Jose Aldo’s Tattoo & its Meaning

José Aldo da Silva Oliveira Júnior is a Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist and the first UFC Featherweight Champion after the UFC/WEC merger. He was also named Sherdog’s 2009 Fighter of the Year. He is not a believer in getting a whole lot of tattoos, but, the one he has, he keeps on making additions to it as when he wins against his enemy in a fight.  Let us take a look at his tattoo and know about its meaning in detail.


1. ‘Tombstone With Skulls’ Tattoo

Jose Aldo Shoulder Tattoo

Tattoo: Jose Aldo has a very interesting ink of a tombstone with skulls around it tattooed on his left shoulder.

Meaning: The Ex-Featherweight UFC Champion has a pretty sick piece on his left shoulder which is a cross cum tombstone along with multiple skulls inked on its base. According to Jose, the skulls here represent the number of enemies he has ever beaten in fights. Not only this, but he also keeps on adding a skull as when he wins against his opponent in any fight. There also lies some words inked inside a banner that is tattooed on the base of the tombstone which is actually Jose Aldo’s name inked in Japanese letters.

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