Eleanor Calder’s 5 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Eleanor Calder is a British fashion blogger and an Instagram influencer model better known as Eleanor Jane Calder. Her rise to glory is dramatic and speedy as newsflash of Eleanor dating Louis Tomlinson member of British boy one direction band. Eleanor has five known tattoos.

Eleanor Calder-

1. ‘Cross’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Eleanor Calder has a cross tattoo on her left wrist.  It was done in October 2012.

2. ‘Elephant’ Tattoo

Eleanor ELEPHANT Tattoo

Tattoo: Elanor has an elephant inked on her right wrist.

Meaning: Eleanor Calder has a tattoo of an elephant inked on her right wrist. This tattoo is the mere representation of the elephant stuff toy which her boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson had gifted her.

3. ‘Feather’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Eleanor has a feather inked on her right forearm.

Meaning: Eleanor Calder got a feather tattoo on her right forearm as a cover-up to her old arrow tattoo. She got the feather inked from the Tattoo Artist Ruby Quilter, Sang blue tattoo London in March 2016.

4. ‘Heart’ Tattoo

Eleanor Heart Tattoo

Tattoo: She has a heart inked on the back of her left hand.

5. ‘Initial’ Tattoo

Eleanor L on her knuckle Tattoo

Tattoo: Eleanor has ‘L’ inked on her ring finger.

Meaning: Eleanor Calder and her boyfriend Louis Tomlinson got tattoos on their fingers so as for their Love, representing the name initials of each other’s names. Eleanor got an ‘L’ inked on her ring finger whereas Louis got a simple capital letter ‘E’ on the back of his hand.

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