KL Rahul’s 5 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Kannur Lokesh Rahul, commonly known as KL Rahul has earned a massive fan following in a short span of time with his brilliant cricketing skills. KL Rahul reveals his love for tattoos with his several body inks. He said that he has, in turn, has drawn inspiration from Kholi’s style statements. He has admitted this that he is addicted to cool inks. Rahul says he is planning to extend his already impressive collection of various tattoos on his body.

KL Rahul

1. Lion King Tattoo

KL Rahul Lion King Tattoo

KL Rahul shares a close relationship with his pet dog Simba, so he got himself a tattoo of his “Lion King” on his back. Simba also has an Instagram handle of his own and has pics with captain Virat Kohli, his sister, and many others. “My body is my journal, and My tattoos are my story,” he had written once in an Instagram post.

2. Maori Tattoo

KL Rahul Maori Tattoo

He got a giant tattoo on his left arm that was extended at Kraayonz Tattoos in Bengaluru. This tattoo is a big tattoo covering his entire left arm properly. Deep Kundu, the tattoo artist who did the artwork, reveals, “He got a Maori design a year ago and this time around came to finish it. He says he preferred this design because it symbolizes positive energy, family, and strength, things that he derives his strength and drives from.”

3. Wrist Tattoo

KL Rahul Wrist Tattoo

He has his parent’s names tattooed on both wrists. Also, he has some interesting ink on his wrist.

4. Arm Tattoo

KL Rahul Arm Tattoo

Rahul also got a clock and a figure of a Spartan on the inner part of his arm. “He didn’t say what the clock denotes but in the Spartan, he sees a reflection of himself — the pitch is his battlefield and the place where his killer instincts kick in,” he reveals. Rahul’s tattoo took seven sittings of eight hours each to complete.

5. Shoulder Tattoo

KL Rahul Shoulder Tattoo

Rahul has got a cool tattoo on his shoulder. This tattoo might carry some meaning along with it.

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