Halsey’s 49 Tattoos & Their Meanings

“Without Me” singer, Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, popularly known as Halsey has won millions of hearts with her melodious voice. She has her own fashion line HALSEY CLOTHING and is considered one the most iconic fashion star in Hollywood. Halsey has debuted some interesting inks on her skin. Let’s take a tour of her tats.


1. Marlyn Manson Tattoo on her Torso

Halsey Marlyn Manson

Tattoo: Giant Marlyn Manson

Meaning: Halsey has tattoed her ribs with a giant Marlyn Manson tattoo. The Tattoo Artist, Celia Dunne ink the tattoo. “Absolutely obsessed, Manson by mega babe,” Halsey writes on her Instagram post. She then elaborated that she meant Marilyn Manson after some fans thought she was referring to the cult leader and murderer, Charles Manson.

2. ‘I’m a loser baby’ on her Neck

Halsey I m a loser baby

Tattoo: ‘I’m a loser baby

Meaning: Halsey has inked her neck with the phrase “I’m a loser baby.” The celebrity Tattooist, JonBoy has inked this tattoo. These are the lyrics from the song from the 90’s ‘Loser’ by Beck, and it seems that she is a big fan of Beck.

3. BRAT on her Right Forearm

Halsey brat tattoo

Tattoo: BRAT

Meaning: Halsey got her Right Forearm inked with the word, BRAT,  in bold cursive style in May 2107. In a chat with a fan, she said that this is what her parents used to call her during her teenage. Brat is a spoiled child and is usually a kind of disgrace, but she never took it in that way.

4. A knife with a belt over it on her Left Ankle

Halsey knife and belt tattoo

Tattoo: Knife with a belt

Meaning: Halsey got a tattoo of a knife with a belt around it on her right ankle. This tattoo is inked by Tattooist, Emily malice in September 2014.

5. Sins – Forgiveness Tattoo on her Right Upper Arm

Halsey sins and forgiveness tattoo

Tattoo: Sins and  Forgiveness with a Sign of Libra

Meaning: Halsey got her right upper arm inked with Sins and Forgiveness with her zodiac sign symbol, libra between them. In her Instagram post, she captioned the picture, “On my Libra scale I’m weighing sins and forgiveness.” This tattoo is done by the Artist, JonBoy in November 2018 and was designed by Lil Wayne.

6. Lower Legs with NIKE Shoes on her Left Upper Arm

Halsey air jordan tattoo

Tattoo: Lower Leg with Nike shoes

Meaning: Halsey has inked lower legs with Nike shoes on her inner side of her left arm. She wrote, “Chi-town / hybrid baby. as always, the lovely .” The sneakers are a fresh addition to Nike that bears a resemblance to an Air Jordan 1 in a white, black and red colorway. This is inked by the Tattoo Artist, Curt Montgomery in August 2018.

7. Queen of Diamonds near her Left Ear

Halsey Q and diamond tattoo

Tattoo: Queen of Diamonds

Meaning: Halsey got her face inked for the first time in red inks. She inked Q with the shape of the diamond below it. This tattoo is inked by the Tattoo Artist, Nal in June 2018. She wrote, “Headed straight for the castle, Nal, thanks for my first (and only hopefully lol) face tattoo ♦️♦️♦️♦️” on her Instagram post.

8. Kissing mouths on her Right Thigh

Halsey kissing mouth tattoo

Tattoo: Kissing Mouth

Meaning: Halsey inked an illustration of two lovers kissing on her right thigh. She got it inked by the Tattooist, Curt Montogomery in August 2016.

9. Four Elements on Right Thigh

Halsey four elements tattoo

Tattoo: Four Elements

Meaning: This upper thigh piece of Halsey is inspired by the French Novel- Le Petite Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. She wrote, “C’est le temps Que Tu as perdu pour ta rose qui rend ta rose importante – It is time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important” on her Instagram post.

10. XXX on her Right Hand

Halsey xxx tattoo

Tattoo: XXX

Meaning: Halsey got XXX inked near her right thumb. She said that her grandma used to write X’s to her and her two brothers. She has two brothers, and these three X’s define them all. She also wrote, “Now I m the human version of the parental advisory sticker.” on her Instagram post.

