Marcel Nguyen’s 10 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Porsche Brand Ambassador, Corporal in German Military, and Gymnast, Marcel Nguyen, became two times silver medalist in London Summer Olympic, 2012. He has achieved everything that probably every athlete dreams of; he created a new element at the parallel bars that has been named after him, “Nguyen,” which is officially registered and performed in Olympics. The most attractive gymnast also give motivational advice on how to deal with pressure situations and reaching big goals. He also has inscriptions etched on his dashing body, which he considered as “fresh air” in today’s sports. Let’s have an in-depth look into his meaningful inks.

Marcel Nguyen

1. “Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever” on his Chest

quote on chest- Marcel Nguyen tattoos

Tattoo: “Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever”

Meaning: Marcel got a quote, Pain is Temporary Pride is Forever, inked on his chest in a sloped style of handwriting. The saying refers to the fact that pain may last for an hour, a day or few years, but is temporary; will subside and replaced by pride and success. It is the most popular sports adage that has been followed since the 1980s.

2. “The Acropolis” on his Left Shoulder

Acropolis-Marcel Nguyen tattoos

Tattoo: Image of an “Acropolis”

Meaning: Nguyen, unlike other athletes having usual Olympic ring tattoos, he got a theme of the origin of Olympic inked on his sleeve. Acropolis of Athens is the fortified centre located on the rocky outcrop above Athens, Greece. It is the place where the first modern Olympic games took place in 1986.

3. “Nike- Greek Goddess of Victory” on his Left Forearm

Nike-Marcel Nguyen tattoos

Tattoo: “Nike”

Meaning: In Greek mythology, Nike was the Goddess of speed, victory, and strength. Also known as Winged Goddess, she was always picturized with wings. Ancient Greek worshipped Nike because they believed that she could make them ‘never to die’ and was able to grant them speed and strength, which is necessary to acquire victory in every field of life. Nguyen got this incredible piece inscribed on the front side of his left forearm.

4. “Ancient Greek Man Holding Olympic Torch” on his Left Upper Arm

Ancient greek man holding olympic flame-Marcel Nguyen tattoos

5. “Trophy Surrounded by Roses” on his Triceps

trophy- Marcel Nguyen tattoos

6. “An Old Walking Man” on his left Upper Arm

old walking man-Marcel Nguyen tattoos

7. Roman Numerals “VII-MMXII” on his Back

Roman date on back-Marcel Nguyen tattoos

Tattoo: “VII-MMXII”

Meaning: Nguyen got roman numeral, VII-MMXII, inked on his back, which translates into “7-2012.” It might be related to the London Summer Olympic 2012, which was started in the month of July. Nguyen won two silver medals after competing in the men artistic team all-around, individual all-around, and parallel bars. Moreover, the German team all-around finished at 7th place.

8. Roman Numeral “MXVI” on his Knuckles of the Left Hand

roman numerals in knuckles- Marcel Nguyen tattoos

9. “Woman’s Face with Leaf Wreath” on his Left Hand

face of women-Marcel Nguyen tattoos

10. “Tower Monument” on his Left Forearm

tower monument-Marcel Nguyen tattoos

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