Travis Cloke’s 4 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Travis Cloke, born in March 1987, is a retired professional Australian rules footballer who used to play in the Australian Football League (AFL) for the Collingwood Football Club and Western Bulldogs. Travis is known to have made a significant contribution to Western Bulldogs during the first four matches but succumbed to injuries resulting in his absence till round 9, and ultimately him, declaring a leave owing to his mental health issues. His further comeback was also short while. However, during all this, what cannot ever be ignored is his body tattoos. Let us analyze his tattoos and take a sneak peek at their hidden meanings.

Travis Cloke

“I have thought about the sleeves, but Mum keeps saying, ‘No, don’t touch the arms. You can cover up now’,

“The way I see it, I can’t see any of it now. I have got a few little ones with meanings and numbers and quotes — things that mean something to me and the writing on my back, which Cam has got as well.”

1. Back Tattoo-Angel Wings

Travis angel wings tattoo

Travis Strength Determination Belief tattoo

Tarvis back tattoo piece

Tattoo: Travis has got a massive back tattoo that includes angel wings and his favorite words, ‘Strength, Determination, Belief’, are inked on his lower back.

Angel Wings depict multiple meanings however, every second tattoo lover has different meanings for his personal ink. It can symbolize independence, optimism, and security. While for some others, it also acts as the memorial for a loved one who is no more alive-‘a guardian angel.

Angels or angel wings are an essential symbol of the Christian faith and show the person’s deep faith in God and remind themselves about their own holy and divine side.

2. Spartans Mask with Clock Tattoo

Travis leg piece

Travis clock tattoo

Travis foot face tattoo

Tattoo: Across his lower right leg, there is a tattoo of the Spartans Mask

The Spartans Helmet tattoo is the powerful symbol of authoritative nature, dominance, fight, courage, and determination. It is also considered the most iconic logo of ancient greek. On the other hand, the clock is used to mark the important memories and events of your life.

3. ‘Life is precious, worth the fight’ Tattoo

Travis foot tattoo

Tattoo: On his right ankle, Travis has got the tattoo of the words, “life is precious, worth the fight.”

The quote stands for the fact that Life is a precious gift rather than just a blessing and we should make the best of it. Every living creature in this world has a very precious life and an important reason for existing.

The reason has never been revealed by Travis behind this tattoo, but we believe this was a source of encouragement for him when his serious ankle injury caused a big break in his career.

4. ‘What We Do, Now Echoes in Eternity’ Tattoo

Travis upper back tattoo

Tattoo: On his upper back, there is a writing that says, ‘What We Do, Now Echoes in Eternity’.

The popular quote stands for the fact that when we die, the only thing we leave behind is our reputation. Every one of us should assess what we do on a daily basis, our efforts, expressions, dreams, aims, ideals, and intent. These are all the aspects by which we are remembered after our death.

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