Snooki Nicole Polizzi’s 9 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Nicole Elizabeth LaValle, known by her nickname “Snooki”, is an American Television Host, Reality Television Personality, an Author, Professional wrestler, and a dancer is famous all over through her appearance in MTV reality show Jersey Shore and  Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Snooki is a big tattoo lover and has beautiful tattoos on her body. Let us explore those and their hidden meanings.


Half of [my tattoos] I got drunk, but surprisingly I still love them and I don’t regret them,” she explained in a YouTube video. “These I got in Vegas, drunk, for someone’s bachelorette party. But I love getting tattoos when I’m drunk because I hate the pain of it. So it doesn’t feel like pain when you get your tattoos drunk, but you’re not supposed to because you bleed a lot.”

1. ‘Children’s Names’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Snooki has a tattoo on her right forearm which shows the names of three kids inked horizontally as, “Lorenzo, Giovanna, & Angelo”.

Meaning: The Jersey Shore star revealed her ink through her Instagram post. She is very possessive about her kids and she decided to get their names inked permanently so her kiddos will always be with her. Snooki got this tattoo done on July 10, 2019, from the Tattoo Artist Tiffany Perez at the New Jersey tattoo studio INK Gallery. On the day of getting the ink, she was accompanied by her Makeup artist Cara Lovello and Snooki’s podcast cohost Joey Canasta.

“Obsessed with my new tattoo for my nuggets thank you to my mawma,” she wrote in the caption.

2. Rune Symbols- ‘XJ’ Tattoo

Snooki XJ Tattoo

Tattoo: Snooki has two rune symbols inked on her left wrist.

Meaning: She got these done before the birth of her third kid, and thus the ink contains two runes X and J, representing Land Gebo-letters L and G for her two children Lorenzo and Giovanna. XJ denote her children’s names’ initials for Lorenzo and Giovanna, respectively.

“I always see moms with initials of their kids on their wrist, or something meaningful. So I wanted to do that.”

3. ‘Rose and Rosary Beads’ Tattoo

Snooki Rose and Rosery Beads Tattoo

Tattoo: On her left shoulder blade, Snooki has a colorful ink which is actually a Rose and a Rosary Beads. The decision for this tattoo was based on her strong love and her tribute to her Grandparents.

4. ‘Stars and Flames’ Tattoos

Snooki Left Shoulder Stars Tattoo


Snooki Stars Tattoo

Tattoo: Snooki has colorful star tattoos on both of her shoulder inked along with some tiger print patterns. It consists of animal print stars on her left shoulder and light-shaded stars on her right shoulder. Stars are the symbol of guidance and good luck in life.

“It goes around, so it’s kind of like a galaxy of animal print stars,” she says.

5. ‘Squirrel’ Tattoo

Snooki Golden Squirrel Tattoo

Tattoo: Snooki has a large colorful Squirrel inked on her left upper arm.

Meaning: The squirrel tattoo to represent her two children. She calls her children, ‘squirrels’ with love. She and Jenni Farley both got tattoos while filming for their show, Moms With Attitude, at the NY Empire State Tattoo Expo in July 2016. Snooki’s squirrel was inked by Ink Master star and the fellow mom, ‘Tatu Baby’.

Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can’t get tattoos” Snooki says in the episode.

It’s probably the most meaningful tattoo I have on my body.

6. ‘Infinity Design’ Tattoo

Snooki Infinity Symbol Tattoo

Tattoo: Snooki has an infinity symbol tattoo present on her right upper arm which also carries the word, Love written inside it.

Meaning: The ink is the representation of the love and closeness between a mother and her child. She got it done to reflect the love that she shares with her first two children, i.e son Lorenzo Dominic LaValle and daughter Giovanna Marie LaValle. This ink was received by her before the birth of her third child.

“I literally didn’t even design this, I just walked into a tattoo place and I was like ‘I want something that resembles me as a mom.’ And I was drunk, and it just happened, and I still love it. It’s like a mom symbol….I would like to make this more detailed, but I still love it.”

7. ‘Gold Crown’ Tattoo

Snooki Golden Crown Tattoo

Snooki Gold Crown

Tattoo: Snooki has a tattoo of a gold crown and a pink bow on her upper left arm. The top the crown is decorated with pearls, a heart, and a tiny cross.

“This is actually the first tattoo that I got in Vegas….Jersey Shore was in the second season and I felt so cool so I was like ‘I want a crown because I’m a reality star. I’m the queen.’…So I got a crown and then I loved Hello Kitty so I got a bow to represent Hello Kitty.”

8. ‘Angel Wings Tramp Stamp’ Tattoo

Nicole Snooki Wings Tattoo

Tattoo: There exists a tattoo on Snooki’s lower back which shows angel wings with her surname, Polizzi inked inside it.

Meaning: This was the very first ink which Snooki received. It is the tribute to her grandfather who passed away when she was just 10 years old.

9. ‘Leopard’ Tattoo

Tattoo: On her upper right arm, Snooki has a tattoo of a leopard with wings and a crown. She calls herself the “queen leopard.”

“I got my leopard because I’m a fierce bitch…I just always thought of myself as a boss bitch, like everyone talks shit about me but I’m so content with myself. I’m just a leopard, I’m as strong as a leopard.”

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