35+ Amazing Kiwi Bird Tattoos with Meanings

Kiwi is a flightless and pear-shaped bird also known as the national symbol of New Zealand. In the Maori culture, the kiwi is considered a sacred bird. It represents awareness, inspiration, expressions, strength, hope, enlightenment, dedication, connections, balance, harmony, affection, creativity, emotions, and unity. These are the most common reasons why people like to get themselves inked with kiwi tattoos. There is an endless list of different types of kiwi tattoos with their respective meanings and explanations. Here, in this article, you will know different kiwi tattoos and their meanings.

'Kiwi wearing a Hat' Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo represents awareness, inspiration, expressions, strength, hope, enlightenment, dedication, connections, balance, harmony, affection, creativity, emotions, and unity.

  • ‘Kiwi with a Balloon’ Tattoo

'Kiwi with a Balloon' Tattoo

Meaning: It symbolizes happiness, growth, balance, dreams, abilities to achieve goals, wisdom, intelligence, changes, protection, friendliness, tenderness, and peace.

  • Watercolor Kiwi Tattoo

Watercolor Kiwi Tattoo

Meaning: Watercolor tattoos are different from the other regular tattoo. The paint color technology is used to ink these tattoos which are very trendy throughout the world.

  • Tiny Kiwi Tattoo

Tiny Kiwi Tattoo

Meaning: Generally, people like to get this tattoo inked on their wrists, fingers, legs, and arms. It also signifies the nature of the wearer who might be sweet, pleasant, and resourceful.

  • ‘Kiwi with the Kite’ Tattoo

'Kiwi with the Kite' Tattoo

Meaning: In this tattoo, the kiwi is holding the string of kite which represents dreams, creativity, intuitions, determination, success, growth, and new beginnings.

  • ‘Kiwi on the Wheel’ Tattoo

'Kiwi on the Wheel' Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo represents entertainment, balance, awareness, courage, strength, inspiration, and hope.

  • ‘Kiwi wearing Sunglasses’ Tattoo

'Kiwi wearing Sunglasses' Tattoo

Meaning: It symbolizes fashion, creativity, entertainment, joy, fun, liveliness, thoughtfulness, balance, sensitivity, and expressions.

  • Landscape-Theme Kiwi Tattoo

Landscape-Theme Kiwi Tattoo

Meaning:  A beautiful mountain view is seen in this tattoo that describes the nature of the wearer who might adore the beauty of nature. It also represents beauty, grace, new beginnings, balance, dreams, and silence

  • Tramping-Theme Kiwi Tattoo

Tramping-Theme Kiwi Tattoo

Meaning: This lovely tattoo covers all adventure views. It represents peace, prosperity, calmness, rejuvenation, and purity. It also signifies the wearer’s personality who might be a nature-lover and enthusiastic.

  • Dot Work Kiwi Tattoo

Dot Work Kiwi Tattoo

Meaning: This is a unique hand-poked tattoo that represents inspiration, expressions, strength, hope, enlightenment, dedication, and connections.

  • Geometrical Shaped Kiwi Tattoo

Geometrical Shaped Kiwi Tattoo

Meaning: Generally, the geometrical tattoos are formed in different shapes like square, triangle, rectangle, etc., which signifies balance, stability, fertility, mystery, and puzzles. This tattoo symbolizes affection, creativity, emotions, wisdom, and awareness.

  • Kiwi Fruit Tattoo

Kiwi Fruit Tattoo

Meaning: In this tattoo, the kiwi bird is seen as a kiwi bird that signifies creativity, courage, emotion, strength, dedication, awareness, hope, and wisdom.

  • ‘Kiwi with Mushrooms’ Tattoo

'Kiwi with Mushrooms' Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo represents good luck, longevity, energy, safety, prosperity, rebirth, enlightenment, mysteries, patience, beauty, vision, goals, and overcoming the challenges of life.

  • ‘Kiwi riding a Bicycle’ Tattoo

'Kiwi riding a Bicycle' Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo represents awareness, inspiration, expressions, strength, hope, enlightenment, dedication, connections, balance, harmony, affection, creativity, emotions, and unity.

  • Illustrative Kiwi Tattoo

Illustrative Kiwi Tattoo

Meaning: This tattoo consist of a different form of artwork which includes a globe model and luggage. It symbolizes creativity, opportunities, protection, fearlessness, and progress.

  • ‘Kiwi on the Snowboard’ Tattoo

'Kiwi on the Snowboard' Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo represents enjoyment, fun, freshness, liveliness, joy, happiness, peace, balance, harmony, creativity, enlightenment, and awareness.

  • Designer Kiwi Tattoo

Designer Kiwi Tattoo

Meaning:  Designer tattoos consist of both vintage and modern elements. It signifies transformation, balance, harmony, good luck, and creativity.

