Eyebrow Tinting: Everything You Need To Know

Eyebrows are one of the most important features on our face and we girls like to keep it top-notch. Not everyone has the same shapes, sizes, colors, and textures of brows which implies that they can vary from person to person and give a distinctive look to each one. A perfect brow would make a huge difference thus no matter what, we got to spend a lot of time perfecting them with different kinds of powders, gels, pencils, and other things. It takes time, but can you imagine waking up on time with those perfect brows without wasting even a single minute.

It might be too good to be true but well, thanks to technology, it is quite possible.

Brow parlors or salons are now offering all kinds of brow services which include brow shaping and enhancing procedures. It might include more than one service to get that perfect shape and color. In this article, we are talking about eyebrow tinting which helps to enhance not just the shape but also the hues of the brows. This transformation makes a huge difference epically for those who practically have distorted brows, It is quite a common trend with the celebs too and hence the popularity has now been increased.

This article would cover the A to Z of eyebrow tinting with before and after pictures and if you must go for it or not. Read ahead!

What Is Eyebrow Tinting?

Eyebrow tinting is a mechanical process that is used to semi-permanently color the hair of brows. It will also leave some pigmentation in the skin that will help fill in the spaces between hair that are thin. Thus, in addition to the name of the process itself, eyebrow tinting not just enhances the color but also the shape of the brow. The stain would be added and last for about a week while the actual color would deepen in the period of two to three weeks.

It also depends on the salon and the professional experience that the expert has. You can expect to pay from about 7 dollars to 30 dollars per treatment but sometimes some people charge more than 60 dollars. This means that when you are searching for a professional, make sure you give more leverage to the skills and expertise of the professional rather than the price. You would want to choose a licensed expert as the process involve using loads of chemicals in direct contact with the eyes. For that wh want to DIY it at home, there are kits available that are easy to apply with a safety manual at hand.

Benefits of Eyebrow Tinting

The biggest benefit that you can expect with eyebrow tinting is that it will save your time and energy. A fuller and natural brow would give the face a very natural and very youthful appearance. It is a fact that the thicker the eyebrows are the more youthful anyone will appear to be. Some similar results could be expected from micro-blading eyebrows but anyway this treatment can be more expensive and painful as compared to the tinting effect.

Here are some of the advantages of getting eyebrow tinting:

  • Fuller-looking brows
  • More youthful appearance
  • Defines brow shape
  • Darkens light brow hairs
  • Results last up to a month
  • Pain-free brow enhancement
  • Smudge-proof
  • Symmetrical brows
Eyebrow tinting is one of the mandatory services for people who need a fuller frame for the face. Every brow is filled with pigments that look like soft and fine hair which makes the whole brow quite full and thick instantly. Besides adding depth and dimension to your brow, eyebrow tinting is also useful to add length to the shorter brows. The ends are where our hair is lighter and finer. Your hair tint will start to fade away in three to four weeks of its application but you do not have to worry about the grow-out time which is usually the case with brow coloring. Some of the clients even say that getting an eyebrow tinting is almost as great as getting a facelift!

Who can get their eyebrows tinted?

The people who have allergies to any of the hair dyes like box hair dye, getting an eyebrow tinting could be a bit of a problem. Thus it is always recommended that you go in for a patch test before you decide on any of it. The color and tint of the skin do not matter if you want to get eyebrow tinting. People who have lighter skin tone or are pale would benefit from eyebrow tinting as it makes you have a darker shade of visible brows. It is almost like having brows you thought you never had.

How to Prepare for Eyebrow Tinting

Before you make an appointment for eyebrow tinting, you must check out for any kind of allergies because the skin around the eyes is very sensitive and super thin and thus is vulnerable to inflammation in major complications. Besides this, the pigments used in eyebrow tinting contain an allergen which is known as para-phenylenediamine (PPD), and which can create critical reactions. Thus to be super safe, you must do a patch test with the pigment that you are about to use to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the chemicals that are used.

You must also make up your mind about what you want and make sure that your artists know the situation well. You must think about the noticeable results that would crop up at the end of it. Just a small amount of hue of color would thicken up thin eyebrows. If you want your whole aura to look natural, then you can find the deepest shade of color in your head and carry it forward through your entire length of brows. It will make the brows appear to be fuller. If you need more definition, you would need to take some more shades deeper than the base of your hair color and this will add some fun to your whole outlook.

