Hardik Pandya’s 8 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Hardik Pandya, one of the most stylish Cricketers is the heartthrob for many girls. Hardik’s love for tattoos is not hidden as he sports some really cool body inks. Hardik’s charm is irresistible and his refreshing body inks add more to his irresistible charm.

1. Believe Tattoo

Hardik Pandya Believe Tattoo

Hardik Pandya Believe Tattoo

Hardik has a “Believe” tattoo inked on his left arm.

2. Tiger Tattoo

Hardik Pandya Tiger Tattoo

Among all of his tattoos on his body, this tiger tattoo is his favourite one. The tattoo represents the strength and courage to win.

3. Right Arm “never give up” Tattoo

Hardik Pandya Right Arm Tattoo

Hardik Pandya has an interesting tattoo of a fighter carrying a sword on the inner side of his right arm. Along with this tattoo a phrase saying “never give up” is also inked on his arm. This tattoo gives him constant motivation to fight and not to quit.

4. “LiVE TO SUCCEED OR DiE Trying” Tattoo

Hardik Pandya Left Arm Tattoo

Hardik Tattoos - live to succeed

The phrase, “Live to succeed or die trying” is inked on his left arm biceps.

5. Paw Tattoo on Neck (Right Side)

Hardik Tattoos - Dog Paws

Hardik is an avid dog lover, he showed his love for hid 2 dogs by getting their “paws” inked on his neck. There are four paws in the tattoo, two of them have the initials (A, B) of his 2 dogs- Aston Pandya and Bentley Pandya.

6. Peace Symbol on Neck (Left Side)

Hardik Pandya - Peace Tattoo

7. Time Defining Clock

Hardik Pandya - Clock Tattoo

Hardik has a clock inked on his left forearm which also locks his birth time in it.

8. Tattoo on Right Forearm

Hardik Tattoos - Right Forearm

Hardik Tattoos - Right Forearm tattoo

Hardik has an abstract tattoo inked on his right forearm, we were unable to crack the hidden meaning behind this tattoo.

Fake News Alert: Tattoo – “Hardik” in 16 Languages

Hardik Name Tattoo

A few news websites have reported that Hardik has a tattoo on his right forearm which has Hardik’s name inked in 16 different languages, this information is incorrect. It’s true that Hardik shared the photo of this tattoo on his Instagram stories but he shared it to show respect to one of his die-hard fans, Mugunthan who got this tattoo on his forearm.

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