  • ‘Father and Daughter Kiwi’ Tattoo

'Father and Daughter Kiwi' Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo represents bonds, feelings, motherhood, love, care, emotions, happiness, attachments, and togetherness. It also emphasizes the wearer’s emotions and love. The words here mentioned ‘FATHERS AND DAUGHTERS NEVER SAY GOODBYE’ are very sweet and heart touchy.

  • Kiwi-Elephant Tattoo

Kiwi-Elephant Tattoo

Meaning: In this tattoo, an elephant is trying to love a small kiwi which symbolizes love, care, attachment, wisdom, intelligence, creativity, sensitivity, and balance.

  • ‘Kiwi with Cupcake’ Tattoo

'Kiwi with Cupcake' Tattoo

Meaning: It symbolizes enjoyment, happiness, simplicity, resourcefulness, playfulness, grace, balance, harmony, creativity, sensitivity, imagination, intuition, and bliss.

  • Traditional Kiwi Tattoo

Traditional Kiwi Tattoo

Meaning: Traditional tattoo is popular since ancient times as it signifies harmony, balance, bravery, and protection. These types of tattoos are inked by people who want to stick to their roots.

  • Sleeping Kiwi Tattoo

Sleeping Kiwi Tattoo

Meaning:  This tattoo signifies innocence, purity, tenderness, peace, calmness, and harmony. It highlights the nature of the wearer who might be sweet, patient, and determined.

  • Kiwi Portrait Tattoo

Kiwi Portrait Tattoo

Meaning: Getting a portrait tattoo is a way to remember or cherish the best memory. The tattoo represents love, care, trust, protection, attachment, bond, and emotions.

  • ‘Kiwi with Leaf’ Tattoo

'Kiwi with Leaf' Tattoo

Meaning: This tattoo represents hopes, renewal, charity, creativity, prowess, expression, wisdom, balance, harmony, peace, calmness, and dedication.

  • ‘Kiwi wearing a Cap’ Tattoo

'Kiwi wearing a Cap' Tattoo

Meaning: It signifies fun, entertainment, fashion, playfulness, balance, coolness, chillness, strength, intelligence, stability, freedom, and dignity.

  • Astronaut- Theme Kiwi Tattoo

Astronaut- Theme Kiwi Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo symbolizes balance, protection, harmony, confidence, and balance. It also indicates the nature of the wearer who might want to explore space.

  • ‘Kiwi inside an Avacado’ Tattoo

'Kiwi inside an Avocado' Tattoo

Meaning: This tattoo symbolizes love, strength, courage, connections, awareness, thoughtfulness, sensitivity, unity, wisdom, emotions, and awareness.

  • Pattern Styled Kiwi Tattoo

Pattern Styled Kiwi Tattoo

Meaning: In this tattoo, a leaf pattern is highlighted that represents longevity, creativity, sensitivity, wisdom, unity, courage, dedication, harmony, and thoughtfulness.

  • Floral Pattern- Styled Kiwi Tattoo

Floral Pattern- Styled Kiwi Tattoo

Meaning: This tattoo consists of different floral patterns. It also signifies creativity, harmony, imagination, harmony, balance, wisdom, and enlightenment.

  • ‘Kiwi with the Skull’ Tattoo

'Kiwi with the Skull' Tattoo

Meaning: This tattoo represents overcoming the difficulties in life, protection, and strength. It is believed that those who wear this tattoo do not fear death and believe in living a practical life.

  • ‘Kiwi holding a Snail’ Tattoo

'Kiwi holding a Snail' Tattoo

Meaning: In this tattoo, the kiwi is holding a snail which seems to be

  • Outlined Kiwi Tattoo

Outlined Kiwi Tattoo

Meaning: It is a simple tattoo that signifies simplicity, inspiration, emotions, unity, expression, creativity, connection, balance, harmony, and imagination.

  • Animated Kiwi Tattoo

Animated Kiwi Tattoo

Meaning:  A beautifully animated kiwi tattoo that signifies entertainment, fun, creativity, joy, and thoughtfulness. It also describes the nature of the wearer who might be a cartoon lover.

  • Adventure- Theme Kiwi Tattoo

Adventure- Theme Kiwi Tattoo

Meaning: In this tattoo, the kiwi seems to be wearing glasses, shoes along with the backpack which describes the nature of the wearer who might enjoy traveling or is always ready to explore new things, adventures in his/her life. It also symbolizes expression, wisdom, balance, creativity, and inspiration.

  • Tribal Kiwi Tattoo

Tribal Kiwi Tattoo

Meaning: Tribal tattoos include geometric designs, shapes, repetitive styles of various figures, etc. It represents the wearers’ rituals, cultures, and ideals. It also indicates cultural ideals, traditions, family values, unity, and society.

  • ‘Black and Grey Kiwi’ Tattoo

'Black and Grey Kiwi' Tattoo

Meaning: If you like dark and shaded types of tattoos then this one is best for you. It also represents strength, fearlessness, and authenticity.

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