And most of all one can notice the difference pretty well too. If yous tart with brows that are very blonde or light in color they can give a bit shocking reflection after the brow tinting procedure. However, you must select a skilled professional to see a great difference.  All that matters, in the end, is how you want to feel when you look at yourself.

What to Expect During an Eyebrow Tinting Appointment

First of all, when you visit a brow tinting salon, expect that you could be asked a series of questions so that the expert can know that they are a good candidate for the service. The question is asked so that they can judge if you know what you want from this procedure.

The brow tinting process will take not more than 20 to 30 minutes and to start, your artist would prep and clean the area. Then a custom shade would be made for you so that you can have the most natural-looking enhancement that you like. This can include mixing more than one shade of color to get the best possible color that you like.

The dye is then applied to your brows for some minutes but the exact time for the stay will depend on the result that you want. Longer time for a more intense shade while a shorter period for a lighter effect. Sometimes you will also be asked to fill in a medical and contraindication form so that it could be a safe treatment for everyone. Next, you can discuss the shape and the hues that you want that will work the best for your coloring goals.

There is also a trend for vegan or vegetable dyes that are used to add depth to your brows. The base tint color is added and then an accent color is added to add depth to the brow. Then a patch test is done in a very hard to see, or hidden place, like behind the ear or neck, to make sure that they do not have any kind of chemical reaction with the dye. It is always an important step in any kind of beauty treatment especially if it is this close to your eye.

Once you have been thoroughly checked for any kind of allergies, the professional will take some time out to follow the following steps:

  1. scrubbing the area with a pH-stabilizing rinse
  2. smoothing out the eyebrow hair and mapping out the desired shape
  3. using a barrier cream (like petroleum jelly) throughout the eyebrows to inhibit tinting the skin
  4. using the tint from the opening of the eyebrow to the edge, in a vicious application

The length and duration when the dye is left on the eyebrow depend on how dark you want your shade to be or the coarseness of your hair. It takes lesser time for people who have a lighter shade and more time for people with a darker shade. In the case of vegan or vegetable dye, you will have to leave it out to dry for more than 3 minutes which will again depend on the hues that you want to achieve. The longer you will leave the color for tinting, the deeper the shade would come out to be.

In the case of henna-based tint, you will have to let it sit for more than 1.5 to 2 hours. When all the types of kif dyes have dried up, the expert will use a cool and damp cloth so that you can gently wipe the area and remove any excess colors and pigmentation from the skin.

Here are some usual pieces of information that you must know:

A brow tint will last you about one month.

The brow tinting would last you for more than a month which is the actual period when your brows start to shed normally which can be anywhere from six weeks to the time your hair sheds. Once you will have the new brows grow out, you’ll naturally lose the color. The dye that is used is specifically made for the face. The tint that is used is deposited on both the top layers as well as the skin of your brows.

Avoid getting them wet for 24 hours.

To make sure that the brow tinting lasts as long as possible, you can avoid getting them wet for the first day or at least 24hours. You must avoid rubbing your eyes and do not apply any kind of chemical products or harsh cleansers. Do not exfoliate or scrub around the area either. You can also avoid using any oil-based products that will make the brows lose their colors.

A tint is even better when paired with a keratin treatment.

Just like you have keratin for your hair, a keratin treatment for your brows will smoothen the texture of your brows and allow them to be brushed flat so that they can cover even more surface area and look thicker than before. With a keratin treatment, the brows would look 1/3rd percent thicker than the natural volume. It is not as invasive a micro-blading and would give you a natural and flawless look. It will help your face look lifted and youthful. It will help you get that feathery and bold look that has always been in trend. It is suitable for men and women no matter their age or skin tone.

If you never have had a keratin treatment done before, you would need a little adjustment first. In the beginning, the hair of the brows can sem malleable and glued down to the brows. But a spool can be used to brush them and give them a fluffy texture so that they look more heavy and luscious. It is easy to shape them afterward. In just a week they will regain the fluffiness and you would be able to brush them in a single direction.

