Andre Iguodala’s 3 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Andre Tyler Iguodala is an American professional basketball player. He currently plays in the NBA for Miami Heat. Andre was named an NBA All-star in 2012 and has won 3 NBA Championships with the Golden State Warriors. He was also named the NBA MVP in 2015 finals. Andre has also represented the United States National Basketball Team more than once. He has also played for the Denver Nuggets and Philadelphia 76ers. Andre has a few interesting tattoos on his body. Let us see what they are and the meanings they hold.

Andre Iguodala

1. ‘Feathers’ Tattoo

Andre Iguodala feathers tattoo

Tattoo: The athlete’s right shoulder and upper arm are covered in a large tattoo of a pattern of feathers.

Meaning: This is a cover-up tattoo he used over his previous one. He used to have himself standing in front of the Capitol building in Springfield, holding a basketball with the words, “The city is mine” tattooed below it.

2. ‘Initials’ Tattoo

Andre Iguodala initials tattoo

Tattoo: Andre’s left upper arm contains a tattoo of his initials, “AI” where they both are merged into a single letter, showing both of them with flames engulfing the letters.

Meaning: The initials stand for his name, Andre Iguodala.

3. ‘Numerals and Text’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The chest and stomach of the athlete are covered with a large body of text tattooed on it on the right side. The left side of his chest contains roman numerals, “MM XIII and MM VII” tattooed on it.

Meaning: The numbers represent the years, 2013 and 2007. 2013 is the year he met his wife, “Christina Gutierrez” whom he married in 2015. 2007 is the year of birth of his son, Andre Tyler Iguodala II.

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