Fyodor Smolov’s 24 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Fyodor Mikhaylovich Smolov, a famous Russian Footballer, plays as the striker for The Russian Nation team and Lokomotiv Moscow. Fyodor began playing at a young age and has always been a big fan of getting tattoos on his body. Fyodor’s body carries multiple inks which range from the religious ones and the ones which are totally dedicated to his beliefs and ideals. Let us see what tattoos he has and what meanings do they hold for him.

Fyodor Smolov

 1. Hindi Tattoo

Tattoo: Fyodor’s right bicep is inked with Hindi writing which in English transcript can be read as, ‘Mikhail’.

Meaning: Mikhail is the first name of Fyodor’s father (Mikhail Smolov).

2. ‘1990’ Tattoo

Fyodor birthyear tattoo

Tattoo: On the center of his chest, Fyodor has got his own birthyear inked as ‘1990’. Fyodor was born on 9th February 1990.

3. ‘FAITH’ Tattoo

Fyodor chest writing tattoo

Tattoo: ‘FAITH’ inked in Graffiti styled across Fydoor’s chest.

Meaning: Fydor holds strong faith in his religious values and beliefs. It has all been revealed by him, time and again that,  his faith in God is what takes him ahead in his life always.

4. ‘Angel with wings’ Tattoo

Fyodor Angel tattoo

Tattoo: There is an angel with wings inked on his right forearm.

Meaning: Angel is considered to be the messenger of God. People get Angels inked in order to be closest to God and seek his blessings. Most importantly, Angels are the symbols of Good Luck.

5. ‘Football will be forever…’ Tattoo

Fyodor bicep tattoo

Tattoo: There are few lines inked on Fyodor’s right inner bicep that begin as ‘Football will be Forever…’

6. ‘Home City’ Tattoo

Fyodor SARATOV CITY Tattoo

Tattoo: On his right pec, Fyodor has got the words, ‘Saratov City’ inked.

Meaning: Saratov City is the place in Russia where Fyodor was born.

Fyodor cross on left arm tattoo

7. ‘FAITH’ Tattoo

Fyodor FAITH Tattoo

Tattoo: Justifying his deep religious beliefs and faith in God and his blessings, Fyodor got ‘FAITH’ inked on his left hand.

8. Finger Tattoos

Fyodor Finger Tattoo

Tattoo: “Free F510” inked on his left hand.

Meaning: As per our research, the tattoo stands for Logitech Rumble Gamepad F510. Fyodor is known to be a game freak and thus, now we know why he has this tattoo.

9. ‘Flying Dove’ Tattoo

Fyodor Flying bird and clouds tattoo

Tattoo: Flying Dove with sunrays inked on Fyodor’s right arm.

Meaning: Flying Dove with sun rays is the symbol of fresh beginnings and victory.

10. ‘ Flying Dove’ Tattoo

Fyodor flying dove bird and clouds

Tattoo: Flying Dove tattooed on Fyodor’s right elbow.

Meaning: Dove is the symbol of openness, fresh beginnings, and innocence. However, in the Christian faith dove is treated as the symbol of confidence directing you towards the continuation in life despite the problems and adversity.

11. ‘Geometrical Tiger’ Tattoo

Fyodor geometrical tattoo

Tattoo: Geometrical Tiger tattoo on his right thigh.

Meaning: Tiger tattoo symbolizes the person’s strength, confidence, and warrior spirit.

12. ‘HOPE’ Tattoo

Fyodor HOPE Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘HOPE’ inked on his left hand.

13. ‘Jesus Christ with a Cross’ Tattoo

Fyodor Jesus Christ on forearm tattoo

Tattoo: Jesus Christ with a cross tattooed on Fyodor’s right forearm.

Meaning: Jesus Christ with a Cross is the symbol of tribute to Jesus Christ and his sacrifice to save mankind. The Cross is the Holy Symbol of Christians. This tattoo is another reason for us to be sure that Fyodor is highly religious and holds strong religious values.

