birds on Either Side of Shoulder

Hazel E Birds Tattoo

Hazel has inked a sparrow on both the sides of her shoulder. These birds are in yellow and green color. Birds are symbolic of freedom and this is the reason that she got it inked.

2. Stars And Dots on Foot 

Hazel E Stars Foot Tattoo

The lady has dual colored stars on her left foot. A series of dots encloses these stars.

3. Red Rose And Cross on Hand

Hazel E Rose Tattoo On Hand

Hazel has inked the upper side of her right hand with a red rose and a black colored cross symbol in between the petals.

4. Leopard Print on Shoulder

Hazel E Shoulder Leopard Print Tattoo

She has her left shoulder inked with a leopard print.

5. Heart Shape on Ankles

Hazel E Hearts Ankle Tattoo

There exists 3 hearts one below the other on both sides of her ankles.

6. Writing on The Side of Her Fingers

Hazel E Finger Tattoo

The American Actress has got the side of her right hand’s fingers inked with 3 messages, “Love Me, Fuck Me, Trust Me.”

7. Rosary, Heart And Treble Clef on Left Hand

Hazel E Rosary Tattoo

The upper side of her left hand has been tattooed with a bracelet of rosary beads in which there is a pendant of a red colored heart is hanging. There is a treble clef on the upper side of the middle finger.

8. Writing on The Forearm

Hazel E Writing Forearm Tattoo

The right side of the forearm is tattooed with a writing in a calligraphic fashion which reads, “Hazel’s Eyes.”

9. Colorful Butterfly on The Back

Hazel E Butterfly On Back Tattoo

A beautiful and a colorful butterfly is tattooed on the back of right shoulder.

10. French Writing on The Rib Cage

Hazel e Writing On Rib Cage Tattoo

A French message stating, “C’est la vie” has been inscribed on the left of the rib cage. It translates to “It Is Life.”

11. Writing on The Side of Forearm

Hazel E Arica Tattoo

Hazel has the left side of her forearm tattooed with a writing, “Arica Kane.” What amazes you to know that the letter “A” is actually in a pyramid shape and the letter “K” depicts the silhouette of a rifle.

12. Scratches on Shoulder

Hazel E Scratches Tattoo On Back

The right shoulder blade of the actress is tattooed with scratches.

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