Jessica Andrade’s 10 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Jessica Andrade is a famous Brazilian professional mixed martial artist. She is currently signed to the UFC and competes for the Women Flyweight Division. During her childhood days, Jessica used to play soccer and wanted to become a soccer player however, when she was offered to play in Sao Paulo, her parents forbade her to shift. Hereby, ultimately, owing to the judo classes in her school time, she joined jiu-jitsu. Jessica is passionate about her game. But, do you know that she is a big tattoo lover too?

You can see multiple tattoos on her body. Let us see what they are and the meanings they hold for her.

Jessica Andrade

1. Rose Tattoo

Jessica rose tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of her left bicep, Jessica has got a beautifully designed rose inked.

Meaning: Rose is the universal symbol of love and romance. It represents the young love, the love that keeps the couple intact and close to each other. Also, it is an important way to symbolize friendships and closest bonds. As per the Christian belief, Red rose and the five petals stand for the blood of Jesus Christ which he shed during his crucifixion.

2. ‘Mandala Flower’ Tattoo

Jessica shoulder design

Tattoo: Tribal Mandala flower is tattooed across the top side of Jessica’s right shoulder.

Meaning: Mandala is the symbol of spiritual importance for Buddhists. Its design is the incorporation of various symbols, designs, icons, which are typically aligned in the shape of a circle. It is believed to be the symbol of balance and eternity. Some people also get it inked as a symbol of protection for themselves.  The word Mandala itself stands for a ‘circle’ in the Sanskrit language. The Mandala flower is a combination of circular and flower symbolism and stands for feminism, empathy, love, passion, and hope.

3. Tribal Tattoo on Shoulder 

Jessica shoulder tattoo

Tattoo: On her right shoulder, she has got an intricate tribal design tattooed. The tattoo wraps around her bicep and also includes a tribal lotus on the inner side.

Meaning: Tribal tattoo is the symbol of protection, strength, and courage. It is the way to show your rich culture and heritage. Whereas, the tribal lotus is the way of rising above your temptation and becoming a better person. It symbolizes beauty and purity.

4. Tiger Eyes Tattoo

Jessica tiger eyes tattoo

Tattoo: Covering her left forearm is the beautiful tattoo of the tiger eyes. The tattoo has been given an intense look with the eyes that have been inked in blue.

Meaning: Tiger is the symbol of high spirit and strength. This tattoo is the symbol of determination, strength, and beauty. It represents the focus and the determination that the tiger owns and thus, the wearer seems to attain that in his personality too.

5. Tribal Arm Band Tattoo

Jessica tribal band tattoo

Tattoo: On her right bicep, there is a tribal band tattoo wrapped around her arm.

Meaning: Tribal armband symbolizes wisdom, strength, and the intellectual being. It is a common choice among tattoo lovers due to its relevance of being a protector and motivator.

6. ‘Amor Maior’ Tattoo

Jessica writing on arm

Tattoo: There is a short Spanish phrase along with a star tattoo on either side, tattooed on the inner side of Jessica’s left forearm.

Meaning:amor maior‘ means great love when translated into English. Star is the symbol of guidance and direction that keeps you on the right track in life.

7. Heart with a Rose Tattoo

Jessica heart tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of her right wrist, Jessica has got a small outlined heart inked. Inside the heart,  there is a small rose tattooed too.

Meaning: Heart is the symbol of love, romance, and the reason for the existence of any living being. Heart with a rose is the purest symbol of ‘young love’, romance, and affection.

8. ‘Red Indian’ Tattoo

Jessica left bicep tattoo

Tattoo: On her left shoulder, Jessica has got the face of the Red Indian lady inked with a headdress. It is the representation of the Native American girl.

‘PRVT’ Tattoos

Jessica Andrade has got few tattoos on her arms that say PRVT training. The one on her right inner arm says, ‘PRVT Girls’ along with red-colored bows on either side.  Then, there is another on her left forearm that also says, ‘PRVT’ in bold along with an outline of the map of the place from where she undertook her training. Then, there is another one on her right inner forearm, which is inked in red with the map of her training ground.

9. PRVT Tattoo on the right arm

Jessica PRVT GIRLS tattoo

10. PRVT Tattoo on the left arm

Jessica PRVT left arm tattoo

10. PRVT Tattoo with the flag on Right Inner Arm

Jessica PRVT Tattoo

12. Tattoo on Arm

Jessica arm tattoo

Tattoo: This unique beauty on her arm, right below her Red Indian Lady tattoo, is her shadowed tattoo. She got it done on Sep 9, 2019, and had revealed it via her Instagram handle. She had got this ink done from Rabiska Tattoo, Brazil.

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