Jordan Burroughs’ 14 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Olympic champion as well as four-time world’s champion, Jordan Burroughs, is an American freestyle and former folkstyle wrestler. He has been a big force behind the reinstating of wrestling in Olympics. He contributed alot to the “Save Olympic Wrestling Movement” when he learned that IOC would be dropping wrestling from the Olympic events in 2020. He is known as the most decorated wrestler in the Olympics. He said that he is very passionate about tattoos. So, let’s have a closer look at his body art and passion.

Jordan Burroughs

1. “DREAM IT. DO IT.” on the Left Side of his Chest

Dream it Do it-Jordan Burroughs tattoos

Tattoo: “DREAM IT. DO IT.”

Meaning: Jordan got a phrase, “DREAM IT. DO IT.” inked on the left side of his chest. He got it inked in October 2011.

2. “US Flag Emanating from Olympic Rings” on his Left Upper Arm

Olympic tattoo-Jordan Burroughs

Tattoo: “US Flag Emerging from Olympic Rings”

Meaning: Just like other athletes, Jordan paid tribute to his nation by getting an iconic Olympic rings tattoo inscribed on his left triceps. The flag of America is shown emerging from the rings.

3. “BELIEVE” on the Right Side of his Chest

Believe-Jordan Burroughs tattoos

4. “Angel” on the Left Side of Chest

Angel-Jordan Burroughs tattoos

5. “GOLD” on his Left Upper Arm

GOLD-Jordan Burroughs Tattoos

7. “Celtic Cross and Rose” on his Right Ribcage

Celtic cross and roses -Jordan Burroughs tattooNikita-Jordan Burroughs tattoos

Tattoo: “Celtic Cross and Rose”

Meaning: Jordan got a large Celtic cross with a rose inked on his right ribs. This tattoo covers the older one which says, ‘Nikita’ with two hearts. However, Burroughs is a Christian and has lots of faith in Jesus Christ. He said,

A gold medal is always going to leave you empty. … There’s no other thing in life that’s more fulfilling than a relationship with Jesus Christ. Contentment is one of the biggest things I’ve learned, knowing that regardless of where you are in life, it’s all about being content with God’s provision.”

8. “Roman Numerals XII-XXII-LIX” on the Left side of Waist

Roman numerlas-Jordan Burroughs tattoos

Tattoo: “Roman Numerals- XII-XXII-LIX”

Meaning: Jordan got Roman numerals inked on the left side of his waist, which translates into “12-22-59.” It is the birthdate of his father, Leroy Burroughs.

9. “Baby Angel and Flying Doves” on his Left Shoulder

Baby angel and flying doves-Jordan Burroughs tattoos

10. “Initials JB with Wings” on his Back

Initials JB with wings-Jordan Burroughs tattoos

Jordan got the initials of his name, JB, with two wings on either side, inked on his spine.

11. “Momma’s Boy with a Rose” on the Right Side of his Waist

Mommas boy-Jordan Burroughs tattoos

12. “Love, Hope, Faith” on his Left Shoulder

Love hope faith-Jordan Burroughs tattoos

13. “Winged Man” on his Left Triceps

Winged Man-Jordan Burroughs tattoos

14. Unidentified Design on his Left Calf

unidentified tattoo on leg-Jordan Burroughs tattoos

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