Pisces Tattoos: 50+ Designs with Meanings, Ideas, Celebrities

Tattoos are a form of communication which represents who you are. They speak about you the things that probably you yourself can not blurt out. A tattoo is a second skin that outlines your inner being. Personality is not something that can be substituted by a tattoo, it can only be heightened. Therefore, not only do they boost our personality traits, they can even help us improve them. Some people have been known to get tattoos that typifies the traits they want to embody. Since time being, it has been in vogue to get inked based on the zodiac signs one belongs to. With the innovation at its peak, many have experimented with the layout of the sun signs. For any Piscian, hence, the two opposite facing fish,  representing the constant division of attention between fantasy and reality, becomes the foreground of their creation.


Pisces are born between February 20th and March 20th and belong to the Water element of the zodiac (along with Cancer and Scorpio). The fish is ruled by the planet Neptune, named after the Roman god of the sea, representing an illusion, imagination, creativity, and bewitchment. To get a notion of the typical Pisces personality attributes and prototypes, we need only to look at some of the most prominent fishes: Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Drew Barrymore. (All these chaps wear their heart on their sleeve!)

As a mutable sign, Pisces effortlessly acclimates to their surroundings. These visionary beings have unique access to the collective unconscious through their acumen and make incredible artisans and creatives. Kind and benign, they’re stimulated by shared experiences of music and romance.


You can choose amongst numerous fish designs you want to get inked in depending on your taste and style. One can even just get the fish scales done to give it an edge. Tattoo placement alternatives, for Pisceans, are likewise, a very great advantage. You can get the Pisces tattoo anywhere on the neck including the nape, along with the other parts like back, wrist, hands, arms, thighs, waist, abdomen, leg and even ribs. One can supplement it with multifarious shades of colors to enhance the look.


It is undoubtedly true that there is no limit to the variations in designs and patterns that one can conceive. As a matter of fact, it is totally up to the individual’s vision to get as much inventive as one can be. Creativity is never a barrier and in this case, the sky is the limit.

Pisces are known to be self-indulgent, inactive and sometimes also precarious. These tattoos can be used to depict that one has any of these features, or they assume that it is in them. Although to others this might not be a positive trait but to the one who got it inked, it can be a reminder to one of this vices so that they can work to subdue it. Pisces can also symbolize femininity since it is considered a feminine sign.

These tattoos can also be used as a religious symbol and to show that one is split into two directions. Fish has a strong nexus with several religions with the bond being strongest with Christianity. Therefore, this symbol can be used to portray one’s confidence in Christianity.

pisces tattoos


Placement Ideas

  • Upper Arm

The arm is a perfect location to have your Pisces symbol, especially for men. The upper arm is one of the most masculine parts of a man’s body and to make it even more charming, a beautiful Pisces image is what you need. The upper arm also makes it easy to show off your tattoo and hide it whenever you want to.

  • Wrist

The wrist is an excellent spot for any tattoo especially if you want a smaller one. What makes the wrist a great place for tattoos is the fact that no matter how small the image might be, it will still be noticeable.

  • Lower Back

The lower back is an amazing area for the tattoo; however, most people do not like experimenting with this part of their body. If you want your Pisces tattoo to look unique, the lower back, then, is definitely worth considering.

  • Leg

Imagine having two fish on your leg swimming in opposite directions. Besides looking exquisite, this image will tell a story, and will always give you a reason to smile when you look at it.

  • One Side Of The Back

Any tattoo will look fantastic when placed on the back. The back has a big area, however, and so one has to choose a precise location to get it inked.

Different Types & Designs

  • The Skeleton Effect

Skeleton Fish tattoo

  • A Work Of Art

This Pisces tattoo stands out from the rest not only because of its incredible design but also because of the profound symbolism. Out of the many things that koi-fish symbolizes, most people use it to show courage, immense willpower, and perseverance. For the people born under the Pisces sign, this tattoo can be used to show that they are proud of their genesis.

  • Zodiacs Are Time Defying

  • The Big And The Classic

  • The Colourful One

What makes these kinds of tattoos stand from the rest are the psychedelic colors used on it. These colors give the tattoo a bright and trendy look. For this tattoo, you can use a different color for each fish or you can give versatile colors to each of them

  • Two-In-One Dragon And Fish

Although this type of tattoo is impressive, what makes it more appealing is the macabre twist. If you are keen enough, you will discern that the lower fish in the image is entrapped by the fins of the upper fish. This shows the dominance of one fish over the other, and so you can use this symbol to mean a form of dominance.


  • Yin And Yang

This tattoo is simple and attractive in equal proportions. The tattoo consolidates the Yin-Yang sign and the Pisces symbol in a complete circle to create a whole. If you decide to have this design, you must make sure that the artist is skilled enough since the tattoo can be very tricky to draw.

  • Black And White, Hippie Style

The dark bold colors of the tribal tattoos make it stand out and give it a perfect symmetry. This is exactly why it is used in many prototypes of tattoos. The tribal Pisces is a unisex tattoo and so, it looks perfect on both men and women.

  • Larger Than Life Tattoo

  • Embedded In A Mandala

  • Amidst The Galaxy

  • Geometrically Piscean

  • A Little Sea-Horse Edge Over The Traditional Sign

  • Full Geometric Tattoo

  • Constellation Design

  • Traditional Zodiac Symbol

  • Spiritual Tattoo For The Pisces

  • Pisces Symbol With Calligraphy

  • One For Each Wrist

  • Ankle Pisces Tattoo

  • Joining The Dots

  • Depicting Neptune, The Sea God

  • Victorian Styled Tattoo

  • Blue Is The Warmest Color

  • Behind The Ear Pisces Tattoo

  • Fish Scales On The Feet

  • Elegant And Girly Tattoo On The Wrist

  • Keeping It Simple

  • Tattoo On The Backside Of The Arm

  • Half Classical, Half Geometrical Design

Celebrities With Pisces Tattoo

  • Rihanna

Rihanna tattoo

One of Rihanna’s first tattoos was the glyph of Pisces inked behind her right ear. It was done in Tokyo by a famous Brazilian artist along with the music notes on her foot, in 2006.

pisces tattoos

  • Ajiona Alexus

Pisces tattoo

Ajiona Alexus has a tattoo of the Pisces symbol behind her right ear which is almost identical to Rihanna’s.  Both women have Pisces as their zodiac sign.  Ajiona was born on March 16, 1996.

  • Kesha

Kesha tattoo

Kesha gets a watercolor tattoo with a skull and a red shark on May 7, 2017. The new ink art is on her right forearm and it was made by tattooist Walter Mcdonald.

  • Justin Bieber

Justin bieber koi fish

Justin Bieber’s koi fish tattoo is inked in black and white, like most of his other tattoos, and features a traditional koi fish with some pretty ornate detail. The koi fish is inked directly below Justin’s owl tattoo, and the head of the fish faces the singer’s “X” Christ tattoo.

  • Allison Green

Allisson Green tattoo

Allison Green started the work on her sleeve in June 2013 with a large tattoo on her forearm from artist Jared Wright. It is a Japanese style koi fish complete with splashing waves and cherry blossoms.

pisces tattoos


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