Marcelo Vieira Jr’s 23 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Marcelo Vieira da Silva Júnior, best known as Marcelo and “El Loco” is a Brazilian Professional Footballer who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Brazil National Teams. He had started playing football in order to support his family. Internationally recognized for his quality and agility with the ball he plays mainly as a left-back, but can also operate as a left-winger. Marcelo has some of the most attractive and coolest tattoos though Marcelo doesn’t like people asking him about his tattoos because he thinks it quite personal. Marcelo gets tattoos to remember the important events of his life. Let us study them and explore their meanings.

“Don’t ask me about my tattoos! Only GOD Can Judge Me 1988 Rio De Janeiro”

Marcelo Vieira

Right arm tattoos

1. ‘Grandfather’s Name’s’ Tattoo

Marcello left forearm pedro tattoo

Tattoo: The front side of El Loco’s right arm has a tattoo of the name of his grandfather inked in a beautifully artistic style.

Meaning: His arm is tattooed with the name of his grandfather, “PEDRO” who was his motivation when his beginning fo his career was very difficult. His grandfather believed in him and supported him the most. He claims that he owes his success to his top grandad. His grandpa paid for his football endeavors and thus Marcelo got his name inked on him.

2. ‘Initial’ Tattoo

Marcello left knuckle Tattoo

Tattoo: Ring finger Knuckle of Marcello’s right hand has a tattoo of “I” inked on it.

3. ‘Halo skull’ Tattoo

Marcello right hand skull tattoo

Tattoo: The outside of footballer’s right hand has a tattoo of a blessed skull inked on it.

4. ‘Tribal Human’ Tattoo

Marcello right forearm primitive human tattoo

Tattoo: The forearm of footballer’s right arm consists of the face of a tribal human.

5. ‘Whistle’ Tattoo

Marcello right forearm whistle tattoo

Tattoo: Marcello’s front side of his right arm has a tattoo of a whistle inked on it.

Meaning: The decision to get a whistle inked on his arm was all the result of his intense love for Football.

6. ‘Yin Yan’ Tattoo

Marcello right forearm yin yang tattoo

Tattoo: On Marcello’s right forearm there exists a tattoo of two masks expressing happiness and sadness inked contradicting each other commonly referred as yin yan masks.

7. ‘Holding Hands’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Marcello has a tattoo of two hands inked on his right bicep of his arm.

Meaning: The two hands represent Marcello and  his son hands in hand, which states the forever bond between them

8.’Vintage Car’ Tattoo

Marcello right tricep car tattoo

Sam petdo car shown in marcello arm

Tattoo: On the outside of Marcello’ right bicep there exists an illustration of a car and forest.

Meaning: Marcelo got this tattoo to remember the car from his youth, which contributed to his success in his football career.

9. ‘Portrait of Jesus Christ’ Tattoo

Marcello right arm angel tattoo

Marcello angel tattoo

Tattoo:The upper part of Marcelo’s right bicep is surrounded by a huge depiction of Jesus christ standing with open arms and a face of Jesus again beneath it.

Meaning: The portrait of Jesus christ standing with his arms open.

Ready to receive us, forgive us, embrace us. A big smile. A bright glow.

10.’Celtic Cross’ Tattoo

Marcello right arm tattoo cross

Tattoo: The inside of Marcello’s right forearm has a tattoo of a Celtic cross inked on it.

11. ‘Wrist’ Tattoo

Marcelo right arm wrist quote tattoo

Tattoo: There exists a quote inked in spanish on Marcello’s right wrist.

Left Arm Tattoos

12. ‘Carpe Diem’ Tattoo

Marcello carpe diem tattoo

Tattoo: The outside part of the footballer’s left arm is tattoed with the phrase Carpe Diem tattoo. Carpe Diem means that we should focus on living in the present moment.

13. ‘Terminando Tribal’ Tattoo

Marcelo left arm tattoo

Marcelo left arm tattoo

Marcello left arm tattoo

Tattoo: The footballer’s outer part of the left arm, beginning from his shoulder to his forearm is covered with terminando style ink.

Meaning: A huge terminando style ink consists of paw of a leopard with floral designs and flowers covering all inside out part of Marcello’s arm.

14.’Birth date’ Tattoo

Marcello left hand knuckle tattoo

Tattoo: On the knuckles of Marcello’s right hand lie the ink consisting of numerals ‘1988’.

Meaning: The tattoo of Numeral ‘1988’ refers to Marcello’s birth date which is 12 May 1988.

15. ‘Jersy Number’ Tattoo

Marcello left ar no 12 tattoo

Marcello jersey no

Tattoo: On footballer’s inner part of his left arm there is ink of his jersey number, “12”tattooed to it.

16. ‘LA’ Tattoo

Marcello left hand LA tattoo

Tattoo: On Marcello’s left front side of his left-hand tattoo of LA is inked in bold capital letters.

17. ‘Champions League trophy’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Real Madrid legend, Marcelo Vieira has inked Champions League triumph on the front side of his thigh.

Meaning: The legend has won 20 trophies till date. He was part of Brazil’s squad in the 2014 FIFA World Cup which was his first and thus he has made a tradition of adding years on his thigh every year below his trophy.

18. ‘Angel’ with Quote Tattoo

Tattoo: On June 9, 2017, Marcello went to tattoo artist Ariel Perez in studio Tattoo Magic Calle Colon 5 to ondergo ink job for getting a nice artwork of an angel grabbing the wheel with some quote written in Portuguese on the left side of his back.

19. ‘Angel on Back’ Tattoo

Marcello back right tattoo

Tattoo: There levied a huge illustration on footballer’s right side of his back which depicts a beautiful angel which is holding flowers in one hand. There also exist the words, ‘iem’ on back of his neck.

20. ‘Dogs face’ Tattoo

Marcello right lef calf tattoo

Tattoo: The side of footballer’s right leg has two tattoos of his pet’s face inked on it.

21. ‘Dragon Clown’ Tattoo

Marcello left leg tattoo

Tattoo: A huge dragon clown is inked on the calf of Marcello’s left leg.

22. ‘Sign and Number’ Tattoo

Marcello right leg tattoo
Tattoo: The back of Marcello’s right leg consists of a tattoo of a sign and number 01-01-88 tattooed to it.

23. ‘ Son’s Name’s ‘ Tattoo

Marcello sternun enzo tattoo

Tattoo: Marcello got a tattoo of his first son’s name “ENZO” in the beautiful font on his sternum, right below his belly button.

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