Marek Hamsik’s 42 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Marek Hamšík is a famous Slovak professional footballer. He plays for Süper Lig club Trabzonspor and the Slovakia National Team as an attacking midfielder. Marek is famous by his nickname-Marekiaro. Interestingly, his mother was a football hand player whereas his father has been the captain of Slovakia’s five-a-side team. Marek has lots of titles and victories in his cap, owing to his exemplary talent in the game. Following the trend of other footballers, Marek has also got his body inked. Rather, his body is hugely covered in tattoos. Let us explore them.

Marek Hamsik

1. ‘Date’ Tattoo

Marek 1987 tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his left hand’s wrist, Hamsik has got a date inked as, ’27:07:1987′.

Meaning: The date represents Marek’s birthdate as he was born on 27 July 1987.

2. ‘Anchor’ Tattoo

Marek anchor tattoo

Tattoo: On his left outer upper arm, there is an anchor inked in red and black.

Meaning: An anchor symbolizes peace, constancy, stability, passion, and determination to do things. stability, peace, strength, determination, and passion. Generally, people wear anchor tattoos as a token of calmness and hope. However, as per the Christian belief Christians wear anchor tattoos to avoid persecution from the Romans. Anchor combined with stars is the symbol of guidance and direction.

3. ‘Arrow Cross’ Tattoo

Marek arm tattoo

Tattoo: On his upper right arm, there is an arrow cross inked.

Meaning: Arrow Cross represents independence and self-defense. It also reflects a person’s inner strength and the urge to feel protected at all times.

4. Portrait of Girl on Right leg

Marek baby portrait tattoo

Tattoo: On his right lower leg, Hamsik has got a beautiful portrait of his daughter inked.

Meaning: Marek is the father of three children. This portrait is surrounded by multi-colored tiny flowers and is of his daughter, Melissa Hamsikova.

5. ‘Billiard Ball’ Tattoo

Marek ball tattoo

Tattoo: Exactly below his anchor tattoo, Marek has got a red billiard ball tattooed. The ball contains the number ‘7’ inside it. It is considered to be the symbol of good luck.

6. Date on Bicep

Marek date on bicep tattoo

Marek bicep date tattoo

Tattoo: Marek’s left inner bicep is inked with a date that can be read as, ‘14.10.2009’. Also, under it is written, South Africa.

Meaning: Hamšík had managed to be the captain in its first FIFA World Cup experience. it was held in South Africa in 2010. The tattoo might relate to some previous memorable day related to the World Cup experience.

7. Bird Tattoo

Marek bicep tattoo

Tattoo: There is a cockatoo inked in yellow and black ink on the inner side of Marek’s right bicep.

Meaning: This bird is the symbol of a change in life, a light that shows you the way towards positivity in life and the end of the tunnel.

8. ‘Flying Sparrow’ Tattoo

Marek bird tattoo

Tattoo: There is a multicolored flying sparrow tattooed on Marek’s inner left upper arm.

Meaning: A sparrow is the symbol of love and commitment. Sparrow also represents the freedom and victory achieved by overcoming difficulties and daily challenges of life.

9. ‘Blue Star’ Tattoo

Marek blue star tattoo

Tattoo: Five-pointed nautical star is inked on the inner side of Marek’s left forearm.

Meaning. Blue color star is an important navigation tool among the sailors and their profession. It is the token of protection, direction, and guidance.

10. ‘Car’ Tattoo

Marek car tattoo

12. ‘Dream Box’ Tattoo

Marek case tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his left bicep, there is a big colorful box tattooed just the jewelry box. It has an airplane inked on its outer side and also a flag with red and green stripes. It is more like a representation of Marek’s dreams-a dream box!

13. Chest Tattoo

Marek case tattoo

Tattoo: There’s a Flying eagle tattooed right on the center of Hamsik’s chest.

Meaning: A flying eagle soaring high in the sky is the symbol of freedom and spiritual growth. It represents the courageous attitude of the wearer reflecting his strength to overcome all hard phases of life by soaring high above them. Eagle itself is the symbol of wisdom and opportunity.

14. ‘Diamond’ Tattoo

Marek diamond tattoo

Tattoo: There is a blue colored diamond inked on his left shoulder cut.

Meaning: Diamond is often associated with power, money, and inner strength. It is always said that the ‘true beauty lies within the person’ thus, it is also an important symbol of reflecting one’s inner character.

15. ‘All-seeing eye’ Tattoo

Marek eye tattoo

Tattoo: On his left underarm area, Hamsik has got an ‘all-seeing eye’ inked.

Meaning: All-seeing Eye is the symbol that God is omnipresent and we should be cautious of our actions and deeds. He is the supreme power and keeps watching us all from above. People seeking guidance from the divine power get this tattoo to represent divine providence.

16. Hanger Tattoo

Marek Fashion tattoo

Tattoo: Hanger with the word ‘Fashion’ is tattooed on Marik’s right elbow.

Meaning: Hanger is often used as the symbol of a particular movement or cause. It represents your fight for that one cause you are supporting for. Recently, it is being used by women of America to fight for their right to opt for abortion in America.

The Coat-Hanger Tattoo – The Right to Choose.

