Monica Brown’s 20 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Monica Brown is an American singer who rose to fame in the 90s with albums, including The Boy Is Mine (1998), After the Storm (2003), The Makings of Me (2006), and Still Standing (2010). She is truly a trendsetter and has already inked a good collection of body art designs. According to her, tattoos are not just only the body inks but they hold significant meanings by the ones who get them inked on their body. Scroll down to see her tattoos and the meaning behind them.
Monica Brown Tatts

1. The Scorpion Queen

Monica Brown Scorpio Tattoo

Monica Brown Scorpio Sign Tattoo

Tattoo: Inked letter “m” on her right wrist.

Meaning: The tattoo represents the symbol of her zodiac sign “Scorpio.”

2. Jesus Christ Tattoo

Monica Brown Jesus Tattoo

Monica Brown Jesus Christ Potrait Tattoo

Tattoo: Inked Jesus Christ’s face with thorny vines around it on her upper left arm. She has had more than many modifications done to his tattoo. Initially, she had the word “knot” above Jesus Christ’s tattoo; as it was the nickname of her Ex-boyfriend, Jarvis Weems who committed suicide in 2000. A few years later, she covered the “knot” tattoo with 4 roses. She also covered it with tribal stripes, but later she inked a frame of thorny vines around it.

Meaning: According to her, “I feel connected to Jesus. When I wake up in the morning, I want to see him being there…Even if I’m taking a shower I want to feel his presence. Permanent inking of Jesus Christ has strengthened her faith.” She further added, “I would look at my arms, even when I showered, and I would get this level of strength that I couldn’t explain to other people,” she said. “I wear it proudly at this point now.”

3. Brother’s Name 

Monica Brown Brother Name Tattoo

Her younger brother’s name “Montez” inked just below her Jesus Christ tattoo on the upper left arm. Moreover, it’s also the middle same of her son, Romelo Montez Hill.

4. A Pair Of Double Hearts  

Monica Hearts Wrist Tattoo

Tattoo: A pair of red colored double hearts on her right wrist.

Meaning: This tattoo represents the connection that she has with her loved ones.

5. Hebrew+Chinese Tattoo

Monica Brown Nape Tattoo

Tattoo: The nape of Monica Brown is inscribed with the name “Edna” and in different languages.

Meaning: The Hebrew word “Edna” is written in English and Chinese, which means “pleasure.”

6. Floral Back

Monica Lower Back Tattoo

Tattoo: A floral design tattoo on her lower back.

Meaning: This tattoo represents love, hope, and beauty.

7. Love Tattoo

Monica Brown Love And Heart1 Tattoo

Monica Brown Love Word Tattoo

The word “Love” written on her left hand.

8. Rose & Chain Tattoo

Monica Rose Ankle Tattoo

Her left leg is inked with a greyscale rose and a chain wrapped around it.

9. Sons Name 

Monica Brown Sons Name Tattoo

The first name of her sons “Rodney Ramone Hill III” and “Romelo Montez Hill” inscribed on her left leg.

10. Praying Hands Tattoo

Monica Brown Praying Hands Tattoo On Leg

A tattoo of two praying hands on her left leg.

11. Flower Tattoo

Monica Brown Thigh Tattoo

She has a big tattoo of multicolored roses with leaves on her right thigh.

12. Son’s Name 

Monica Brown Sons Name On Thigh

Monica Brown Son Name On Thigh

Just below the flower tattoo on her right thigh, she has inked the name of her son “Rodney.”

13. Hubby’s Name 

Monica Brown Hubby Name On Wrist Tattoo1

Monica Brown Heart Keyhole Tattoo

Tattoo: The left wrist of Monica is inked with the name of her husband “Shannon” and a heart-shaped lock.

Meaning: The heart with a keyhole describes how her husband holds the key to her heart.

14. Daughter’s Portrait 

Monica Brown Daughter Potrait Tattoo

Her daughter Laiyah Shannon Brown’s portrait on her right bicep, who was born in September 2017. Monica inked this tattoo in January 2017, when Laiyah was 3 years old. This tattoo was inked by Luke Dyson at The Lab Tattoo in Miami.

15. Hubby’s Initials

The first letter of each word of her husband’s full name “Shannon Brown” on her right rib.

Monica Brown Husband Name Initials On Right Rib

16. Former Lover And Sons Name 

Monica Brown Right Shoulder Tattoo

She has inked the names of her two sons “Romelo” and “Rodney” and her Ex-fiance “Rocko” on her right shoulder.

17. Mama’s Photo

Monica Brown Mother Potrait Tattoo

Her mother’s portrait, her name “Marilyn,” and hearts around the portrait were inked on her right forearm. Monica inked this tattoo in the summers of 2017 when she was spending her holidays in Miami. She inked this tattoo from Luke Dyson at The Lab Tattoo. Originally posted to Instagram, Monica had explained that “This is one of my favorite pictures of my mother from 1982. She isn’t a body art person. She will surely tell me I’m nuts. LOL I’m overjoyed at the turn out!! Exactly like the pic. SHE really is EVERYTHING to me.”

18. Mama’s Name 

Monica Brown Mother Name Tattoo On Wrist

She has also inked her mother’s name “Marilyn” on her right wrist.

19. Back Of The Left Ear Tattoo

Monica Brown Daughter Name Tattoo

She has inked her daughter’s name “Laiyah” on the back of the left ear.

20. Back Of The Right Ear Tattoo

Monica Brown Right Ear Tattoo

She has inked the initials of a name and a pair of red colored hearts on the back of the right ear.

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