The whole process 45 minutes.

The majority of time after the keratin process is spent on straightening the treatment which takes about 20 minutes more. The natural growth pattern of brows is on a side angle. The keratin process allows the hair to reach 100 percent potential in an upward position. It looks as if you have added some eyebrow powder which would require no extra products.

Do you need a patch test for eyebrow tinting?

Patch test before getting any kind of dye to your skin or any dangerous cosmetic surgery is necessary at least 24 hours before. This would be made clear to you as your make an appointment for the brow tinting. One must never skip this process as it will help you know if you have any allergies to the dye.

This test includes applying the dye at some hidden part of your skin like your ear or your neck and then leaving it overnight. It takes 30 seconds to do so but you need to keep it for a lot of time to see if you have any allergies.

At-Home vs. In-Office Eyebrow Tinting

While Eyebrow Tinting is possible at home but professionals recommend that you go and seek some expert who is a master in Eyebrow Tinting as they have high-quality products which are safe and sanitized for use. They also know about the matching color that would suit the personality and face type the best. The last thing you want is to do this at your home and end up looking way too dark. You will have to spend at least a month before you get your natural color back. It is much more challenging to get a professional-level definition while using home-based products.

Besides if you are with a professional and even if something goes wrong, a professional will know how you can fix it up. You won’t be stuck with a terrible Eyebrow Tinting. But if you still decide to try your hands in Eyebrow Tinting, you must start light. For instance, if your hair is medium brown, you must try using a light brown tint first. It is always better to have something bleached out rather than it looking super dark.

One great tip that the professionals might give you is that if you must add a tint to your brow, you must only buy a product that is specially made up for the face and eyes. You must also use some vaseline on the surface of the areas where you do not want any pigmentation to be. You must also wipe off some of the tints from time to time to check if it hasn’t become too dark.

Side Effects and Risks Of Eyebrow Tinting

No matter what kind of cosmetic modification involves using dye, it comes with its own risk. Eyebrow Tinting has its own risk because it is located in a position that is nearest to the eyes. The tint that is used in Eyebrow Tinting is not approved by FDA and sometimes it is also illegal for salons to use this stuff. However, because of the popularity of Eyebrow Tinting, the demand is very high. In someplace the practice is legal where the hues are not permanent or harmful.

It might sound a bit scary to know that the ban on tint is for precautionary reasons because of the numerous allergic reactions that come with it and especially with the sensitive areas. All side effects and the risks that are included with Eyebrow Tinting must be taken into consideration. If you have any location, you can face problems such as itchiness, redness, and even hair loss in some rare cases. You must communicate and tell about your allergies to the expert before you start with the Eyebrow Tinting process. If you have no allergic reaction, you are good to go ahead!

If you are looking if Eyebrow Tinting is for you, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind. The professionals that make this kind of service emphasize how important it is to find a specialist that you might trust. Anyone who has needed these services must know if you are searching for the right kind of person. You must check them before and after pictures along with their reviews of past clients. Keep in mind that you can have allergic reactions to the dyes and irritation from the procedure too. If you want to get this kind of procedure done, you can get yourself checked and tested by consulting, your dermatologist and physician. Then probably find a certified person or this.


There is always a risk of infection if you are going to play with needles. This is especially true if you might have used needles that arent properly sterilized. The skin might react to foreign ink particles and form areas with inflamed tissues. If you are susceptible to harm from the tattoo process, it might leave you with keloid scars.

Did you know that people could also be allergic to a particular color in the ink of the tattoos? Once you react to your skin, it can be tough to be treated, but you can check beforehand to see if there’s a reaction by doing a patch test. Other potential developments involve bleeding, crusting, swelling, loss of eyelashes, severe eyelid injury, and ectropion (which happens when the eyelid is directed on the other side from the eyeball).

According to science, the pigments in the ink can also interfere with MRI scans and other tests which affects the quality of the image. It can cause the affected area to swell or burn where you have Eyebrow Tinting.

What are the Risks and Side Effects of Permanent Eyebrow Tinting?

