Leighton Meester’s 2 Tattoos & Their Meanings

The Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester from America is a master treasure in the world of theatre, music, lyrics, and modeling. Brought up in Marco Island in Florida, this darling takes her Mom as her trend icon. Character Blair Waldorf maneuvered by Leighton was rated number 5 in TV Guide magazine’s list of Best-dressed TV Characters of 2007. When it comes to fashion and trend, she puts faith in exhibiting minimalism. She’s pragmatically the absolute opposite of her famed Gossip Girl character and has some cool tats to boot! Let us delve deep into the same.

lmeest tat 02

1. On Wrist

Leighton Meester-wrist tattoo

A blue flower with a yellow center tattoo braces Meester’s left wrist. Blue in such a tattoo represents fascination and yellow is a symbol of family love.

2. On Back


On her back, she is adorned with a swallow ink. The swallow tattoo represents your high aims, your aspirations to fly at the peak. Also, such tattoos are used in reference to sailors, to boast off their flying and sailing experience. And by swallow tattoo, it is also believed that if sailors flunk during their sail, swallows treat them kind and cry till heaven.

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