Keyshia Cole’s 9 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Keyshia M. Cole is an American Actress, Producer, Songwriter, and a Singer. Her first studio album, “The Way It Is” took less than 30 weeks to be declared Platinum and stayed at top of the charts for over a year. But besides being a music sensation, Cole is also fond of tattoos. Let us take a look at the inks she has and the meanings behind them.


1. ‘Have Faith’ Tattoo


Tattoo: There are a small heart and the words, “Have Faith” tattoo below her right ear on her neck.

2. ‘KC and The Crown’Tattoo

Keyshia Cole KC and Crown Tattoo

Tattoo: The left hand of the singer is covered in the letters KC and her hand contains the tattoo of a crown surrounded by two hearts.

Meaning: KC stands for her name, Keyshia Cole.

3. ‘Heart’ Tattoo

Keyshia Heart Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tiny tattoo of a heart on Cole’s right hand.

4. ‘Daniel Jr.’ Tattoo

Keyshia Daniel JR Tattoo

Tattoo: The singer’s left forearm has the name, Daniel Jr inked on it along with hearts and a rose flower.

Meaning: Cole got this tattoo in honor of her son, Daniel Gibson Jr.

5. ‘Mystery’ Tattoo

Keyshia Mysterious Tattoo-

Tattoo: The singer’s belly contains a tattoo design which she has never fully revealed.

6. ‘Cross and Rosary’ Tattoo

Keyshia Cross and Rosary Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a string of beads which joins the rose tattoo of her left wrist and a cross on her left thumb.

7. ‘Butterfly with words’ Tattoo

Keyshia Cole Left Collar Tattoo

Tattoo: Cole’s left shoulder contains a tattoo of a butterfly along with stars and words, Truly Blessed inked on it.

Meaning: Cole got this butterfly tattoo to honor her beauty and to reflect how pretty she is, whereas the stars represent her lifestyle.

8. ‘Heart and the Stake’ Tattoo


Tattoo: The upper right arm of the singer has a tattoo of a stake piercing a heart and spilling drops of blood.

Meaning: The tattoo symbolizes faith and love.

“On my arm, I have a heart across a star, which symbolizes my religion, and the love I have all the time for everyone around me. The star behind it also symbolizes everything I am,” she told Urban Ink. “Three of [my tattoos] symbolize the faith I have and possess, and try to keep up everyday. I feel strongly and deeply that my faith got me here, that its how I accomplished my dreams. I feel my belief in god gave me the strength to leave Oakland, and to be successful at accomplishing the things Ive accomplished so far. Keeping all of that in mind always gives me strength.”

9. ‘Teddy’ Tattoo

Keyshia Cole Teddy Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a teddy bear on the outer side of her right ankle.

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