Rasheed Wallace’s 5 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Rasheed Wallace gives his fashion statement with just about everything he wore, including his tattoos. Wallace’s body inks have special meanings to him. Every time, Rasheed hit the basketball courts, his body inks got showed off to his fans. Thereby, leaving the people to wonder about his artistic inkings. Have a look at his tattoos!

Rasheed Wallace Arm Tattoo

1. Sun Tattoo

Rasheed Wallace Sun Tattoo

Rasheed showed off his sun tattoo while hitting the basketball court. This tattoo is on his right arm depicts the Sun God from an ancient Mediterranean Empire.

2. Artistic Design

Rasheed Wallace Arm Tattoo

Rasheed has an artistic tattoo on his upper left arm.

3. Ancient Egypt Tattoo

Rasheed Wallace Tattoo

Rasheed has a tattoo inspired by ancient Egypt. He has got an elaborate tattoo on his upper right arm depicting an ancient Egyptian royal family. Wallace’s right arm is adorned with an homage to the Egyptian Gods Akhenaten, Nefertiti and their children below rays of the Sun. This body ink is quite meaningful to Rasheed.

4. Back Tattoo

Rasheed Wallace Back Tattoo

Rasheed Wallace has an interesting tattoo on his back. This body ink is huge, covering almost his entire back.

5. Forearm Tattoo

Rasheed Wallace Forearm Tattoo

Rasheed has got tattoos on his both forearms. The body inks surely have some hidden meanings for him.

a) Right Forearm Tattoo

Rasheed Wallace Forearm Tattoo 1

b) Left Forearm Tattoo

Rasheed Wallace Forearm Tattoo 2

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