Alessio Sakara’s 33 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Alessio Sakara, an Italian professional mixed martial artist, former professional boxer, and Sanshou kickboxer is known to have started with his boxing learning at the age of 11 years. Alessio is highly professional when it comes to boxing. He has competed for the UFC, Jungle Fight, Cage Warriors, and M-1 Global, etc. Alessio has got a huge number of tattoos on his body. Most of his body tattoos are related to his childhood culture, his home city, and historical in nature. Let us explore his tattoos and their meanings.

Alessio Sakara

That is when in 2000 I had just arrived in Brazil and, at that precise moment, the film “Gladiator” starring Russell Crowe was released in cinemas all over the world. Since I came from Italy everyone called me “Legionarius” and so I took the ball! (smiles) That same year I also had a passion for literature and for historical novels in particular. So I dedicated my whole body to Rome: to the ancient Roman empire and its epic.

1. Forearm Writing Tattoo

Tattoo: On his forearm, Sakara has got the words, “Senatus Populusque Romanus” tattooed.

“Before I went to America two months ago to train I was running in front of the Coliseum. I feel 2000 years of history there. I’m very Italian and I feel my style is that. Every time I’m in Rome my energy is there. Two thousand years ago there was the same energy when people fought in the Coliseum.”

“That’s why I have their words on my body, “Senatus Populusque Romans.”

2. Ropes on hands

Alessio ropes on hand

Tattoo: Sakara’s hands are inked with ropes on the top side of both his hands.

Meaning: Ropes are the symbol here to represent the practice in a Roman culture where ropes were soaked in olive oil before people wore them as wraps on their hands while getting ready for fighting and boxing. Alessio has a great attachment to the city of Rome and its history. He believes that when he fights for MMA people from the world see him and, he feels that he is representing his home city.

“I believe in my city, Rome. I believe in its history. When I saw my first mixed martial arts fight, it made me remember Pancrase and the Ancient Olympics,” he explained. “Every time I fight around the world people see my body and they remember my city too. I’m very proud of Rome and Italy and I’m very happy fighting in MMA.”

3. Back Tattoo

Tattoo: Alessio has got his complete back inked with the various tattoos that are the symbol of his connection with the city of Rome, Roman Culture, Roman Soldiers. On the top is the word, ‘LEGIONARIVS’.

Meaning: Alessio is known for his nickname Legionarius, a family nickname given to him due to their historical ties to the famous Roman Legions in the Egyptian city of Sakara. Thus, he wears its tattoo on the top of his back. The word means, Soldier in the Roman Empire. Alessio calls himself to be the warrior who is responsible for undertaking the risks and be confident enough to represent his country in his games.

“For this, I put the nickname Legionarus, which means a soldier in the Roman Empire. I am a soldier for Rome now — I fight around the world, I fight for Rome and for Italy.”

“Every tattoo I have has great significance. My history is in my tattoos. My name Sakara belongs to the Legionaries and can be traced back to the Roman Empire. On my back is Legionarius, Gladius, and the Empire of Rome. Each tattoo is in the Latin language. Respect, honor, and the throne.”

4. Neck Tattoo

Alessio neck Tattoo-

5. Roman Eagle Tattoo

Alessio chest eagle and eagle wings tattoo-

Tattoo: Across Sakara’s chest there is a huge tattoo of the Roman Eagle.

Meaning: Roman Eagle is the symbol of courage, strength, and the messenger of the highest Gods.

6. Chest Writing Tattoo

Alessio chest Tattoo-

Tattoo: Above his roman eagle tattoo, Alessio has got the words, ‘Usque Ad Finem’ inked.

Meaning: It is the Latin phrase that stands for “to the very end” in English It is used to represent the willingness and the willpower of the fighters in the battles to keep themselves going, probably till they die. Alessio said that this tattoo is his source of encouragement in his MMA’s fights and keep him motivated to keep fighting for his followers and supporters.

7. ‘Jesus Christ’ Tattoo

Alessio Arm portrait-

Tattoo: Sakar’s right bicep is inked with the portrait of Jesus Christ.

Meaning: Jesus Christ is the symbol of the fact that Alessio’s religious beliefs and faiths relate to Christianity.

8. ‘Warrior’ Tattoo

Alessio leg Tattoo

9. Lizard Tattoo

Alessio lizard Tattoo

Tattoo: On his right bicep there is a small lizard inked.

Meaning: Lizard is an important symbol in Ancient Roman Culture that denotes the rebirth after death. Additionally, it also is the symbol of devils and evils as per the Christian faith.