14. ‘Jesus Christ’ Tattoo

Fyodor Jesus Christ Tattoo

Tattoo: Another portrait of Jesus Christ inked on his left shoulder. There are few words inked inside a banner that runs on the top of Jesus’ head and says, ‘We are Russian – God is with us’.

Meaning: This is another Jesus’ tattoo that exists on Fyodor’s body. The quote represents his birthplace i.e. Russia since, Fyodor was born in Saratov, Russia.

“I know God is with me and all the members of my city as well as my country. Jesus blesses us all.”

15. ‘Stars and Dark Clouds’ Tattoo

Fyodor left arm design

Tattoo: The whole of his left arm is covered with dark cloud patterns and multiple tiny stars.

Meaning: Dark clouds are the way of symbolizing the bad phases and times of difficulties of your past whereas the stars on the other side, are the symbol of directing and showing us the times of happiness, hope, and right path.

16. Writing on Arm

Fyodor left arm writing

Tattoo: Prayer inked on his left inner forearm.

Meaning: The lines are actually the prayer, ‘Our Father’. People get the prayer inked to show their affection and closeness to Jesus Christ and also the desperation to be closest to the Lord and seek his blessings.

“Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name; Thy kingdom comes; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”

17. Thigh Tattoo

Fyodor Thigh Tattoo

Fyodor left thigh tattoo

Tattoo: A child sitting on the swing is tattooed on Fyodor’s left thigh. Interestingly, the child is thinking about football while taking the swing. Above the tattoo, he has got the word, ‘DREAM’ inked.

Meaning: This tattoo is the representation of Fyodor’s childhood and his dreams.

18. ‘Love’ Tattoo

Fyodor Love Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Love; inked on his left hand.

19. ‘Mother and Child’ Tattoo

Fyodor mother and child Tattoo

Tattoo: Fyodor has another portrait inked on his right forearm that shows us ‘Madonna and The Child’.

Meaning: This is known as the most common Russian Criminal Tattoo. Madonna and the Child is the symbolic representation of ‘The Virgin Lady’ who beautifully looks down at the child she holds in her arm. The tattoo is inspired from the painting titled ‘Madonna and the child’ by Duccio di Buoninsegna.

20. Portrait on Forearm Tattoo

Fyodor portrait on arm tattoo

Tattoo: There is a portrait of some religious figure or saint tattooed on the inner side of Fyodor’s right forearm.

21. ‘Stars’ Tattoo

Fyodor stars on shoulder tattoo

Tattoo: Fyodor has got a pair of five-pointed stars inked, one on each of his shoulders, tattooed.

Meaning: Five-pointed stars or the nautical stars are the symbols of five resources of our environment i.e. air, water, fire, earth, and the spirit. However, some people also consider these nautical stars to be the symbol of representing your own authority and high spriitis, if tattoed on shoulders.

22. Writing on Bicep Tattoo

Fyodor writing on right arm

Tattoo: Few lines tattooed on his right bicep.

23. Chest Writing Tattoo 

Fyodor Chest tattoo

Tattoo: On his chest, towards the left side there are words inked as, ‘IS MY BODYGUARD’. The words have been inked under his FAITH tattoo. To our understanding, both the tattoos make sense all together because Fyodor has always been vocal about his ‘Faith’ and strong views about his religious attraction towards Jesus Christ and his blessings. Thus, hereby through this tattoo, he wishes to rely on his actions and life upon his ‘Faith’ in God thus, considering ‘Faith’ as his bodyguard.

24. ‘Burning Candle’ Tattoo

Fyodor burning candle tattoo

Tattoo: Fyodor has a burning candle tattooed on the inner side of his right upper arm.

Meaning: Burning Candle is the symbol of light and illumination in the dark or the darkness of our life. People get such tattoos as the way of positivity and the holy illumination of the spirit of truth. As per the Christian Belief, a burning candle symbolizes light as Jesus Christ and the complete tattoo as the symbol of purification and religious faithfulness.

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