17. Football Tattoo

Marek football tattoo

Tattoo: On his right upper arm, there is a small tattoo of a football inked.

Meaning: Football tattoo shows his love for the game. Sometimes, football tattoos are also the symbol of marking important events of the player’s life.

18. ‘Friends Style’ Tattoo

Marek Friend Style tattoo

19. ‘K with a heart’ Tattoo

Marek K tattoo

Tattoo: On his right hand, Marek has got a tiny letter ‘K’ inked. K with a red heart is all together tattooed in red color.

Meaning: The tattoo means ‘King of Hearts.’

20. Tribal design Tattoo

Marek left leg tattoo

Tattoo: Covering his right calf, is a tribal design that is wrapped around his right leg.

Meaning: Tribal tattoo is symbolic of one’s tribe and rich culture. It means strength, power, and courage.

21. Thigh Tattoo

Marek left thigh tattoo

Tattoo: On his left upper thigh, Marek has got a tattoo of a photo frame with flowers inked.

Meaning: The tattoo contains shadowed images of a family reflecting a couple with their two children. Right under the tattoo is a date inked which can be read as, ‘05.01.20.’

22. Symbols On Arm

Marek logos on arm

Tattoo: there are some tiny icons and symbols of his left inner forearm. It also included number 17. Number 17 is Hamsik’s jersey number.

23. ‘Money Bag’ Tattoo

Marek money bag tattoo

Tattoo: A money bag is inked on his upper arm.

Meaning: As per popular belief, a money bag symbolizes power, the power to buy anything in the world.

24. Neck Tattoo

Marek Neck Tattoo

25. Right Arm Tattoo

Marek right arm cover up tattoo

Marek right arm tribal tattoo

Marek right forearm tattoos

Tattoo: Marek’s right forearm is tattooed with tribal design. The arm was previously inked with some basic tribal design but now he got it covered with the colorful images and design as reflected in the first image above.

Meaning: The arm tattoos on Hamsik’s right side reflect the Maori designs. Maori tattoos are common and reflect the power, prestige, and social status of the wearer.

26. Clock Tattoo

Marek right thigh tattoo

Tattoo: Marek’s right thigh is inked with an ancient-looking clock tattoo with flowers on its boundary. The clock marks the time at 9:20. Also, right under the clock, there is the date tattooed as 15.01.2010.

Meaning: The tattoo is Marek’s way of showing love for his daughter, Melissa Hamsikova. the clock marks her birth time.

27. ‘Roaring Lion’ Tattoo

Marek roaring lion face

Tattoo: There is a roaring lion inked on the outer side of his left upper arm.

Meaning: The roaring lion is the symbol of STRENGTH, POWER, WISDOM, COURAGE, and willingness to rule above all by using intellectual means.

28. ‘Rolling Dice’ Tattoo

Marek rolling dice tattoo

Tattoo: Pair of rolling dice is tattooed near Marik’s left wrist.

Meaning: pair of rolling dice represent good luck. They also represent the person’s ability to risk-taking and gambling in life. If the number on the rolling dice equals seven when combined, it represents ‘good luck’.

29. Roses Tattoo

Marek rose tattoo

Tattoo: There is a big rose plant with stems inked on his left forearm.

Meaning: Rose is the symbol of love, romance, and affection.

30. Pair of Shoes Tattoo

Marek shoes tattoo

31. ‘Stars’ Tattoo

Marek stars tattoo

Tattoo: There are multiple tiny stars covering Marek’s upper left arm.

Meaning: A star tattoo is believed to be the symbol of guidance and direction. They are also considered to be the symbol of spirituality, intuition, hope, desire, thus, embodying light and journey through the night.

32. ‘Red Heart’ Tattoo

Marek stomach heart tattoo

Tattoo: There is a red heart inked along with a pair of hands holding each other inside the heart. Also, there are some initials inked on a banner that is wrapped around the bottom of the heart.

33. Writings on Stomach Tattoo

Marek stomach tattoos

Tattoo: On his stomach, Marek has got few things written in ink. Towards the left is two names as Christian and Lucas.

Meaning: Marek is married to Martina Franova. They got hitched in 2014. The names on his stomach are the names of his two sons; Christian Hamsik born in 2010, and Lucas Hamsik born in 2012.

34. Symbols Tattoo

Marek symbols on arm

35. ‘Miscellaneous’ Tattoos

Marek tattoos

36. Thigh Tattoo

Marek thigh tattoo

37. Tribal Design 

Marek tribal leg tattoo

38. ‘TRUE LOVE’ Tattoo

Marek TRUE LOVE Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a small envelope inked in a yellow and black shade with a red heart at closing inked. On the top of the envelope are inked the words ‘TRUE LOVE’.

39. Wrist Tattoo

Marek wrist design

40. Arm Tattoo

Marek wrist tattoo

41. Date Tattoo

Marek year tatoo

Tattoo: There is another date tattoo on his body. It can be read as, ’20-05-2012′. The tattoo is speculated to represent the birthdate of his son, Lucas Hamsik.

42. ‘Maori’ Tattoo

Marik right arm cover up tattoo

Tattoo: This is another part of the Maori tattoo on Marek’s right forearm.

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