Monica Brown’s 10 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Monica Denise Brown who hails from Georgia is an American singer, songwriter, producer and an actress. She has few meaningful body inks on her body. According to her, tattoos are not just only the body inks but they hold significant meanings by the ones who get them inked on their body. Read on to know more about her tattoos.
Monica Brown Tatts

1. Initial Letter of Her Name on Wrist 

Monica Brown Initial Letter On Wrist Tattoo

The actress has inscribed a letter “m” on her right wrist. The letter “m” is for her first name “Monica.”

2. Jesus Face on Upper Arm

Monica Brown Jesus Tattoo

The upper left arm of Monica Brown is inked with a portrait of a Jesus. When interviewed about the body art she explained, “I feel connected to the Jesus. When I wake up in the morning, I want to see him being there…Even if I’m taking a shower I want to feel his presence.Permanent inking of Jesus Christ has strengthened her faith.”

3. Pairs of Red Coloured Heart Tattoos On Wrist

Monica Hearts Wrist Tattoo

The right wrist of the actress is inked with 2 pairs of red coloured heart tattoos.

4. Nape Tattoo

Monica Brown Nape Tattoo

The nape of Monica Brown is inscribed with a name “Edna” which is a Hebrew word for pleasure and a Chinese symbol in black colour.

5. Floral Design Tattoo on Lower Back

Monica Lower Back Tattoo

Monica Brown’s lower back is inked with a Floral design tattoo.

6. Writing And a Pair of Heart on Hand

Monica Brown Love And Heart1 Tattoo

The left hand of Monica Brown is inscribed with a word “Love” followed by a pair of red coloured heart.

7. Rose, Chain And Name of Sons Tattooed Above Ankle

Monica Rose Ankle Tattoo

The area above the left ankle of the actress is inked with a greyscale rose, a chain wrapped around her leg and the name of her sons inscribed on her leg.

8. Heart Inscribed on Wrist

Monica Heart Tattoo On Wrist

Monica Brown’s right hand’s wrist is inked with two red heart tattoos.

9. Flower And  Name on Thigh

Monica Brown Thigh Tattoo

The upper right thigh of the actress is tattooed with a red flower and green leaves along with the name of her son “Rodney.”

10. Hubby’s Name With a Heart on Wrist

Monica Brown Hubby Name On Wrist Tattoo1

The left wrist of Monica Brown is inked with the name of her hubby and an orange coloured heart. Well, it’s the sweetest gesture by a wife to a husband!

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