Professor Green’s 12 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Stephen Paul Manderson, popularly known as Professional Green or Professor Green is an English singer, Songwriter, Actor, and a Rapper. The English rapper has many tattoos on his body, however, he has revealed only a few publicly.

Professor Green

1. ‘Red Rose’ Tattoo

Professor Green Rose Tattoo

Tattoo: On the back of the rapper’s neck is a tattoo of a red rose with the words, “Alive Till I’m Dead” written below the rose.

Meaning: Green got this tattoo in a tribute to his album named, “Alive Till I’m dead”. According to sources, he got this tattoo inked because his neck was stabbed by a broken bear bottle and he was lucky to survive it.

2. ‘Edie’ Tattoo

Professor Green Edie Tattoo

Tattoo: Green has a heart inked on his right bicep with the word, Edie written all across the heart.

Meaning: The singer got this tattoo as a tribute to his great grandmother, Edie, who he adored very much.

3. ‘PG’ Tattoo

Professor Green PG Tattoo

Tattoo: Pro Green has the letters PG inked on the right side of his neck.

Meaning: This ink represents the initials of his name, Professor Green, i.e PG.

4. ‘Lucky’ Tattoo


Tattoo: On the left side of Green’s neck is a tattoo that says,‘Lucky’.

Meaning: Green got this tattoo in a tribute to his book named Lucky in which he spoke about how he dealt with his mental health problems. In 2009 Professor Green was involved in a near-fatal attack when the bottle had nearly pierced through his neck tattoo when he was stabbed in the neck with a broken bottle.

5. ‘The Fine Line’ Tattoo

Professor-Green-FINE LINE Tattoo

Professor Green FINE LINE, CARE LESS Tattoo

Tattoo: The words, “FINE LINE” spell out when the rapper shows his fingers as each letter of the above-mentioned words is inked of each of Green’s fingers on his knuckles. Besides this, on the upper part of his fingers, he also has another ink which spells out, “CARE LESS”.

6. ‘The Grave and a Skeleton’ Tattoo

Professor Green Grave Tattoo

Tattoo: This is inked on Green’s left wrist and is one of the biggest inks on Green’s body which includes a skeleton wearing old glasses joining his hands, grinning with a cigarette in his mouth over a gravestone which says, “DAD”. Just above the gravestone, are the letters, ‘RIP’ inked.

Meaning: Professor Green got this tattoo in a tribute to his late father in his memory.

7. ‘The Crying Angel’ Tattoo

Professor_Green Crying Angel Tattoo

Tattoo: This tattoo on rapper’s body is a crying angel on his left shoulder sitting in the moonlight beneath a tree which goes around to the inside which says, “The Best Of Intentions”.

8. ‘Faith and Fury’ Tattoo

Professor Green Faith Fury Tattoo 1 1

Tattoo: Another big one of Green’s tattoos are the words, “Faith & Fury“ written across his chest with some designs.

Meaning: The words simply make us understand the rapper’s character. Faith and Fury go together and it shows both good and bad in his character.

9. ‘The Compass’ Tattoo

Professor Green Compass Tattoo

Tattoo: On the upper right arm, Green has the tattoo of a compass with the North and South swapped.

Meaning: The singer explained the tattoo saying he knows he has direction in life but the inverted North and South poles represent how he has taken an orthodox route in his life.

10. ‘The Heartless Bastard’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The right wrist of Professor Green includes an ink which says The Heartless Bastard.

11. ‘The Roses’ Tattoo

Professor Green Roses Tattoo

Tattoo: There is another ink on Green’s body on his lower left arm. The tattoo is two roses sticks joined tail to tail with some words written inside it.

12. ‘Domed Leaves’ Tattoo

Professor Green Head Tattoo

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