11. Face with EVERYTHING on her Left Forearm

Halsey face with everything tattoo

Tattoo: Face with EVERYTHING

Meaning: Halsey has inked a face with the word, Everything below it on her left upper arm.  “Everything” underneath in honor of Norwegian electronic musician Lido’s 2016 album Everything. Lido played an essential role in Halsey’s musical career, serving as the executive producer for her debut album Badlands.

12. Planet Mars on her Left Elbow

Halsey Mars tattoo

Tattoo: Mars

Meaning: Halsey got her back elbow inked with the planet Mars. She got a matching tattoo with her new friend she made during the warped tour. In an interview, she said that “I got Mars because I met a guy on my tour that I become a really good friend with and his birthday is half my birthday and I m Libra, so my ruling planet is Venus, and his ruling planet is Mars, which is exactly opposite. so it’s like opposite birthdays, opposite signs, and opposite personalities but we are really good friends, so he got Venus, and I got Mars.” The Hoodblurbs, Ink City North ink the tattoos.

13.  A pair of Dice on her Left Forearm

Halsey pair of dice tattoo

Tattoo: A pair of dice

Meaning: Halsey inked her left forearm with a pair of dice. She got a matching dice tattoo with Paul Klein from the band LANY on November 5, 2016. Halsey had joined LANY as a guest performer at their show in Minneapolis. In her tweet, she said that “Who in Minneapolis wants to come to tattoo me in my hotel room right now, Or wants to keep their shop open for me?” She went to Leviticus Tattoo where they gave her a pair of dice on her left forearm. Paul got the same design just below his elbow.

14. Horseshoe with a flower on her Right Shoulder

Halsey Horseshoe tattoo

Tattoo: Horsh shoe with flowers

Meaning: Halsey got a horseshoe with flowers upon it inked on her right shoulder. The Tattoo Artist, Joshua ink this tattoo. She wrote, ” Incredible, the best tattoo I’ve ever sat for and the coolest dude. Doesn’t even realize what a rockstar he is.” for the tattoo artist. She got it upside down which represents that she doesn’t need any luck because she works very hard.

15. Serendipity below her left Breast

Halsey serendipity tattoo

Tattoo: Serendipity

Meaning: Halsey got her lower side of her breast inked with the word serendipity. It represents the luck that she has had in both her personal and professional life. It is a matching tattoo with her mother that represents how fortunate they are to have each other. She captioned this tattoo as Happy Accident on her Instagram post. This tattoo is inked by the Tattooist, Flemington NJ July 2014.

16. Star War Mythosaur on her Right Elbow

Halsey mythosaur tattoo

Tattoo: Emblem from Mandalorians

Meaning: Halsey got her right elbow inked with the emblem of Mandalorians from star Wars. It is the face of the fictional creature mythosaur. She wrote, “I love Star Wars so much that it makes me emotional,” in her tweet.

17. Numeral 17 on her index and middle fingers of the right hand

Halsey 17 tattoo

Tattoo: 17

Meaning: Halsey got inked her index finger and middle finger with the numeral 17 with each number on each finger. 17 is her favorite number and also the title of her favorite Zac Efron’s body swap movie.

18. Double Rose on her Left Shoulder

Halsey double rose tattoo

Tattoo: Double Rose

Meaning: Halsey got her left shoulder inked with a Double Rose tattoo when she was 16 years old and was in high school. She wanted to color it but couldn’t because of the school rules. She tweeted, “I got my rose tattoo when I was a sophomore in high school.”

19. ‘Heaven in hiding’ on her Left Forearm

Halsey heaven in hiding tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Heaven in hiding’

Meaning: Halsey got her left forearm inked with the phrase, “heaven in hiding” in a slight slanting manner. These are the words taken from her Album named, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.

20. Match stick on her Right Forearm

Halsey matchstick tattoo

Tattoo: Matchstick

Meaning: Halsey got this matchstick tattoo on her right forearm with three of her fans in May 2015. Matchstick represents potential. In an interview, she explained that she picked the lucky fans randomly on Twitter. She relates to her fans, most of whom are around the same age as her, and wanted to give them something more than just a hang-out session.

