Andres D’Alessandro’s 27 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Andrés Nicolás D’Alessandro is a well-known professional footballer who hails from Argentina. He plays as an attacking midfielder for Nacional. Alessandro is famous for his creativity and outstanding dribbling ability. Andres had participated alongside Victor Cuesta and Javier Mascherano in the 2004 Summer Olympics tournament where they got home (Argentina), a gold medal. Just like other football players, Andres’ body is adorned with multiple body tattoos. let us explore his unique tattoos and their meanings.

Andres D Alessandro

1. ’15’ Tattoo

Andres 15 tattoo

Tattoo: On the right side of his body, Andres has got the number ’15’ inked.

Meaning: ’15’ number represents his birthdate as he was born on 15 April 1981

2. ‘Baby Jesus’ Tattoo 

Andres baby tattoo

Tattoo: On his left forearm, there is a light-shaded portrait of a sleeping baby inked. The sleeping baby is actually the representation of baby Jesus Christ who is being hugged by the Virgin Mary i.e. his mother. Virgin Mary portrays the perfect image of unconditional love. She portrays the heavenly motherly love that each one of us years for!

3. Back Tattoo

Andres back tattoo

Tattoo: Andres has never really revealed his back tattoo except for a single picture that has ever existed. It shows a boy aiming towards the goal as there is a football inked in front of his right leg. Also, in the surroundings, there are multiple other footballs tattooed. The tattoo is the representation of the footballer in the field during practice sessions.

4. ‘Sacred Heart’ Tattoo

Andres bicep tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his left bicep, Alessandro has got the tattoo of the Sacred Heart.

Meaning: The Sacred Heart-The Heart of Jesus Christ is observed as the symbol of devotion towards Jesus and Christianity in the value of the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ for the sake of Humanity. This tattoo tells us about the religious beliefs of Alessandro and also the fact that he is a Roman Catholic. The heart of Jesus is universally observed as the token of boundless love for Humanity and mankind.

5. Rose and Flying Bird Tattoo

Andres bird and rose tattoo Andres bird tattoo

Tattoo: There is a flying dove inked on the upper side of his left arm.

Meaning: Flying dove bird whose wings are spread widely is the beautiful representation of peace and harmony. It is often observed as the symbol of victory, god’s will, and love.

6. ‘Compass and Roses’ Tattoo

Andres clock and roses tattoo

Tattoo: Andres’ right forearm is covered with roses along with a compass tattoo on the top.

Meaning: The compass rose tattoo acts as the symbol of guidance towards the right path in life. It helps individuals navigate towards the truth and follow the (north) i.e. the right direction in life thus, navigating their journey of life. Rose is the symbol of love, romance, affection, and friendship. The compass rose is used to represent spiritual direction, discovery, and awakening of an individual’s mind towards positivity.

7. Finger Tattoo

Andres D Alessandro

8. Hand Tattoo

Andres hand tattoo

9. ‘Jesus Angel’ Tattoo

Andres Jesus Christ on crucifixion tattoo

Tattoo: On his left shoulder, Alessandro has got the tattoo of ‘Jesus Angel’.

Meaning: Jesus Angel represents the shadowed imagery of Jesus Christ on crucifixion surrounded by angel wings on sides. The tattoo shows the deep connection and religious attitude of Andres towards God and how he wishes to seek their blessings in his life. Jesus Christ is the supreme God of Christians and this tattoo is the devotion towards his power, and the sacrifice he made for the sake of humanity. Angels are believed to be the messengers of God and thus, this tattoo is the symbol of protection for the wearer.

10. Left Arm Tattoo

Andres left forearm ink

Andres left forearm tattoo

11. Trophy Tattoo

Andres left thigh tattoo

Tattoo: Andres has got the trophy tattoo on his thigh marking the victory for Sport Club Internacional in the 2010 Copa Libertadores. He was declared the man of the match.

12. ‘GEM’ Tattoo

Andres leg ink

Tattoo: On the front of his left leg, Alessandro has got a tattoo which says, ‘GE


13. Right Leg Tattoo

Andres leg tattoo

14. ‘Praying Hands’ Tattoo

Andres praying hands and rosary tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of praying hands and rosary beads on Alessandro’s upper arm.

Meaning: Praying Hands represents the person’s faith in the power of prayer and Jesus Christ. It is symbolic of the dedication to oneself, family, and loved ones.  Rosary Beads on the other hand represents Virgin Mary. The tattoo on Andres’ body symbolizes that he is a Catholic Christian.

15. Trophy Tattoo

Andres right thigh tattoo

Tattoo: There is another trophy tattooed on his thigh with the year 2016 mentioned under it. This trophy represents Alessandro’s victory in the Football Competition, Recopa Sudamericana: 2016.

16. Rose Tattoo

Andres rose on bicep tattoo

Tattoo: There is a rose inked on Andres’ left bicep. Rose is the symbolism of love and friendship.

17. Rose on Hand Tattoo

Andres rose on hand tattoo

Tattoo: His right hand is covered with another beautiful rose tattoo.

18. Rose on Right Wrist

Andres rose on wrist tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his right wrist, Andres has got the third rose tattoo.

19. Star Tattoo

Andres star on hand tattoo

Tattoo: The star, a symbol of direction and guidance is inked on the index finger of Andres’ right hand.

20. Star on Elbow 

Andres star tattoo Andres star tattoos

Tattoo: On his elbows, there are five-pointed stars inked, one on each arm.

Meaning: Besides being the symbol of direction, star tattoos also stand for hope, desire, reflection, and navigation towards the right path in life.

21. Portrait on Stomach

Andres stomach tattoo

Tattoo: Andres has got his own portrait inked on the lower left side of his stomach. This tattoo has been mentioned in the list of the weirdest tattoos that Footballers have got on their bodies.

22. Portraits on Arm

Andres tattoo on left arm

Tattoo: The portrait here in this tattoo is the representation of the motherly love shown by the image of a mother kissing her child. The tattoo is often shown portraying the Virgin Mary and the Baby Jesus. Alessandro’s tattoo might be the representation of the same shown in form of his mother and himself when he was young.

23. Arm Tattoo

Andres tattoo on right arm

24. ‘Tribal Sun’ Tattoo

Andres tribal sun tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tribal sun inked on the left side of Andres’ neck.

Meaning: The tribal sun is the symbol of light, creativity, fertility, leadership, and strength.

25. Tribal Bracelet Tattoo

Andres wrist tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tribal design with some names inked on the center, wrapped around his left wrist.

26. Forearm Writing

Andres writing on arm Andres writing on forearm tattoo Andres writing on right arm

27. Portrait of Grandmother

Andres grand mother portrait

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