Eyebrow Tinting is a dangerous cosmetic method and hence must be completed by an authorized, well-trained specialist. Some of the threats or potential problems that should be considered before the actual policy are:

  • Infection. Unsterile tools and needles can simply pass along germs such as hepatitis and staph bacteria.
  • Allergic reaction. Even though uncommon, allergic responses to the ink utilized in permanent makeup can be extremely dangerous, as it’s hard to eliminate all of the dye.
  • Granulomas. These are protuberances that may develop around the body that the body recognizes as alien, including scraps of tattoo dye.
  • Scarring. If you are likely to growing defects, you may be in danger of keloid development (these are injuries that form beyond traditional limits).
  • Removal problems. Removing perpetual makeup, or any sort of tattoo is a depressing, slow manner. It can take many appointments to a doctor to forever eliminate the link, and it’s usually a costly, painful method.
  • Changing trends. Although it may appear attractive to constantly have your face looking pure and able to go, admit that today’s attention might appear out of style in a few years.

Besides the immediate side effects that include redness and swelling, adverse effects can also occur, especially when you do not consult the right professional. The reactions that can include swelling, cracking, burning, blistering, and development of papules and granulomas, have been listed. Also, there is a chance of full-thickness eyelid piercing. These results can create severe disfigurement, occurring in the demand for widespread restorative cosmetic surgery. Also, germs are a serious matter. There have been documented records of the communication of HIV, hepatitis, staph, and strep from unsterilized tools, as well as allergic responses to the permanent ink. Concerning the ink, consumers should be careful of ads insisting that a practitioner utilizes “FDA-approved colors” because the FDA only recommends pigments for particular end uses. These deceptive applications don’t stipulate whether the colors have been certified for food, cosmetics, or house paint. The FDA has never recognized a color additive for shots below the skin.

Another potential side effect can happen years after when the client is getting an MRI. The iron oxide in the paint could fluctuate throughout the procedure and produce mild redness and swelling, although this can be measured by a local steroid. The subject requires to let the radiologist or MRI professional know about the perpetual makeup ere the MRI so that the picture position is not settled.

Luckily, numerous professional organizations, including the American Academy of Micropigmentation, have been built to address the problems and inconsistencies. Anyone interested in Eyebrow Tinting should look for someone who is experienced, well trained, and certified but aesthetics too must be given considerable thought. Besides this, a doctor must follow proper techniques like how to give proper anesthesia and sterilization but a cosmetologist must be a great choice for that too.

You can also seek in for some recommendations from friends and family and people that you know in general and who might have taken such kind of retreats before too. This is not a small tattoo that you will get but a huge modification, so make sure you have your research on point.

Eyeliner Tattoo Pre-Care

Here are some of the pre-care and on daycare tips for your Eyebrow Tinting that will help  you have a better experience at it:

  • Do not wear mascara on the day of the procedure.

  • Have the eyes free of makeup and anything moisturizing like lotions.

  • Do bring sunglasses to wear home. Eyes may become light-sensitive.

  • If you wear eyeglasses, please carry those to your rendezvous.

  • If you wear contact lenses, you must not bring them before the procedure.

  • It is not a poor notion to have a cab booked home after an Eyebrow Tinting procedure if you are susceptible to light. Have sunglasses ready with you. Eyes may be enlarged afterward.

  • Avoid lash tinting 2 weeks before the procedure. Do not dye or perm lashes for 2 days before.

  • If you have had Lasik or Cataract Surgery you must get pharmaceutical approval from your doctor.

  • Eyelash extensions must be taken off 1 week before your Eyebrow Tinting procedure.

  • Must discontinue using eyelash growth serums for 4 weeks ere the style.

  • If you are applying Latisse or any other eyelash serums you will want to stop the use 2 weeks before the procedure.

  • No botox injections 2 weeks before the method in the eye area only.

  • The skin must be independent of all irritations including blemishes, eczema, and psoriasis.

  • Must not be on Accutane medicine for one year before getting an Eyebrow Tinting.

  • Stop using Fish Oil, Vitamin C, Glucosamine, Evening Primrose Oil, Ginger, Ginko one week before you have decided to go through Eyebrow Tinting as they thin the blood and check the color from implanting perfectly. If you proceed to apply these the reconstructed result may be inconsistent.