10. Neck Tattoo

Alessio neck dragon Alessio neck ink

11. Dog Tattoo

Sakara bear tattoo

Tattoo: towards the side of his right shoulder, Alessio has got the portrait of his dog, Saki, inked.

12. ‘Samurai’ Tattoo

Alessio roman soldier Tattoo

13. Wolf Tattoo

Alessio wolf Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a wolf inked on Alessio’s left bicep.

Meaning: Wolf is the symbol of courage, intelligence, and strength.

14. Writing on Arm

Alessio writing on bicep Alessio writing

15. Design on Bicep

Alessio arm design

16. Latin Writing on Back

Alessio lower back latin writing

Tattoo: On his lower back, Alessio has got another Latin writing that says, ‘MEMENTO ADVERE SEMPER’.

Meaning: Memento Audere Semper when translated into English means, ‘Remember, Always be bold’.

17. Hand Tattoo

Tattoo: Alessio’s hands have multiple phrases and acronyms inked such as ‘ROMA CAPUT MUNDI’ inked on his right hand which means Rome is the capital of the world and ‘ROME CITTA ETERNA’ inked on the left hand which means -Rome the eternal city. There are bundles of ropes inked along with a letter 8. On both of his hands, there is ‘SPQR’ tattooed. SPQR stands for (Senatus Populusque Romanus) which translates to ‘For the Senate and the People of Rome’.  This is another of Alessio’s’ tribute to his love for Rome and its history.

18. Roman Warrior Tattoo

Sakara back tattoo

19. Finger Tattoos

Sakara finger tattoo

20. Banner Writing

Sakara forearm tattoo

Tattoo: There is another banner inked on his left forearm which contains the words, ‘NIL DIFFICLE VOLENTI’.

Meaning: This is Latin writing which means ‘Nothing is difficult for those who are strong-willed’. Alessio has got multiple motivational phrases and this is another one.

21. Hand Tattoos

Sakara hand tattoos


22. Horse Warrior Tattoo

Sakara horses tattoo

23. Julius Ceasar Tattoo

Sakara Julius Ceasar Portrait

Tattoo: On Sakara’s right shoulder and chest there is a huge portrait of Julius Caesar along with the words, ‘ Veni Vidi Vici’.

Meaning: The Latin phrase stand for ​’I came, I saw, I conquered’. The dialogue was first used by Julius Caesar after winning a battle in Asia Minor.

24. Claw Tattoo

Sakara left bicep beast claw tattoo

25. Leg Tattoo

Sakara left leg tattoo

26. Chest Tattoo

Sakara left shoulder tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the left side of his chest, Alessio has a tattoo of the phrase, ‘Nulli Secundus’.

Meaning: Alessio got this slogan inked as inspiration from one of the famous sayings by Eleanor Roosevelt (historical first lady and wife of American President Franklin Delano0, in which she says that no one in the world can make us feel inferior without our consent. The phrase-‘Nulli Secundus’ means ‘second to none’ in English.

I always like to mention the lettering “Nulli Secundus” (“second to none”) that I show off on my chest. It is one of my first tattoos and recalls the famous phrase of Eleanor Roosevelt (historical first lady and wife of American President Franklin Delano. NDR): the one in which she says that no one in the world can make you feel inferior without your consent. A phrase so powerful, “Nulli Secundus”, that it is now considered a slogan

27. Roman Empire Tattoo

Sakara lower back tattoo

“I got tattooed the best things of Rome, so I can bring my hometown with me when I’m away for a long time,” explained Legionarius.

28. Neck Tattoo

Sakara neck tattoo

29. Portrait on Leg 

Sakara portrait on leg

Tattoo: On his left leg he has got the portrait of Rocco Francis Marchegiano inked. Rocco, an American professional boxer was the first-ever known boxer who finished his career undefeated.

30. Warrior on Arm Tattoo

Sakara right arm tattoo

31. Banner Writing Tattoo

Sakara writing on banner tattoo

32. Tribal Design on Arm

Sakara arm tribal tattoo

33. Portraits on Back 

Alessio portraits on back

Tattoo: There are two portraits inked on his back. The one on the left side of his back is of Julius Ceasar, a Roman general and statesman whose critical actions led to the demise of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire. The portrait on the right side is of Marco Aurelio (Roman emperor from 161 to 180).

 “I like Julius Caesar and Marcus Aurelius. Everything in Rome, every period is good for me. I like the Spartan culture too, very much … It is because my name Sakara is an old name in the Roman Empire, in the south.”

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