Nathan Jones’ 17 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Nathan Jones is a famous former Australian rules footballer who used to play for the Melbourne Football Club in the Australian Football League. Nathan has served as the captain of Melbourne from 2014 until he stepped down at the end of the 2019 season. Just like many other footballer managers and players of the industry, Nathan also is also part of the tattoo lovers group, which is evident from his heavily tattooed body. Let us explore his tattoos and their meanings.

Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones’ Tattooed Body

Nathan tattooed arms

1. Butterfly Tattoo

Nathan butterfly tattoo

Tattoo: On the center of his chest, Nathan has got a very sleeky outlined design of a butterfly inked.

Meaning: The butterfly is considered to be an emblem of faith, transformation, and freedom for ages. Ideally, people get it to depict natural beauty, not forgetting the aspects of femininity and romantic love that are also assumed to be enhanced by this beautiful creation of God.

2. Hand Tattoo

Nathan hand tattoo

3. Left Hand Tattoo-Initial ‘J.’

Nathan hand tattoos

Tattoo: Near her left hand’s thumb, Nathan has got an italicized letter ‘J’ tattooed. J represents the initial of his wife, Jerri Jones.

4. Left Leg Tattoo-Sink Or Swim 

Nathan left leg tattoo

Tattoo: On the outer side of his left leg, Nathan has a tattoo of a mermaid along with the words, ‘SINK or SWIM.’

Mermaid tattoos are often assumed to be female preferred inks. However, they are designed to be more of masculine tattoos and thus, believed to be masculine. Sounds weird? It is a debatable topic.

They’re often somewhat bright and detailed to characterize the attractiveness and enigma of human characteristics. Sink or swim is meant to depict the hard work and the person’s will to dive through the hard times of life. This, in turn, signifies that the person’s hard work is what it takes to either succeed or drown while leading their life and making decisions directed towards a good future.

5. Right Leg Tattoo

Nathan leg tattoo

6. Sugar Skull and Owl Tattoo

Nathan owl and sugarskull tattoo

Tattoo: On his left calf muscle, Nathan has got an elaborate tattoo of s sugar skull headed by an owl.

Meaning: Owl is the symbol of transitions and a ray of light that shines bright as hope in the darkest times of life. This relates to the fact that owls are believed to be the embodiment of vision and hope. On the other hand, SKULLS are the depiction of the darkest affairs of the universe i.e., death, evil, and bad omens.

A Skull Owl Tattoo is worn to remember a loved one who is no more. As per ancient mythology, owls carried departed souls to the underworld, and thus, they hold spiritual connotations such as secret knowledge, deep discernment, realized in the darkness of the night, and the domain of the doomed.

7. Crying Virgin Mary Tattoo

Nathan portrait on arm tattoo

Tattoo: Across his left shoulder, Nathan has a tattoo of a crying lady with her hands folded in prayer, holding rosary beads. The lady in the picture is actually the representation of the Virgin Mary.

Meaning: The Virgin Mary tattoo is an illustration of absolute love and yearning in times of trouble. The tattoo is primarily the symbol of the fact that Nathan Jones is a Christian and holds deep faith in Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the power of prayers.

The Virgin Mary tattoo is also symbolic of the kind of mother/motherly love that we all wish for in our lives. The tattoo image is often chosen to console those looking for help from the heavens. The tattoo is a depiction of character traits like affection, compassion, love, and facilitating.

8. Portrait on Left Arm

Nathan portrait on left arm

Tattoo: There is another female portrait inked on the outer side of Nathan’s left forearm. The tattoo is speculated to be the portrait of his wife, Jerri Jones.

Nathan and Jerri got married in 2012 and have twins, a boy, and a girl, named Odie and Dove.

9. Portrait on Right Arm-His Grandfather’s Image

Nathan portrait tattoo

Nathan portrait on right arm tattoo

Tattoo: On his right forearm, there is a portrait of a young man, which is actually Nathan’s grandfather.

Nathan said that he has just to look down on his grandfather, George Jones, to keep himself going since he was the one who has ever had the most significant influence upon Nathan’s football career and achievements. He knew he would lose him one day, and this tattoo is his most significant attribute to his granddad.

“At the time I didn’t have anywhere near as many tattoos but it was just more as a tribute, just knowing at some stage in the pretty near future I was going to lose him and seeing as we couldn’t communicate verbally I wanted to show him how much he actually meant to me.

10. Portrait on Shoulder

Nathan shoulder tattoo

Nathan portrait on right bicep

11. Wolf Lady Tattoo

Nathan right leg tattoo

Tattoo: On the outer side of his right leg, Nathan wears another tattoo that shows a wild wolf woman, a face of women headed by a wolf face.

Meaning: A lady with a wolf headdress is the symbol of spiritual safeness, stability, devotion, and the real spirit of the wolf. Also, as per Native American Culture, the wolf is also believed as the spirit guide and also witnessed as a protector of souls in the afterlife

12. Roses and Writing Tattoo

Nathan roses and writing tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his right forearm, there is Spanish writing that includes the words, ‘presenciaviva.’ Also, the words are surrounded by roses on the sides.

Meaning: Spanish writing stands for ‘living presence’ when translated into English. The roses, on the other hand, symbolize love, affection, and a tribute of love for a loved one who is no more. This might be his dedication of love for his grandfather, whose portrait is inked on the same location.

“The day I showed him, he couldn’t speak at all and probably the last memory I have of a real key moment. You could just see him try and say what he wanted to say in his eyes and how much it meant to him. It was a pretty surreal moment for me.”

13. Sacred Heart Tattoo

Nathan sacred heart tattoo

Tattoo: On his upper left arm, we can see a small and not so prominent tattoo, which shows a sacred heart.

Meaning: Sacred Heart is one of the most honored symbols in the Christian Religion. As per the Christian beliefs, it is observed as the remembrance of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the sake of humankind and a tribute to his crucifixion. The flames around the heart reflect the love of Jesus, which is eternal and everlasting.

14. Ship tattoo-Left Leg

Nathan ship tattoo

Tattoo: On the corner of his left leg, siding his mermaid tattoo, is this magnificent ship which also carries the name ‘Reny George’ and ‘George Jones’.

Meaning: The ship represents new life journeys/commencements, good luck, a way of living life, leadership, fearlessness, and integrity.

The names depict Nathan’s grandparents’ names’.

Do you know?

Some people also get a ship to represent the troubled past times of their lives. Now we wonder, what’s Nathan’s idea behind his massive ship tattoo that exists on his left leg now.

15. Demons Tattoo

Nathan skulls on hand

Tattoo: Nathan wears the skull heads wrapped around his wrist across his right arm.

On May 6, 2018, at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia, this tattoo was seen for the first time in the match between St Kilda Saints and the Melbourne Demons.

Demons/Skull tattoos are the reflections of evil, bad, and also, to sometimes ward off the evil and negative aspects around you.

16. ‘JONES’ Tattoo-On Lower Back

Nathan surname tattoo

Tattoo: Across his lower back, Nathan has got his surname inked in the capitalized font: ‘JONES.

17. Writing On Chest

Nathan chest writing tattoo

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