30+Amazing Akita Tattoos with Meanings

Akita’s are snowy large breed dogs that originated from the mountains region of Japan. These dogs are very loyal, devoted, and protective towards their owners. They represent trust, honesty, courage, happiness, friendship, affection, dignity, love, patience, and sensitivity. These are the most common reasons why people like to get themselves inked with akita tattoos. There is an endless list of different types of akita tattoos with their respective meanings and explanations. Here, in this article, you will know different akita tattoos and their meanings.

Skeleton Radiant Color Akita Tattoo

Meanings: In this tattoo, the radiant colors are used to give is it a bright gleaming effect and look like a scanner. It also signifies strength, courage, and loyalty.

  • ‘Akita with Butterfly’ Tattoo

'Akita with Butterfly' Tattoo

Meanings: This tattoo symbolizes grace, beauty, purity, dignity, happiness, new beginnings, courage, strength, loyalty, trust, clarity, mention, and love.

  • Outlined Akita Tattoo

Outlined Akita Tattoo

Meanings: It is a simple outlined tattoo which, represents determination, loyalty, honesty, acceptance, trust, care, balance, care, love, strength, intelligence, stability, freedom, and dignity.

  • Polaroid Akita Tattoo

Polaroid Akita Tattoo

Meanings: Polaroid photos are taken from small cameras which can be developed in a few minutes. This tattoo describes the nature of the wearer who might love his/her pet unconditionally. It also signifies loyalty, honesty, trust, care, balance, care, love, emotions, connection, and protection.

  • Cosmic Akita tattoo

Cosmic Akita tattoo

Meanings: It represents endless possibilities, divine powers, and spiritual growth. It also describes the wearer’s nature who might be hardworking and determined towards his/her goals.

  • ‘Akita with the Girl’ Tattoo

'Akita with the Girl' Tattoo

Meanings: In this tattoo, the girl seems to be the owner of the akita dog. It represents the bond, attachment, love, care, emotions, care, and protection.  It also highlights the nature of the wearer who has an emotional connection with her pet.

  • ‘Akita wearing Spacesuit’ Tattoo

'Akita wearing Spacesuit' Tattoo

Meanings: The tattoo signifies fun, enjoyment, wisdom, determination, loyalty, honesty, acceptance, trust, care, balance, care, love, strength, intelligence, and stability.

  • Akita Samurai Tattoo

Akita Samurai Tattoo

Meanings: According to the Japanese culture, this tattoo symbolizes strength, courage, bravery, honor, power, and warrior. It also depicts the wearer’s nature who likes to fight his/her battles of life and has the ability to achieve things.

  • ‘Akita with the Hat’ Tattoo

'Akita with the Hat' Tattoo

Meanings: It signifies fun, entertainment, fashion, playfulness, balance, care, love, strength, intelligence, stability, freedom, and dignity.

  • Origami Akita Tattoo

Origami Akita Tattoo

Meanings: The skill of folding colorful papers into attractive shapes is known as origami. This style of art is used to improve hand coordination, thinking abilities, etc., all around the world. It signifies determination, loyalty, honesty, acceptance, trust, and creativity.

  • ‘Akita with Cherry Blossom’ Tattoo

'Akita with Cherry Blossom' Tattoo

Meanings: The tattoo signifies love, beauty, delicacy, passion, renewal, spring season, abundance, grace, purity, and it also represents the fact that everything is short-lived.

  • ‘Akita with Dreamcatcher’ Tattoo

'Akita with Dreamcatcher' Tattoo

Meanings: In this tattoo, the akita is seen with a dreamcatcher that signifies dreams, visions, purity, miracles, magic, good luck, new beginnings, growth, an abundance of wealth, and positivity.

  • Mandala Akita Tattoo

Mandala Akita Tattoo

Meanings: The word ‘Mandala’ in Sanskrit means ‘circle.’ Mandala tattoo is very popular in the world due to its geometrical shapes and patterns. It has a great significance in many cultures like Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, etc. This tattoo also symbolizes spiritual growth, balance, harmony, positivity, and rebirth.

  • Half Geometrical Akita Tattoo

Half Geometrical Akita Tattoo

Meanings: Generally, the geometrical tattoos are formed in different shapes like square, triangle, rectangle, etc., which signifies balance, stability, fertility, mystery, and puzzles. This tattoo symbolizes loyalty, wealth, rebirth, and protection.