21. Butterfly on her Left Forearm

Halsey butterfly tattoo

Tattoo: Butterfly

Meaning: Halsey has inked a Butterfly on her left forearm. It is believed to have some links with her album hopeless fountain kingdom, but instead, it is a complete and beautiful tattoo of a beautiful winged creature.

22. A scarf Band on her Left Wrist

Halsey scarf band tattoo

Tattoo: Band

Meaning:  Halsey has got a band tattoo inked on her left wrist. The band looks like a scarf tied on her wrist. This ink has covered her previous tattoo, the crazy kind, which was for her ex-boyfriend.

23. Numeral 511 on the Back of her Left Upper Arm

Halsey 511 tattoo

Tattoo: Numeral 511

Meaning: Halsey has got the back of her upper left arm inked with the numeral 511. This is the birthdate of her Younger brother, Sevian Frangipane, which is May 11th.

24. Jeans having a Playboy sign on Left Arm

Halsey playboy tattoo

Tattoo: Jeans with a sign of Playboy

Meaning: Halsey has inked a Playboy jeans tattoo on the back of her left upper arm. She got it inked when a fan criticized her for doing a Playboy photoshoot. To answer that man she inked this tattoo and addressed herself as a multidirectional woman. She tweeted,” Newsflash, women can be multidirectional.”

25. BABY on her Lower Waist

Halsey baby tattoo

Tattoo: BABY

Meaning:  Halsey has got her lower waist inked with the word BABY, in bold capital manner.

26. Nightmare on her Spine

Halsey nightmare tattoo


Meaning: Halsey got her spine inked with the word NIGHTMARE in capitals. She tweeted “Not sure how I ended up getting my neck AND spine tattooed  this month, but I guess life comes at u fast.”

27. OM on her Left Forearm

Halsey OM tattoo

Tattoo: OM

Meaning: Halsey has got an OM symbol on her left forearm. It is a Sanskrit symbol that is considered a sacred sound or the sound of the universe.

28. Music score on her left Upper Arm

Halsey music score tattoo

Tattoo: Music Score

Meaning: Halsey got a music sheet inked on the back of her left upper arm. They are the identifier of producer Lido. They can be heard as a signature in songs that he has produced, including some of Halsey’s music. These notes are well known from Being in Castle.

29. Hopeless on her Buttock

Halsey hopeless tattoo Halsey hopless on buttock tattoo


Meaning: Halsey got a HOPELESS tattoo inked on her buttock. This tattoo was inked along with the Kissing one. This tattoo is inked by the Tattoo Artist, Curt Montgomery in August 2016.

30. Anchor on her Right Feet

Halsey anchor tattoo

Tattoo: Anchor with the initials NCF of her Mom

Meaning: Halsey has got her right foot inked with the colored anchor with the initials NCF, those are the initials of her mother’s name, Nichole Chris Frangipane. This was the first tattoo she got on her skin when she was 16 years old.

31. Sword On her Right Thigh

Halsey dagger tattoo

Tattoo: Sword with numeral 13

Meaning: Halsey inked a colored Dagger on her right thigh with the numeral 13 in it. This is a tribute to her friend who passed away. She got this tattoo when she was 16 years old. this tattoo is inked in a tattoo shop in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, and 13 is for January 3, the day her friend died.

32. “These violent delights have violent ends” on her Right Forearm

Halsey writing tattoo on forearm

Tattoo: These violent delights have violent ends

Meaning: Halsey has got the phrase, “These violent delights have violent ends” inked on her right forearm in July 2014. This phrase was taken by Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. She got it on Venice Beach right after she signed her record deal.

33. FEROX on her thigh

Halsey ferox tattoo

Tattoo: FEROX

Meaning: Halsey has got her left thigh inked with the Latin word FEROX, which means courageous, wild, and spiritual. A friend of hers did this home tattoo in October 2012 with a sewing needle, Indian ink, and a lot of vodkas used as an antiseptic solution.

