Brittany Xavier’s 5 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Brittany, a fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger who was awarded the Breakthrough Fashion Blogger Of The Year honor by the 2015 Bloglovin’ Awards. She is the creator of the popular blog Thrifts and Threads that turned her love of fashion into a new career. She is a style Influencer who has built a community of more than 1 million followers by tapping into her passion. Being a fashion stylist, she is fond of tattoos too. She got her all tattoos inked by her favorite tattoo artist, JonBoy in NY. Let’s breakdown all her tattoos and their meanings.

Brittany Xavier

1. Roman Numerals on her Wrist

Brittany Xavier wrist tattoo

Tattoo: I X MMVII

Meaning: Brittany has the date 1.10.2007 inked in Roman Numerals on her wrist. It’s her daughter, Jaydn’s birthdate. It was the first tattoo she got down on her wrist.

2. Tiny Heart Tattoo on her Wrist

Brittany-Xavier Heart Tattoo

Tattoo: Heart

Meaning: During the same appointment of the previous tattoo, she got a small outline of a heart on her wrist, which is more on a whim. According to her Blog on tattoos, Brittany said that it would look cute with bracelets.

3. Joie De Vivre on her Forearm

Brittany Xavier elbow tattoo

Tattoo: Joie De Vivre

MeaningJoie de vivre is a French phrase often used to express “exuberant enjoyment of life.” This cursive phrase is in JonBoys’s handwriting. Again in her one of the blog she said that, “I’ve been to Paris so many times because of my job and every time I’m there- I always get this feeling that I’m so glad that Anthony (her Husband) and I started this business and are able to travel so often because of it, I wanted something to remind me to never take that for granted.”

4. Initials “JG” on her Left Wrist

Brittany-Xavier JG Tattoo

Tattoo: “JG”

Meaning: Brittany got these letters JG embedded on her skin which stands for her daughter’s name, JAYDEN GRACE. Grace is her middle name.

5. Rose with Three Leaves on her Left Forearm

Brittany Xaviers Rose Tattoo

Tattoo: Rose with Three leaves

Meaning: Brittany got inked her self with a beautiful Tattoo of rose and 3 leaves. In her personal blog, Thrifts And Threads, she told us that she always gravitates towards the accessories with three details, whether three stones in a necklace or a three-pointed design. She got this Rose specifically with Three Leaves because it reminds her of her little family and if they ever have another baby she’ll add a leaf to it.

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