Lynn Gunn’s 15 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Lyndsey Gerd Gunnulfsen is better known by her stage name, Lynn Gunn. She is a well-known American singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, best known as the lead singer of the American rock band Pvris. She has worked with a number of bands, and her motivation for pursuing songwriting was her childhood depression. In an interview, she said that her battle with depression was a significant influence on kickstarting songwriting. This blog is dedicated to her numerous body tattoos and also reveals the stories behind each one. Let us explore.

Lynn Gunn

1. ‘Lightning Bolt’ Tattoo

Lyn lightning bolt tattoo

Tattoo: On Lynn’s ankle, there is a small tattoo of two parallel lightning bolts, which tend to signify the number ’13’.

Meaning: The lightning bolt is a popular tattoo design in Hollywood’s Tinseltown. Lynn Gunn, like many other renowned people such as Avril Lavigne and Hayley Williams, to mention a few, possesses the lightning bolt mark.

Spark is believed to evoke amazement, overwhelming strength, and unadulterated adoration. A lightning bolt tattoo, in general, symbolizes power, endurance, and intellect.

Zeus, the supreme deity of the Olympians, used a lightning bolt as a weapon as per Greek mythology. Lynn Gunn, the main vocalist of PVRIS, has a lightning bolt tattoo of the number 13 on her ankle. On September 13, 2013, she got the tattoo as part of her Friday Thirteenth celebrations and rituals.

2. ‘MIND OVER MATTER-Song Lyrics’ Tattoo

Lyn arm writing tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Keep an open mind, it brings open hearts and open eyes’ is inked on her right forearm.

Meaning: These lines have been taken from one of the songs from her own albums that was released in 2013 named, ‘MIND OVER MATTER.

3. ‘Crossed Arrows’ Tattoo

Lynn arm tattoo

Tattoo: On her right forearm, there is another tattoo that represents two crossed arrows.

Meaning: The crossed arrows are the way to show your bond, friendship, or alliance with someone. They reflect crossing paths with someone close or a loved one who is an important part of your life.

Isn’t it a great idea to mark such beautiful moments with tattoos?

4. ‘Arrow on left Forearm’ Tattoo

Lynn arrow tattoo

Tattoo: On her left forearm, Ivy has got the tattoo of a single arrow.

Meaning: An arrow was an important weapon during old times when people lived a traditional, basic, and nomadic life. Because of its function as a tool and weapon, arrow tattoos naturally depict the ideas of struggles, triumph, tension, conflict, or life struggle. On the other hand, it can also stand for bravery, safety, and protection.

5. Black and White Portrait Tattoo

Lynn bicep tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of her right upper arm, Lynn has got a black and white portrait inked.

Meaning: Lynn Gunn received this tattoo on the inner side of her right arm on October 1, 2017, after her PVRIS performance in Houston, TX.

The black and white portrait design is inspired by Aubrey Beardsley’s 200-chapter headings. It is Beardsley’s first commissioned piece in his brief career. It is said that he did it for the 1893 book Le Morte d’Arthur, which chronicles the stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

6. Chest Tattoo 

Lynn chest tattoo

Tattoo: On the right side of her upper body, there is a tattoo of equality. There are four signs equal to one; more specifically, it can be quoted as ‘four equal one’: “||||=|.”

7. ‘EID MAR’ Tattoo

Lynn EID MAR Tattoo

Tattoo: Lynn Gunn has a Latin tattoo that reads “EID MAR” on her left elbow. It is an acronym for the Latin word “Eidibus Martiis,” which means “on the Ides of March.”

The Ides of March was considered an important date in Roman Civilization; however, with Julius Caesar’s death, it started to be known for the same, who was assassinated in 44 BC. But, this is merely a historical reason as far as various links are concerned. The date tattoo represents our star’s birthday, i.e., March 15. She was born on March 15, 1994.

8. ‘Eye of Province’ Tattoo

Lynn eye on back tattoo

Lynn eye tattoo

Tattoo: On her upper back, Lynn has got the tattoo of an eye inked.

Lynn Gunn received this unique tattoo on March 15, 2018, her 24th birthday. Her band PVRIS was on tour in San Antonio, TX, where they decided to meet up with local artist Mason Chimato, who also tattooed Roman numerals on drummer Justin Nace’s wrist.

Lynn’s eye of province tattoo, also known as the all-seeing eye of God, has a halo of radiating lines that depict light beams. The tattoo is a reminder that God is one and that he is watching over all of us. Therefore, we must be careful with our words and actions.

The sign, which has four firing arrows and a leafed branch behind the eye, is a reproduction of a woodcut print produced in the time of 1800s by American engraver Alexander Anderson.

9. Triangle Tattoo-Left Hand

Lynn finger tattoo

Tattoo: Lynn got this triangle tattooed on the thumb of her left hand in February 2015. When it comes to Lynn’s tattoo, it’s no simple matter. She received it in the form of a matching triangle tattoo with PVRIS’ touring drummer Justin Nace and merch gal Drew Elizabeth Wille. Drew’s tattoo is on her wrist, while Lynn and Justin both had it on their left thumbs.

The elemental sign for “Earth,” one of the four fundamental elements in alchemy along with air, fire, and water, is an inverted triangle with a line across it that you can see on Lynn’s hand.

10. Heart on Right Wrist

Lynn heart tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of her right hand’s wrist, Lynn has got a boldly outlined heart tattoo.

11. Arm Tattoo

Lynn left hand tattoo

12. Wrist Tattoo-‘npnr.’ 

Lynn npur tattoo

Tattoo: On her left wrist, there is a tattoo of an acronym ‘npnr,’ which can be expanded into, ‘no parents, no rules.’

13. Tattoo of Oriboris

Lynn Ouroboros tattoo

Tattoo: On her body, you can find a very interesting tattoo representing the snake, which is inked in a circle and can be seen eating its own tail.

Meaning: This sort of snake tattoo is known as the “ouroboros” because it reflects nature’s infinite cycles. The snake may be seen in a circle devouring its own tail. To make the snake appear like a laurel wreath, artist Baud Nach placed foliage and flowers around the sides.
In November 2016, Lynn Gunn and Sierra Kusterbeck received matching snake tattoos. Sierra’s design is on the back of her right upper arm, whereas Lynn’s is on the front of her left upper arm.

14. Naked Women Tattoo

Lynn stomach tattoo

Tattoo: Lynn Gunn got a large tattoo of two nude ladies covered in a sheet on the left side of her body. The tattoo was done by artist Baud Nach in December 2016.

15. Snake and Woman Tattoo

Lynn tattoo post

Tattoo: On her arm, there is a tattoo of a naked woman wrapped with a snake. The headless, limbless creature resembles an antique, shattered statue.

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