34. ‘Crazy Kind’ Tattoo on her Left Wrist (Covered)

Halsey crazy kind tattoo

Tattoo: Crazy Kind

Meaning: Halsey has inked the phrase “Crazy kind” from one of her ex-boyfriends. But after they parted ways apart, she got it covered with a band.

35. Tattoo on her shaved head

Hasley Head Tattoo

Meaning: Halsey got this tattoo inked in October 2020.

36. ‘929’ Tattoo


Tattoo: ‘929’ tattoo on her right hand.

Meaning: Halsey got this tattoo inked about her birthday, September 29, i.e. ‘929. She got this tattoo inked on August 11, 2019.

37. ‘POOR THING’ Tattoo

POOR THING-tattoo Halsey

Tattoo: ‘POOR THING’ tattoo on her right knee.

Meaning: In July 2019, she got the tattoo of two crossed band-aids with the wordings ‘POOR THING’ inked near her knee. In an interview, she said,

got my entire kneecap tattooed so now I’m officially not afraid of anything.”

38. Barbed Wire Tattoo

barbed wire tattoo-halsey

Tattoo: ‘Barbed Wire’ tattoo on her left wrist.

Meaning: After breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, G-Eazy, she got covered her previous ‘The Crazy Kind’ tattoo with the ‘Barbed Wire’ tattoo that represents a toxic and stressful relationship.

39. ‘Mythosaur-Star War’ Tattoo

left forearm of halsey

Tattoo: ‘Mythosaur-Star War’ tattoo on her left forearm.

Meaning: She got this tattoo inked in 2013 by the tattoo artist, Darci Munster.

40. ‘Upside-Down Horseshoe’ Tattoo

halsey-upside down-horseshoe-tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Upside-Down Horseshoe’ tattoo on her right arm.

Meaning: In September 2014, she got this tattoo inked by the tattoo artist, Joshua Marks. The tattoo of an ‘upside-down horseshoe’ represents that the good luck of the wearer usually falls out.

41. ‘ॐ’ Tattoo


Tattoo: ‘ॐ’ tattoo on her right forearm.

Meaning: ‘ॐ’ pronounced ‘Om’ is a divine word derived from the Hindu culture which is believed to bring positivity. This tattoo symbolizes good luck, divine powers, spiritual connection, wealth, good health, and peace.

42. ‘Bjenny Montero’ Tattoo

Halsey-Bjenny Montero-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Bjenny Montero’ tattoo on her right forearm.

Meaning: Bjenny Montero is the hero of the comic strips. The character is inked with the speech bubble, that says,


43. ‘Seeds’ Tattoo


Tattoo: ‘Seeds’ tattoo on her left foot.

Meaning: This is the matching tattoo that Halsey got inked with her boyfriend, Alev Aydin, by the tattoo artist, Amanda Owley in June 2020.

44. Ghost with Sad Face on Arm

Halsey ghost with sad face

She has an image of a ghost who has a sad face on her arm. The ink is done with black color and is pretty minimalistic.

45. New York Yankees Symbol on Arm

Halsey New York Yankee Symbol

She has a NY symbol that represents her love for the baseball team New York Yankees.

46. Spirited Away Tattoo on Upper Arm

Halsey Spirited Away Tattoo

During a New Year’s celebration, Halsey revealed a glimpse of their inner arm, which showcased a black-ink tattoo inspired by the 2001 animated movie “Spirited Away.”

47. Clover Tattoo on Lower Waist

Halsey Clover Tattoo

At the 2022 iHeartRadio Music Awards, Halsey unveiled a new tattoo of a four-leaf clover on their hip. It is not known when they had this particular design inked.

48. ‘Life’s a Mess 999’ on Hand

Halsey Life's a mess 999 tattoo

Halsey had a tattoo done in July 2020 to pay homage to the late rapper Juice Wrld, who passed away in December. The tattoo reads “Life’s a mess 999,” with “999” being Juice Wrld’s favorite number and “Life’s a Mess” the title of one of his songs.

49. Unknown Symbol on Thigh

Unknown symbol on thigh

She has an unknown symbol with black ink on her thigh.

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