  • Stop the application of any anti-aging, skin brightening, or anti-acne skincare products. Particularly those that include Alpha Hydroxy (AHA), Vitamin A, Retinol. Ideally, do not practice these products for 30 days before your date, and yes, even if you do not practice it near the region to be employed it does get coated under your skin and your cosmetic tattoo will mend in patches. Once your tattoo has recuperated beneath the skin surface (at least 6 weeks next to your final session) you may return to your regular skincare routine.

  • Do not plan for any facials, microdermabrasion, micro-needling, peels, or laser treatments for at least 4 weeks before your date.

  • Please withdraw from any type of blood-thinning medication for a minimum of 72 hours before your idea except when it is threatening to do so for your health. Please ask your physician before discontinuing these kinds of medicines. Such as: Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Advil, Niacin, Voltaren, Indocid. As well as Prenatal Vitamins, Vitamin E or Nutritional Shakes. Tylenol is advised if you have low pain sensitivity.

  • Do not work out on the day of the Eyebrow Tinting procedure.

  • Avoid sun tanning or tanning beds for 2 weeks before you go for the Eyebrow Tinting treatment. If you show up to your engagement with a sunburn you will require to reschedule and will abandon your security. As your skin peels from sunburn, it will take the dye too.

  • Injuries from surgery or injury must be mended for at least one year before Eyebrow Tinting.

  • Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before your Eyebrow Tinting procedure.

  • Do not drink coffee or other caffeine goods 24 hours prior.

  • Please perceive that you will be more susceptible while on your menstrual cycle.

You must follow your pre-care instructions for Eyebrow Tinting so that you can have a better chance at getting a great tattoo.

Eyebrow Tinting Aftercare

You must keep your eyebrow completely in a dry state for the first 12 to 24 hours after you have done the Eyebrow Tinting procedure. Try to avoid excessive rubbing or scrubbing in the area where you got the Eyebrow Tinting done. You will also want to stay away from any oil-based facial products that will fade the color away.

After you have tinted your eyebrows you can use a product to groom them so that they stay in place. There is eyebrow gel available which is ideal for thicker and more luscious brow hairs. They are also useful if you do not have hair that stays flat on your skin. You can brush the gel in an upward motion that will help your hair look more stable and stay put.

How Long Does Eyebrow Tinting Last?

There are various kinds of factors that will affect Eyebrow Tinting’s durability. The most common duration of the staying of Eyebrow Tinting is that it will last for about 3 to 8 weeks. Factor son which the durability of your tinting will last includes:

  • the kind of dye
  • how strong you scrub your face
  • what kind of makeup remover or face cleanser you apply
  • sun exposure
  • sunscreen application
  • how briskly your hair grows and casts off.

You can also expect your Eyebrow Tinting procedure to last for about a month in general after which some regular touch-ups would be required.

How To Choose a Good Brow Tint Expert?

One can not risk when it comes to the permanent and semi-permanent eyebrow tinting process and so finding a top-quality artist would be your top priority. The good deal is always nice but you must not feel obliged to make any concessions on eyebrow tinting. However, there are particular things that you must keep in mind for that:

First, you might want to check up their portfolio or their reference work on some website or social media account. You must not trust a person without any former training presence and license in the area of eyebrow tinting. You must also have a prior consultation and never feel obliged to take the session. It is not obligatory and if you feel that the technician is not the right match for you, do not stay.

Where the eyebrow tinting studio is located is also a huge factor in the kind of makeup artists and their legitimacy. You must walk out if the studio is for any reason unhygienic. It should be immaculate and hygienically follow all cleanliness protocols.  Anything else is not worth risking your health for and so if they don’t even have a studio and operating out of a garage or a basement, feel free to run off immediately.

Another great step is to find out a professional who specializes in eyebrow tinting instead of being a great tattoo artist or jack of all trades. Most cosmetic artists need basic training to operate their business but it is the experience and efficiency that counts. The additional caliber and skillsets do count for such a niche.

Finally, you must find that someone shares the same aesthetics as you do and would go to any extent to give your dreams a real shape. If you will scroll through the artist’s portfolio and his work on social media you will immediately see his talent and would be able to decide if this artist would suit you for your eyebrows tinting procedure.

