Melissa Marie Green’s 26 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Popular as The Rock N Roll Barbie, Melissa Marie is the lead vocalist and DJ of Millionaires which was accidentally started by her and her sister Allison Marie Green. Apart from being a singer, she is a tattoo artist as well. Her love for tattoos has inspired her to get herself tatted with these body inks. Check out below to know about her body arts and their relevance to her.

Melissa Marie Green Tattoos

1. Diamond On Wrist

Melissa Marie Green Diamond On Wrist Tattoo

The right wrist of the pop singer is inked with a diamond of blue color. As diamonds are unbreakable thus they represent strength and invincibility.

2. “Always” on Inner Side of Palm

Melissa Marie Green Always On Palm Tattoo

The right side of Melissa’s palm is tattooed with a word “Always.” While explaining about her tattoo she said, “my new #handtattoo that you all spotted. #favoriteword. the meaning – fuck “promise” because everyone breaks promises. “always” is the real forever.”

3. Writing on Left Thigh

Melissa Marie Green Thigh Tattoo

She got her left thigh inscribed with a writing “I do what I want” which are the lyrics from the song “Party like a Millionaire.” This piece of writing describes what does life mean to her and how it should be lived.

4. Business Never Quits

Melissa Marie Green Business Never Quits Tattoo

Melissa has the back of her right shoulder inked with “Business Never Quits.” Her sister Allison even got this slogan tattooed on her foot.

5. Letters on Inside of Fingers

Melissa Marie Green Cash Only On Finger Tattoo

The inner side of the fingers of both the hands is inscribed with “Cash Only.”

6. Writing on Upper Foot

Melissa Marie Green Homesick Foot Tattoo

The upper side of her right foot is inked with the word “Homesick” in a regular cursive writing when her Millionaire band was on tour.

7. Writing on The Inside of Her Lips

Melissa Marie Green Inner Lips Tattoo

She got her first tattoo on the inner side of lips with “I ♥ $” which means she loves money.

8. Initials of Louis Vitton on Knuckles

Melissa Marie Green Louis Vitton Tattoo

She got her knuckles inked with the initials of Louis Vitton, LV which is a symbol of a luxury brand. And also, there is a heart and a letter A tattooed on her finger. Whats interesting about this tattoo is that her tattoo is written with ultraviolet ink and is visible only in UV light.

9. Writing on The Back of Thigh

Melissa Marie Green Dollar Sign On Thigh Tattoo

There exists a writing with “Dollar Signs” on the back of her thighs in cursive letters with quite a large font style.

10. Pair of Flamingos on Forearm

Melissa Marie Green Flamingos On Forearm Tattoo

She got a pair of pretty flamingos on her forearms. The cute flamingos are filled with peach color.

11. Li’l Heart Tattoo on Ring Finger

Melissa Marie Green Little Heart On Finger Tattoo

Melissa Marie green has got a red colored little heart on the inner side of her left hand’s ring finger. Her then boyfriend Oscar Wylde has even got this matching tattoo on the inner side of his ring finger.

12. Red Colored Flower on Forearm

Melissa Marie Red Flower On Arm Tattoo

Melissa got her a beautiful red colored flower with green leaves tattooed on the left side of her flamingo tattoo. She got this tattoo to fill up the empty space left on her right forearm.

13. Initials of Sister’s Name on Forearm

Melissa Marie Green AMG Tattoo

The outer side of Melissa’s right elbow is tattooed with the initial’s of her sister’s name Allison Maria Green. Well, what a sisterly act it is!

14. Writing on Fingers

Melissa Marie Green Make Money Tattoo

She got the sides of her left hand’s index and middle finger tattooed with the words “MAKE MONEY.”

15. A Glass of Martini with a Banner

Melissa Marie Green Martini Tattoo

A beautifully colored glass of Martini with a banner stating “Like Mother Like Daughter” is tattooed on the inside of her upper right arm. Both, the mother and daughter enjoy sipping martini together as she is very close to her mother and loves spending time with her.

16. “BO$$” Tattooed on Forearm

Melissa Marie Green Boss Tattoo

Melissa has a dollar symbol of green color tattooed on the right forearm with a banner wrapped around the symbol with a word “BO$$.”

17. “13 XOXO” on Wrist 

Melissa Marie Green 13 Wrist Tattoo

Melissa Marie Green got the hugs and kisses symbol “XOXO” and number “13” tattooed on her right wrist.

18. Heart Candies on Elbow 

Melissa Marie Green Heart Candies Tattoo

She got the pair of heart-shaped candies tattooed on her elbow of blue and pink color. The blue one has the initials “J.P.S.” for her then-boyfriend Joshua P Schlienz and the pink one with “XOXO” which is a symbol for hugs and kisses.

19. Queen From The Deck of Cards

Melissa Marie Green Queen Colored Tattoo

A queen from the deck of cards is being tattooed by Melissa on her right sleeve. Below the queen’s tattoo, a red colored rose is also inked on her sleeve.

20. Rose on The Side of Neck 

Melissa Marie Rose On Neck Tattoo

Melissa’s right side of the neck is tattooed with a red and pink colored rose with green colored leaves.

21. Dice Tattoos on Sleeve

Melissa Marie Green Dice On Arm Tattoo

She has 2 dice tattoos inked on her right sleeve placed between her flamingo tattoo and dollar sign tattoo. She has an immense love for the gambling city and therefore this might be one of the reasons why she got it inked on her body.

22. “$U$” Tattooed on Foot

Melissa Marie Green Suspect Tattoo On Foot

Melissa has this matching tattoo as that of her sister Allison Green on her foot. Her foot is inscribed with “$U$” which is used as a slang for “Suspect.” A suspect is a word that is often used to describe something doubtful.

23. “Gavin” Tattooed on Left Hand

Melissa Marie Green Gavin Tattoo

She got the inner side of her left hand tattooed with the name of her husband “Gavin.” Though the marriage of couple didn’t turned up well because of the domestic violence that she faced.

24. “Prima Donna” Tattooed on Stomach

Melissa Marie Green Prima Donna Stomach Tattoo

Melissa got two Latin words “Prima Donna” inked on her stomach. “Prima Donna” translates to First Lady performing in opera. She considers herself to be better than others while singing and therefore she has been criticised for her this act.

25. Hometown Beach with Banner on Elbow

Melissa Marie Green Home On Elbow Tattoo

She has tattooed her right elbow with her hometown in California which consists of beach, a palm tree, and a banner with a word “Home.”

26. “Daddy” Wrapped Around Heart 

Melissa Marie Green Daddy Tattoo

A red colored heart is wrapped in a banner with a word “Daddy” inked on the back of her right hand. 2 yellow flowers with black leaves are tattooed near the edges of the heart.

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