Kate Del Castillo’s 7 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Kate del Castillo Negrete Trillo is a Mexican actress. She became famous from her lead role in Telenovela Muchachitas for Television in 1991 with which she continued to follow her career in film and television in Latin America. In 2011, Del Castillo earned recognition in the United States for playing the lead role in La Reina del Sur. Del Castillo has about 7 known inks on her body, let us discover their meanings here.

Kate del Castillo

1. ‘Crisscross’ Tattoo

Kate-Del-Castillo Crisscross Tattoo

Tattoo: Kate del Castillo has a tattoo of criss-cross symbol on the middle finger of her left hand.

Meaning: The symbol ᛝ signifies the god of fertility. The symbol belongs to Runes that are the letters in a set of related alphabets known as runic alphabets. They were used to write various Germanic languages before the adoption of the Latin alphabet.

2. ‘Tribal ink’ Tattoo

Kate Bellybutton Tattoo

Tattoo: Kate Del Castillo has a tribal design tattoo below her belly button, which looks kind of like a comet or half of a ying-yang symbol is her most famous ink

3. ‘π’ Tattoo

Kate-Del-Castillo Back-Tattoo

Tattoo: Del Castillo has a tattoo of a Greek letter “pi” symbol on the back of her left- shoulder.

Meaning: This tattoo symbolizes her love for math and really long numbers.

4. ‘Chinese’ Tattoo

Kate Del Chinese Tattoo

Tattoo: Kate Del Castillo has a kanji symbol and the words “here now” inked on her left side.

5. ‘The Arrow’ Tattoo

Kate Del Arrow Tattoo

Tattoo: Kate Del Castillo has an arrow tattoo on her left bicep.

6. ‘Writing’ Tattoo

Kate Del Love Live Tattoo

Tattoo: Kate Del Castillo has two inks on her left fingers with the words “love” and “live”.

7. ‘Arabic symbol’ Tattoo

Kate Del Arabic Tattoo

Tattoo: Kate Del Castillo has an Arabic script tattoo on her foot which means “freedom”.

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