Eyebrow Tinting Before and After

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Alternatives to Brow Tinting

Using the dye on your face is not the same a using the dye on your eyebrow. It is not the same and neither is not recommended. Besides, do not use any permanent dye or tattoo ink on your skin especially if you are doing eyebrow tinting at home.

Cosmetic Products: Yu can simply use simple products like eyeliner pencil, brow powder, brow enhancers, brow mascara, brow gel, etc to enhance the shape and look of the brows and even plump it up soo that it looks defined. However, the long-lasting treatment should be left to the professionals. It is a great idea to use because, unlike the eyebrow tinting or micro balding, if the professional doe snot gets the color right, you do not have to wait for months or weeks to get it right nut can easily remove the makeup until you have achieved the perfect color for yourself.

Microbalding: Another great option is to get your eyebrows microblade. It is a bit more invasive than eyebrow tinting as the experts will make cuts in the skin with a special blade so that they could insert the pigment under the skin.

Root Touchups: If you want something more extraordinary, you can also look up root touchups instead of eyebrow tinting kits. In addition to not just covering your root hairs, it will also give a great contrast and enhance your overall color. It is something that the normal makeup kit won’t possibly do for you. It is also a formula that is sweat-proof, waterproof, and pillow-proof. The root touchups which are powderless give them a natural look and depth and would set them in place until you wash them off by rubbing the eyebrows. You can use the materials with a double-ended brow definition brush that will give you the best results. The angle of the brush makes the eyebrows pretty defined and the spool will be a great piece of equipment for a natural finish.

DIY Eyebrow Tinting Procedure

Once you have taken all the cleaning procedures for your eyebrows, it is time that you mix in the colors. You need to choose a shade that is two or three shades lighter than your base color. If your brows are gray or pale, you can use two or three shades darker. The next step is to empty the power dye content from the sachet into the mixing bowl and add equal amounts of developer cream to it. It will help you put the color to one side of the bow. You can use a wooden spoon or stick to mix the contents of the bowl into a creamy paste.

You can even use a little spool to apply the paste to your eyebrows but you can also use that wooden stick to apply the cream because it will give more support to the hand. You must start with the front of your brow as the hair is thicker and simply go all the way to the end of your brow. You must also focus on the center of the brow and then catch up on all the baby hair along the way.

Once you have added the cream to all your brows, you must stop as it is a very important step. You want your brows to match each other. Thus you must leave the cream on for at least 20 minutes but you must note down the processing time with it. For the light brown color on blonde brows, it will take a bit less time. Thus has your timer ready. It could be a bit scary for the first-timers but you must keep the track of time. You can add or subtract a few seconds from the drying process as the home DIY eyebrow tinting process fades faster than the other process. If the tint ends up looking dark, you can fix the colors pretty easily!

To remove the excess color and pigment, you will need a wet cotton wipe and just a bit of pressure. It will not wipe off just like that and would need some pressure or a scrubbing moment to remove off completely. Make sure none remains. You can even wash your face afterward so that the color wipes off quite immediately.

You will remove your color absolutely ad might think that it looks too dark but you need to take into consideration that your brows are very wet and thus you must judge only after you have made your brows completely dry. You must do one brow at a time. If you have any excess color, you can easily wipe it off with a cotton pad. If you need a darker shade, be ready for round two by repeating the procedure.

Tips on How to Prepare for DIY Eyebrow Tinting

Even f you are at home or out of cash, you must not fret about your eyebrows as certain brands have launched their eyebrow tinting kit which you can do easily at home. Now the dream of darker, fuller and luscious eyebrows can be achieved by sitting at your home. If you have no desire to spend money in a salon, then this option is quite a good one. You can buy these kits online or even make some pigmented kits at your own house. The benefit of dry eyebrow tinting kits is that they look super natural and not fake.

Besides if you are too lazy about putting on a brow pencil and stand in front of a mirror for 15 to 20 minutes every single day, these kits and DIY products will help to get the perfect objective for you. They might sound a bit scary but they are super easy to use. You just need to invest in a good quality product and not think of the price when doing so. It will take a few minutes for you to get your eyebrow tinted so that you can kick back and relax for the rest of the week. I think it is worth it.

