Shenae Grime’s 5 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Shenae Grimes Beech, popularly known as Shenae Grimes is a Canadian face. Years ago, Shenae was titled among one of the angelic beauties without makeup by People magazine. She was also seen engrossed with an esteemed rock band. Shenae has built no under wraps of her soft spot for body art. Her 5 different inks have varied meanings. Check them out!

Shenae Grimes tattoos

1. On her Ribs

Shenae Grimes Rib -Tattoo

A Beautiful script tattoo on her right rib-cage, which reads “Myself and I” gives a very solitary look. “Myself and I” was the banner of her cinematic break. We can perceive from her tattoo that she believes in individualism.

2. On her Thigh

Shenae Grimes -Thigh Tattoo

On Grimes’ left thigh, we can witness a darling heart with Celtic knots. Such tattoos mean so much. The Celtic lovers heart is a two-line rosette. Then both the distinct lines accommodate in the medial so that each of the lines can build half heart appearance. They may or may not crisscross in the middle most of the heart.

3. Behind her Ear


A super duper Peter Pan’s hat lay inked behind her left ear. It’s sort of a humorous meme, a souvenir to herself to stay blooming and not take life too sternly. We have heard, she got it to canonize a dear one who is no more with her now.

5. On her Wrist


Shenae Grimes has a Japanese tone tattoo on the indoors of her right wrist. This script means “Keep Calm”. This was for the time she had in Japan. On her blog, she has elaborated, “Keep calm was an important lesson that I learned from the beautiful Japanese culture during my terrifying experience in Tokyo a couple of months ago. It’s one that I’ve always struggled with as a naturally anxious person leading a chaotic life growing up in the entertainment industry.”

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