  • Shaded Akita Tattoo

Shaded Akita Tattoo

Meanings: If you like dark and shaded types of tattoos then this one is best for you. It represents creativity, determination, loyalty, honesty, balance, and dignity.

  • Past Remembrance Akita Tattoo

Past Remembrance Akita Tattoo

Meanings: Such tattoos are a way to cherish or remember good old times which has occurred in the wearer’s life.

  • Akita-Horse Tattoo

Akita-Horse Tattoo

Meanings: This tattoo includes a half horse and half akita tattoo that highlights the nature of the wearer who might want to inculcate the qualities of horse and akita or might have them as a pet. It also represents power, strength, bravery, hard work, reliability, faith, and focus.

  •  High Five Akira Tattoo

High Five Akira Tattoo

Meanings: In this tattoo, the akita is doing a high five gesture that symbolizes friendliness, bond, attachment, family, affection, love, happiness, and protection. It also indicates the nature of the wearer who might want to capture such beautiful moments for a lifetime as a tattoo.

  • Realistic Akita Tattoo

Realistic Akita Tattoo

Meanings: Realistic tattoos are the type of artwork that looks like a real object. It also tells the nature of the wearer who might be fond of real types of things.

  • Japanese Style Akita Tattoo

Japanese Style Akita Tattoo

Meanings: This Japanese style akita tattoo represents royalty, spirituality, truth, happiness, good luck, protection, intuition, loyalty, bravery, power, strength, and courage.

  • Tribal Akita Tattoo

Tribal Akita Tattoo

Meanings: Tribal tattoos is popular since ancient times as it signifies heritage, tribal trust, loyalty, strength, spiritual guidance, spiritual awakening, and justice. It also symbolizes good fortune, prosperity, wealth, and happiness.

  • Sketched Akita Tattoo

Sketched Akita Tattoo

Meanings: It is a detailed tattoo consisting of different strokes, lines, and shading that signifies faith, imagination, creativity, perseverance, and patience.

  • Pattern Styled Akita Tattoo

Pattern Styled Akita Tattoo

Meanings: This tattoo includes various patterns and shapes that represent creativity, courage, determination, loyalty, honesty, acceptance, balance, and strength.

  • Black Inked Akita Tattoo

Black Inked Akita Tattoo

Meanings: Black inked tattoos are very famous and trend. The color itself symbolizes strength, courage, bravery, power, intuition, insight, and protection.

  • ‘Akita wearing a Red Bow’ Tattoo

'Akita wearing a Red Bow' Tattoo

Meanings: This tattoo symbolizes faith, courage, happiness, bravery, patience, affection, joy, perseverance, dignity, loyalty, good luck, and protection.

  • Dot Work Akita Tattoo

Dot Work Akita Tattoo

Meanings: These tattoos are made of small needles that include different small and thick dots. It also signifies creativity, affection, insight, and intuition.

  • ‘An Angel Akita’ Tattoo

'An Angel Akita' Tattoo

Meanings: In this tattoo, the akita is seen with a floral tiara and wings which represent guidance, spirituality, perseverance, happiness, new beginnings, tenderness, joy, intuitions, purity, miracles, and good luck. Angels are called the ‘helping hands’ and ‘messenger of god’ who lead you to the right part and do good deeds.

  • Sticker Style Akita Tattoo

Sticker Style Akita Tattoo

Meanings: The tattoo represents creativity, imagination, patience, and sensitivity.

  • Akita Couple Tattoo

Akita Couple Tattoo

Meanings: It is a cartoon-based akita couple tattoo that represents love, happiness, protection, truth, affection, joy, care, attachments, bonds, feelings, and emotions. Getting such couple tattoos is the best idea to express your love to your loved ones.

  •  Animated Akita Tattoo

Animated Akita Tattoo

Meanings: This is a funny animated akita tattoo that is enhanced gracefully. It represents creativity, newness, joy, and imagination.

  • 3D Akita Tattoo

3D Akita Tattoo

Meanings: The 3-dimensional tattoos are mainly inked to appear the image like real and visual object. It also indicates the nature of the wearer who might have unconditional love for his/her pet.

  • Watercolor Akita Tattoo

Watercolor Akita Tattoo

Meanings: Watercolor tattoos are different from the other regular tattoo. The paint color technology is used to ink these tattoos which are very trendy throughout the world.


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