The first step no matter where you are is to use a cotton pad to clean up your eyebrows. Make sure it is free f any makeup and you can brush them out with a spool so that they are evened out pretty nicely. Then you can put vaseline around the skin of the brows which does not require any kind of pigmentation. This way the dye will get wiped off quite easily. If you do not put the vaseline, the pigment will get washed away in some more time and effort especially when you go for a shower. Thus if you do not have a vaseline handy, do not worry!

Here are some of the tips that you must use to get a perfect eyebrow tinting experience at home:

Decide on a Dye/Shade

Using an eyebrow tinting kit is quite easy for both men and women and with a lot of variety available, you can easily select the one that you are comfortable with the most. To find the right color, you need to have a very important patch test. You must try it on a small section of the towel and let it sit. Then you can hold that towel paper over your brows so that the result could be compared. You must do this patch test at least 24 hours to 48hours before the actual day of the eyebrow tinting process.  This will make sure that your skin does not react negatively to these additives.

Create a Drip-Proof Barrier

You must apply some vaseline around your brows so that the color won’t run off as your brows remain as dry as possible.

Mix Up the Magic

You must wear gloves to protect your hands from getting pigmented. It also has some chemicals so you must protect your hands from it. You can squeeze the same amount of developer cream with your dye powder and mix them thoroughly to form a paste. Make sure to blend it properly without any lumps in between.

Brush It On

You must apply the eyebrow tinting dye using a brush on your brow. If you have grey hairs, you can apply them to these grey areas first and then follow along evenly to the rest of the brows.

Time It

Timing is very crucial when you are having a DIY eyebrow tinting experience at your home. You need to mark a timer for 5 minutes and nee to calculate in a watch. It is quite an easy thing but makes sure that it is the important thing when you must not get distracted because the dye can be too dark or too light which will ruin your experience.

Wash It Off

After 5 to 7 minutes of application, you can easily remove it off by using a gentle face wash or a shampoo so that all the dye has been taken off pretty well. Do not take off the dye by rubbing it vigorously but make smooth and gentle moments. It must not rapture the skin near the eye.

DIY Recipe for Brow Tinting

Things required:

  • 10 grams of coffee
  • 2.5 grams of cocoa powder
  • Coconut oil
  • Honey

Steps to follow:

  • Put coffee in a bowl along with the cocoa powder
  • Combine 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and honey into the mix
  • Combine all four ingredients completely
  • Use  it to your eyebrows and leave it on for about 20 minutes

What To Do If Your Eyebrow Tint Is Too Dark?

There is not a magic spell, unfortunately, if you dye your brows too dark but if the distance struck you nevertheless, you can use a gentle shampoo, scrubber, or cleanser on your area of eyebrow tinting so that the intensity could be removed pretty quickly. If you have quite a deep stain on your skin that won’t go off easily, do not worry a sit will automatically come off with time. Exfoliating is also another method that is recommended by professionals. Most of the dye will wash away soon with time as the skin is not porous as the hair are.

In case you are not happy with what you see in the mirror after the eyebrow tinting procedure, the results are quite easy to correct. If you do not like the color or thin if it is not the right shade or right intensity, you can shampoo your brows two or three rime to speed up the fading procedure. If the color is too light for your tone, then you can achieve the correct shade by tinting the brows in a darker shade.

In case you want to avoid any kinds of problems, you can just make sure that you cover the whole brow with ink. Do not color your eyebrow in just some patch because you do not want any kind of nonuniformity in the whole procedure.

The Final Takeaway on Brow Tinting

And that is all we had to say about eyebrow tinting! If your browse comes out to be too light you can go ahead and repeat the whole eyebrow tinting process so just make sure that your eyebrows are completely dry before you carry it out. If your eyebrows are too dark, you can give them another scrub by using a cleanser and toner.

If the tone is further too dark, you can wait for some weeks as the tint would start fading away pretty soon. The most common time frame for eyebrow tinting to last is 6 weeks, but regularly scrubbing it would make it easier for you to lessen the impact. So make your decision after thorough research over the internet!

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