Kaley Cuoco’s 3 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Kaley Christine Cuoco, popularly known as Kaley Cuoco is an American Producer and an Actress. Kaley has been seen in many TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory and Charmed. Cuoco has 3 tattoos as of yet. Let us see what they are and the meaning they hold.

Kaley Cuoco

1. ‘Roman Numerals and The Moth’ Tattoo

Kaley Cuoco Roman Numeral Back Tattoo


Tattoo: Kaley had the Roman numerals, “XII XXXI XIII” in rows inked on her back but later covered them up with the ink of a moth.

Meaning: The date ( “12-31-2013”) written in the Roman Numerals represents the day she got married to Ryan Sweeting. After they split, Kaley covered the numerals up with a large moth.

2. ‘Faith written in Chinese’ Tattoo

Kaley Cuoco Faith written in chinese Back Tattoo 1

Tattoo: Kaley has the Chinese symbol for Faith tattooed on her lower back. This was Kaley’s first tattoo which she got when she was 17.

3. ‘The Side’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Kaley has a mysterious tattoo hard to make out on the left side of her body.

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